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Introduction: A great sensitive!

Aries ascendant Pisces: You are much more sensitive than you want to show and you are easily hurt. However, you know how to assert yourself, especially in the artistic field and in the social or humanitarian field. You assimilate knowledge very easily, your mind is permeable to many concepts. High studies are favored.

Strengths of the for Aries ascendant Pisces: Dedicated and affectionate
Weaknesses of the for Aries ascendant Pisces: Utopian and unstable

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Personality: Double-sided!

Your personality is complex, torn between a spontaneous, natural egocentricity and inexpressible humanistic aspirations. As complex as it is, this personality allows you to adapt to all situations, better than anyone else.

Vitality / Temperament: A great sensitivity!

Easily anxious, worried, you need a serene climate to blossom. Your energy is fluctuating. At times you adopt a nonchalant attitude that hides a more combative nature than it seems, at other times you show yourself to be lively, dynamic, not letting your emotional, compassionate, dreamy nature be guessed.

Love and emotional relationships: Complex links!

In love, you need romance as much as independence, which is a problem if you want to found a home... You need to preserve your independence, you can hardly bear the constraints of everyday life, but you are tender and romantic. You can be an attentive and warm partner, but also angry and feverish.

In the family: Listening to others!

You are inclined to keep your needs to yourself in order to put the needs of your loved ones first. You know how to devote yourself to just causes, because you know that there are fatalities that cannot always be ignored. You have a beautiful intuition that you use on a daily basis. You have a great spiritual potential which can incite you to devote yourself to those who suffer.

Relationship with money / material goods: Poorly controlled expenses!

You sometimes have difficulty reasoning rationally, relying instinctively on your feelings and not giving up. As a result, you have difficulty explaining your investments clearly. On the other hand, you have the intellectual capacity to grasp the most complex concepts in finance as elsewhere.

Socio-professional life: Lack of consistency!

You are not always lucid in your choices, because you have difficulty in identifying your real expectations in life. You can however sublimate your passions in an artistic activity. Business and writing are areas that are beneficial to you. You are difficult to follow, your changing moods often prevent you from carrying out your projects. You need a benevolent and understanding entourage to blossom. Your ability to escape from the real world is an asset or a constraint depending on your profession.

Sphere of friendship: Helpful and generous!

Independent, but also altruistic, understanding, you are always ready to help your neighbor. You often lack realism, a shortcoming that you compensate for with your intuition. You often have the desire to be elsewhere, to escape from the world by traveling, reading or simply by your imagination. You are very affectionate, charming, full of humor, mischief, your company is generally very appreciated.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

Water and Fire are antagonistic, but you have a high idea of Love and you are ready to make great sacrifices to achieve balance and harmony.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

You tend to put yourself and your goals first, which sometimes leads to selfishness and self-centeredness. It is essential that you become aware of this if you wish to have fulfilling relationships, both emotionally and in other areas.

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