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Introduction: Fragile but intuitive!

Virgo ascendant Pisces: Oscillating between dream and reality, imagination and pragmatism, your behaviors are often contradictory but also complementary. You are endowed with a deep sensitivity, rich in nuances and vast in its applications. There is in you a deep need of communion with your entourage. Exchanges are what fill you the most but these needs lead you to an idealism which cannot be satisfied with superficial or interested relationships.

Strengths of the for Virgo ascendant Pisces: Dedicated and efficient
Weaknesses of the for Virgo ascendant Pisces: Anxious and fragile

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Personality: Too humble!

A certain selectivity is inevitable to avoid emotional trials. Lack of openness, novelty, improvisation, and dwelling on the past will cause you to miss out on many satisfactions because of fear of failure. You have an excellent memory and are capable of storing up a great deal of knowledge if you take enough distance from yourself and your emotions and make a conscious effort to accept the idea that you are just as deserving as others to put yourself in the spotlight.

Vitality / Temperament: Appreciate yourself by proxy!

Of an anxious nature, prey to doubts, hesitations, you have some difficulties to identify your desires, to realize yourself by and for yourself, you need to be surrounded by your family, your friends, your community to channel your worries. You have a rather fusional relationship with your loved ones who have a great influence on you.

Love and emotional relationships: Choose your partner carefully!

In love, you aspire to tranquility, to harmony. However, you must learn to leave as much room for your desires as for those of your partner, you tend to sacrifice yourself too much, to make too many concessions. You are totally drowned in your imagination, far from the realities. You are often anxious or a little shy and very dependent on your environment. You lack aggressiveness and strength to defend yourself, so you look for a physically or morally strong partner, able to protect you. In love, you need a person who will not take too much advantage of your devotion and who will give you the complicity you need.

In the family: Connected to the outside world!

You maintain many links with the outside world via the media, you like to be aware of what is happening outside, you do not hold still: many exchanges, visits, Internet, television, radio, comings and goings: your home is alive, sometimes agitated. You can easily detect practical problems that arise and you are overflowing with inventiveness to solve them. Your practical spirit is very useful to you to avoid that details turn into catastrophes.

Relationship with money / material goods: A gifted caregiver!

Extremely dedicated, self-sacrificing, compassionate and caring, you need to feel useful to others, to help, to heal, to relieve, to assist. Observant and very receptive, you have a gift for understanding people. Professionally, it is in the social or medical field that you bloom best. Expressing yourself through the arts can also help you to assert yourself. It is in the services to others that you will blossom the best, besides the social, medical or paramedical professions generally suit you.

Socio-professional life: Impulsive and changeable!

You are quite impulsive in the management of your assets, you go from a compulsive purchase to moments of anxiety that make you tighten your purse strings. You are sometimes a victim of our natural generosity and the best thing to do is to go out with cash so as not to burn through the money in your bank account too quickly.

Sphere of friendship: At ease with the big guns!

You are a fragile being who has difficulty staying in reality and needs to surround yourself with strong and caring people. Your mood swings are hard to understand, but you have good instincts that can serve many causes, as you do not hesitate to give of yourself. You are always welcome in groups that deal with collective interests, for you are particularly active there and your practical mind finds many solutions to sometimes thorny problems.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

You organize your life with care but, too modest, you underestimate your qualities. Your frankness is sometimes translated by a lack of diplomacy. You are concentrated, reserved, you do not give yourself away but you have a strong sense of duty, honesty and kindness.

Your sun and ascendant are in opposition

You listen to everyone and everything, sometimes to the point of hypochondria. You analyze, count, tidy up and store, at the risk of getting lost in the details. Your conceptions are intellectual and practical but without overflowing. You feel the need to perfect your knowledge.

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