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Introduction: Subject to illusions!

Leo ascendant Pisces: You are constantly worried, very concerned about the idea that people may have of you, uncomfortable with your image, whatever it may be. Very generous, full of compassion, open, sociable, you have great human qualities and you know how to attract sympathy. Utopian, you must be careful not to let yourself be trapped by your illusions in your affections as well as in your professional life.

Strengths of the for Leo ascendant Pisces: Responsive and creative
Weaknesses of the for Leo ascendant Pisces: Confused and awkward

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Personality: Too emotional!

Of a very sensitive and anxious nature, you are sometimes overwhelmed by your emotions which can influence you and lead you to error. You have high aspirations, but you lack practicality and organization and, because of your lack of constancy in effort, you sometimes have some difficulties in carrying out your projects. You need to develop your keen intuition which then becomes your best asset.

Vitality / Temperament: Everything and its opposite!

You have a flexible temperament, between introversion and extraversion, sociability and discretion. Indeed, overcoming all kinds of limitations, your instinct pushes you to go forward, both in your imagination and in your life projects. A tendency to perfectionism can alternate with phases of discouragement, of fatalism.

Love and emotional relationships: Need a strong partner!

You have a little difficulty in seeing clearly in your feelings, as much in those that you feel as in those that are brought to you, errors are possible. You need a lucid and very stable partner to guide you and allow you to express your qualities positively. Idealist, romantic, passionate, you aspire to great love, you devote yourself entirely to the loved one. You need absolute and fusion. The complicity, the listening, the sharing are essential to your well-being and you can look for a long time for the ideal partner.

In the family: A home open to the outside world!

At home, you broaden your relationships with your environment through perpetual mobility. This translates into animation, comings and goings, visits, an Internet connection, permanent television or radio, exchanges, newspapers, news... You bring a lot of flexibility and constructive critical thinking to your family's daily life, but you sometimes lack stability and follow-through. You are not always rigorous enough in your decisions concerning the family.

Relationship with money / material goods: Artist or caregiver!

You have certain artistic talents, which help you to evacuate the tensions which accumulate because of a lack of confidence in you. You have a varied professional life that allows you to constantly discover new interests. Aesthetic creation or the arts are areas in which you can flourish. You live fully the respect of yourself if you impose limits to the requirements of others or to their expectations, there is in you a tendency to have a distorted image of what you should or should not do. Over the course of your life, you will develop emotional values that will give you a powerful yet serene poise.

Socio-professional life: Impulsive and generous!

You are impulsive and sometimes imprudent in your spending, but you are able to instinctively sniff out good deals. You manage your possessions naturally and with great spontaneity, between bursts of enthusiasm and phases of discouragement. You must beware of a sometimes excessive generosity: carried away by your compassion, you are sometimes capable of being generous beyond your means, even if you regret it later. Try to remain measured in these excesses.

Sphere of friendship: Adaptable, but influenceable!

Very receptive, you adapt spontaneously to the people you meet. Your personality carries you towards great ideals and beautiful human values always underpinned by an intense need to feel useful, to bring support to others, to help others evolve... You are generous with everyone, but you share your feelings mainly with those you love. You lack a touch of insight to make the mix more harmonious.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

You like to be productive, to work to the best of your abilities and to constantly seek to improve them; you need to feel useful. You seek perfection and distinction in your work and this quality can easily lead you to positions of responsibility. Dedicated, you need to be of service to others and you may choose a career in this field, medical or social assistance for example.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

Your relationships are simple and mentally based. You are self-effacing in agreements, but fastidious in practical applications. You associate easily for the purpose of solidarity, but you are more cautious in your love affairs. You need a discreet partner.

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