The great spring clean

Written by Alison

Spring is getting ready to rear its head and blow a reviving, cheerful and light-hearted wind over us all. After an icy winter, the time has come to take advantage of the warmer weather and have a great spring clean. Now is the time to breathe new life into your everyday existence, meet new people, take up new initiatives, get projects up and running, and bring a fresh new aspect to your feelings and dreams. So after the end of a period of reflection and meditation over the winter, how will each of the 12 signs of the zodiac tackle this spring clear-out?

NB. The Sun's arrival in Aries corresponds to the autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere. However, this has no symbolic bearing on Aries, which is enterprising, determined and dynamic.


Aries and spring arrive at the same time, along with a new cycle, a new season and new energy. There's nothing like this for restoring the morale of these pioneers of the zodiac, who are not overly fond of hibernation as an activity. Winter leaves them feeling morose and dissatisfied! Spring will wake them up and enable them to express their desires more effectively. They will unhesitatingly make the most of this pleasant time to carry out a great spring clean in all aspects of their life, with the aim of bouncing back and taking up new challenges. With their combative spirit and being completely at ease with themselves, they will live life to the full and feel totally in control of their affairs, enabling them to dust down their everyday existence with great energy.


Taurus comes into the world in spring, when nature is blossoming and appears to be at peace with itself. Taureans make their way through life cautiously and pragmatically, slowly but surely and relying on their common-sense. This great spring clean therefore follows the greatest of reflection. There will be no question of turning their everyday life on its head, as they are deeply attached to things as they are. However, they will do their utmost to maintain the security at the heart of their family cocoon and make the most of the warm weather to take up a sport or organise some great convivial moments around the pleasures of the table, enjoying nature's offerings to recharge their batteries.


While the idea of spring-cleaning sounds like a chore for some, for Geminis, this means complete change! This period will be an ideal time for sharing their abundance of ideas with their nearest and dearest, revamping their interior and launching into new activities. Always on the move, curious, lively and adaptable, Geminis will take advantage of the prevailing climate to re-order their priorities, set themselves new challenges and ensure that their independence and autonomy take even greater priority in their actions, initiating profound changes in their everyday life. They will open up to new ideas comprehensively and with an alert mind.


During the first days of spring, Cancerians will be on top form, tackling their spring-cleaning so that they can turn the page and get rid of anything standing in their way. The favourable climate will enable them to surpass themselves, giving them an opportunity to work on their actions and plans of all kinds. With a light heart and free of burdens, they will tackle the first phase of spring by opening up to others and discovering new horizons, in order to realise their most cherished desires. The arrival of spring will give a clearer glimpse than usual of their romantic and sentimental side, enabling them to shine with a new light and continue to make sure they are well and truly looked after.


In spring, Leos will get rid of the surplus accumulated during the winter and regain their forceful energy. They will therefore make the most of this great clear-out to polish up and add a shine to anything still pending. Their vitality and life-force will be just right for them to take important decisions giving them greater control over their lives. The king of the jungle will regain his glory, enabling him to take control of events and take his crowd of followers with him. He will once again be master of his own dominion and will use the flame of his warm, generous and enthusiastic temperament both for himself and all those around him.


Virgos will take advantage of this great spring transformation to spice up their everyday life. They will get down to undertaking this great spring clean with pleasure, discipline and meticulousness, as this will enable them to keep everything in order and maintain the security that is so important to them. So, once they have tackled even the smallest recesses of their own minds and habits, they will let themselves be borne along by this fresh wind, to take the time to breathe before launching into new challenges and spending time on their favourite activities. Their vitality and self-confidence will return to reinforce the great reserves of ability just waiting to blossom in the great light of day.


The return of spring will bring great excitement into the life of Librans. This great clear-out will enable them to empty their minds and concentrate their efforts on adding little touches that will make a difference. Librans will make the most of the prevailing climate to start on a phase of introspection. They will need to get rid of former behaviour patterns to perfect new initiatives and establish peace and balance. Their intellectual and creative abilities will be increased tenfold and their artistic talent will come very much to the fore. They shouldn't be afraid of taking the plunge and using their potential.


Scorpios will rapidly take advantage of the arrival of spring to put paid to frustrating situations, so that they can establish a new life-balance. They will therefore have a good sweep-out without any qualms and with a good dose of pragmatism, to enable them to clear the way for new adventures. Their vitality, good humour and seductive powers will be spot-on. With their amazing vitality, they will benefit from incredible stamina, which will lead them to launch into new initiatives and sporting activities to channel their energy. This spring will bring them great satisfaction, as long as they don't try to force the hand of destiny.


Sagittarians always look on the bright side of life and will make the most of spring to get rid of anything that is fixed and inflexible as soon as possible. With their adventurous spirit and a hatred of routine, the arrival of better days should be a stroke of good fortune for Sagittarians, who are ready to seize all the good opportunities on offer. With their undeniable sense of organisation, they won't fail to put their affairs in order, before enjoying an outdoor life to the full and dragging their loved-ones behind in their wake.


After going through a quiet phase of hibernation, Capricorns will tackle the great spring clean with an acute sense of discipline and responsibility. In this respect, they make very good leaders of the pack, with a minutely detailed plan, which will involve all those around them. This period will be a great opportunity for starting afresh on a new basis, whatever the area. This spring transformation will enable Capricorns to impose their presence in a range of activities and push for everything they want. It will therefore be an excellent time for consolidating things, and for gaining in self-assurance and responsibility.


The arrival of spring is a dream opportunity for Aquarians to have a complete change of scenery! In fact, those born under this sign like anything that means going off the beaten track and won't miss the chance to launch into a great spring clean, in order to remove anything unnecessary and set off to conquer new horizons. With their particular attachment to nature, this period holds great benefits for Aquarians, who will get involved enthusiastically in open-air activities, organising escapades of all kinds and gatherings of friends. This spring should therefore be enterprising and augur well.


As is a given during the birthday period, Pisceans will feel particularly well-off at the beginning of spring. No question, then, of shilly-shallying or staying in their cocoon! A great spring clean will be a must, so they can make the first move in order to jettison those small everyday concerns and achieve their desired goals. To achieve this, the prevailing climate will make them unbelievably dynamic and add a breath of novelty, which will enable them to move mountains by showing themselves in a more enterprising light. The time has come to meet new people, take the initiative and forge ahead.

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