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Introduction: Awake dreamer!

Capricorn ascendant Pisces: Your feet on the ground and your head in the water... You have a little difficulty in organizing your daily life and you feel guilty easily. You need protection and security to move forward in life. Your humility and your dedication can however bring you these supports. Periodically you need to be shaken out of a kind of torpor maintained by your daydreams and morose ruminations.

Strengths of the for Capricorn ascendant Pisces: Compassionate and friendly
Weaknesses of the for Capricorn ascendant Pisces: Fatalistic and elusive

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Personality: A bit monastic!

You are endowed with a deep sensitivity, you explore your inner life. You need to understand the unfathomable, both inside and outside of yourself. You are not content with superficial visions, for you are naturally inclined to deepen your knowledge as well as your understanding of your inner workings and those of others. Your universal nature and sensitivity lead you to come to the aid of those in need. However, this leads you to constantly question the value of your actions.

Vitality / Temperament: Good Samaritan!

Very sensitive, receptive and anxious, you lack self-confidence and find it difficult to cope with everyday life. You spend a lot of time in your inner world, absorbed in your thoughts and daydreams. You need peace and quiet and you flee from agitation and stress. Generous, kind, devoted, you have great human qualities. Available and attentive to those around you, you are always ready to help. You like to feel useful.

Love and emotional relationships: Too emotional!

In the sentimental field, you have a great need for tenderness, but you are easily overwhelmed by your emotions. You become easily influenced and are therefore often disappointed. You need a reliable and realistic partner who will support and encourage you. When you are in love, you share fusional feelings with your partner, you are reassuring and attentive.

In the family: Parent educator!

You can help your loved ones to get to know each other better with indulgence and gentleness. You are a poet with a changeable, but warm energy that is geared towards preserving your achievements. You live in your home as if in a bubble, protected from the world and its potential frustrations... Until the day when a problem arises, requiring from you common sense, will and stoicism. And in this case, your family knows they can count on you.

Relationship with money / material goods: Great potential!

In the professional field, your intuition is a great asset which, if you take it into account, as you often doubt, compensates for your lack of initiative and audacity. You seriously lack self-confidence and this is a pity, because you have real capacities to reach the top. You are an outstanding worker who understands the human mind and its mechanisms very well. You are constantly animated by grandiose projects that you want to share with a maximum of collaborators. You don't hesitate to travel abroad to discover other cultures, learn new languages and pass on your knowledge to anyone who is interested.

Socio-professional life: Not very materialistic!

Ambivalent, in search of yourself, you can go from one extreme to the other, you oscillate between the need to distribute your money and the need to place yourself in a secure material situation. Realism and humanism are mixed and you are not so good at managing an estate. Unless you trust your instincts more.

Sphere of friendship: Eccentric friends!

Friendship is very important to you. And if you protect yourself behind a certain distance, once in confidence, you show yourself warm and pleasant to be with. Your emotional delicacy can push you to go too far towards marginal and atypical people, to the detriment of a real relational security. You will have to find the right balance between your need to be with people who are free of conformity and your need for security. You will have to learn to assert yourself with confidence to avoid abuse.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Water sign

You must be careful not to try to run everything. You must accept the authority of others. Throughout your life, you will need to divide your life into compartments, so that you can have frank personal relationships and be able to express love, while continuing to fulfill your altruistic aspirations.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

Hyperemotional and receptive, you tend to take on all the misery of the world and you cannot bear to see others suffer. You are in perpetual search of absolute, of ideal, you dream of a better world.

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