What type of father are you?

Written by Alison

The paternal instinct is one of the great mysteries of human nature. Becoming a father is a real upheaval in most men's lives, forcing them to live them differently, depending on each one's own temperament and personal experiences. Astrology enables us to discover our own natural tendencies and what kind of paternal instinct each sign possesses, allowing us to better get to know ourselves and to know beforehand what our strengths and weaknesses are. Here, for each sign, we will tell you how you are viewed by your children.


The Aries man will rediscover his own inner child among his own children... He won't hesitate to play with them, using his playful spirit to push them to be more competitive, which will be an excellent source of stimulation for them. He will not, however, stray from his authority, quite naturally enough for an Aries, and will only rarely accept that his children deviate from the moral path he has laid out before them. His paternal instinct can surge up within him in a flash at the first ultrasound photo or on the day of birth, but he can also come across as aloof or indifferent if he didn't receive the attention he needed in his own childhood. He has intense, but short-lived, bursts of affection and can jump from one thing to a nother without transition. His children will learn to follow a structured schedule without giving him a whole bunch of whining and moaning. But, he can be exuberant, too, proposing a wide array of activities and instilling in his children courage and ardor.


The Taurus man possesses a powerful paternal instinct that usually originating in his own childhood from being around his brothers, sisters, and younger friends. Early on, he will take others under his wing, being protective, affectionat, even a little invasive at times. His quiet strength reveals his natural affection and emotional warmth for others. He will instill in his children a healthy outlook on material things and will be intent on passing on his values. He seeks to protect his children, to instill in them a sense of peace and to fill them with useful advice. At the first sign of a problem, he will run to help and support them. He could even blow things out of proportion at times and unconsciously make his children difficult and temperamental. He is a wise man who chooses prevention over punishment, but his stubbornness and narrow-mindedness can lead to tense relations with more rebellious teenagers. His calmness, quiet strength, and joy for life will make him a patient and lenient father who will rarely get upset but whose disciplinary wrath can be downright devastating. He cultivates perseverance, a sense of realism, and an artistic flair in his family.


The Gemini man is a father who never takes anything seriously, but who will have a subtle, yet impactful, influence on his children. Ever so subtly, conversations with him will give them something to think about. He uses his children's natural curiosity to open the world up to them and will take advantage of the slightest chance to show them how multi-faceted he can really be. He will cultivate within them sociability, intellectual curiosity, criticla thinking, and the ability to adapt. He won't be able to accept it if his children are fickle or superficial but will encourage them to think strategically and to debate. He possesses the initiative to suggest a whole slew of activitis for them! His paternal instinct is linked to his innate desire to reach out to others, to communicate. He gives his affection frivolously, without always taking his children's needs into account, and as such, he'll gladly unload them onto a nurse or his partner. But, on the other hand, he will be the one to take responsibility for their moral education. There's no point in lying to him - he'll know the truth.


The Cancer man is a real doting dad who puts his children's security first. He takes his role as father very personally and seriously; it gives him a sense of responsibility and makes him grow as a person. Daddy Cancer loves his family, his friend group, his "tribe", and will devote himself to them entirely. He is very gifted at bending to their demands thanks to his great openness to the most vulnerable of people. He loves his children and follows closely behind them, especially when they go out to discover the outside world, so that he can protect them. Over the years, he can become overly protective as his children grow up, which could lead to conflicts over autonomy with his more independent children. He comforts, supervises, nourishes, and without getting tired, though he can have trouble when it comes time to cut the cord. Later on, he will enjoy welcoming them home and will put himself to work in the kitchen with enthusiasm. He will be a happy grandpa if he is allowed to watch his grandchildren. Family rituals are crucial for him. He loves to tell stories about his past, his roots, to give his family a solid emotional foundation.


The Leo man will blaze a path for his family. He knows exactly how he wants to raise his children and expects others to get behind him. He adores his children and can be very warm with his partner, but he needs to be admired, or at least esteemed, for what he does. He perceives fatherhood as a noble duty that requires proper action, sustained attention, and kind authority - at least in his eyes, as he demands respect, as much for his commands as his lifestyle, which he naturally imposes on others. He possesses a protective instinct, but also the audacity to throw his children onto the center of the social stage, even if it means taking a few risks. His affection is shown by teaching the meaning of life as much as through his constant cuddling. Receiving gifts from his children will touch him deeply, as will their attempts at autonomy. Despite appearances, this is a man who needs to be surrounded by those he lovs and recognized for his devotion. Even if he has terrifying fits of fury at times, especially if someone lies to him or is unloyal, he is still a progressive father who gives his children encouragement so that one day they might be strong enough to take on life on their own. He will cultivate in them a natural dignity.


The Virgo man is one of the happiest men alive when he's surrounded by his familyand when he becomes a father. This is a man who is very attentive to the needs of his family and will make the best decisions for his family to live secure and peaceful. He is a model man who dedicates himself to his children's comfort, a father full of tact, patience, and subtlety. He stays in the background, but, when it comes to his children, he will keep track of every little detail in their lives. He protects, explains, sets clear limits, and is very attached to the idea of proper and moral living in life and at home. When his children make a mistake, he will run them through the gamut of his analyses, but, once things have blown over, he will rededicate himself to them in heart and soul. Childish manipulation holds no sway over him. He cuts to the essential and isn't easily taken in. With patience, he will make his children into people who are acutely aware of their duties and responsibilities, but will have to be careful that his own worries aren't passed onto his children.


The Libra man is a father who is dead set on teaching his children how to be sociable, open-minded, open-hearted. He loathes conflict and fighting and will be diplomatic and firm in establishing his authority. Everything seems to run so smoothly with him: he is, all at once, poised, stable, and energetic. He will push his children to engage in multiple activities. A Libra man is rarely without a paternal instinct, but will have to take the time to subtly push the relationship between himself and his children towards more equality. This instinct, at first, pushes him to love without excess, waiting until he can communicate with his children. Afterwards, he will give fully of his greatest qualities. In his incessant search for balance, he is marvelously capable of pushing his children to ask just the right questions to awaken their intellects. He is better than anyone at keeping their temper tantrums at bay, helping them to build bonds based on a sense of brotherhood. He will teach them nuance, good manners, and the art of living among others.


The Scorpio man is a possessive, uncompromising father, wholely resolute in their assertions, as final as a falling guillotine blade. Underneath this demeanor hide intense emotions and a powerful attachment to his children. His passion makes him a father that will seek as often as possible to hone his children's insight and intelligence. He is a super devoted father, even if his young ones might bear a somewhat cynical streak. Once he becomes a father, he will transform into a devoted and extremely loving person and will even be able to forget all about his own needs in order to take better care of his children. This tendency can sometimes trap him in a cycle of caring for others and constant work, but he does know better than anyone how to prepare his children for a hostile world and set them down the right path. His soft yet powerful authority will lead his children to take on the world intensely and courageously. He's a father that you can tell anything, even the most heinous of crimes. He encourages his children to trust one another and will ready them against the most diverse of situations. His possessiveness may cause tension, but will give his children independence, originality, creativity, and great self-confidence.


The Sagittarius man is a trail-blazer who can't stay still, but, when he becomes a father, he'll transform into a traditional head of the family, with spirit, a joy for life, and a sense of humor that wraps his authority in a certain energetic kindness. He intends to see his children get involved in society without making waves but with zeal, nonetheless. This intrepid knight will transform into the patron of the household and assume the full load of his responsibilities. He won't miss a chance to instill in his children the rules and principles of social life or a certain kind of philosophy that will allow them to advance in life with a deep conviction in providence. It is Jupiter's optimism within him that will drive the way he brings up his children, endowing them with a sense of initiative. Sagittarius stimulates his children by instilling in them basic notions and ideas, pushing them to think of the big picture, which will be extremely helpful to them throughout their lives. His idealism and frankness, matched with his innate sense of management, in every sense of the term, make him a stimulating dad who won't put up with his kids playing the victim and will gently prod them.


The Capricorn man faces his responsibilities without wavering and considers fatherhood to be one of the most crucial. His affection is unwavering, but he demands from his children a certain unfailing moral rectitude, as well as great respect for tradition, which he knows how to instill in them better than anyone. He enjoys working with his children and will launch them into the business world thanks to his support, always keeping an eye on their careers. At the first sign of life, he will begin to plan, to look ahead. On the other hand, he can also be downright cold and pragmatic if, in his own childhood, he didn't receive the love he needed. In which case, he will have to slowly but surely figure out how to act tenderly, like a good father. He has the patience to help his children progressively accept life's realities. He is capable of deep, but modest, bursts of affection. His children will learn to appreciate the good side of discipline to secure a future for themselves, just like their father wants. He is poised and rational and looks down on laziness and idleness. In his own children, he will instill courage, a sense of responsibility, and perseverance.


The Aquarius man is a stable yet fickle father. He can be particularly open-minded towards his children as much as towards his friends, family, or partner. He is a father worthy of admiration that continues to surprise every day. He will instill in his children a sense of altruism and brotherhood. He thinks about everything, thanks to his protective instinct. He will encourage debate and discussion, teaching his children how to engage in engage in intellectual verbal jousting, which will afford him the chance to come out of his shell and get involved with, and get to know, them. He talks about his convictions, principles, and ideals, and develop in his children generous and tolerant compassion, tact, verbal finesse, and social skills. Lying to him is futile: he can quickly see through to the truth of matters, but, once his children have become autonomous, he will be able to cut them some slack and turn into their ideal confidant.


This Pisces man is transormted by fatherhood. Becoming a father forces him back down to earth, to take care of his children practically and realistically. He will be very sensitive to the littlest change in mood, able of picking up on the slightest trouble, no matter how well hidden it may be. He listens to and supports his children without judgment. Once he becomes a father, he will treat his role as a true calling, instinctively pushing himself harder, even to the point of self-sacrifice at times if it is for the good of his children. The problem is that he tends to project his own needs on them and can smother and overwhelm them. He is a very emotional person and will rarely get after a child for being too introverted or unruly. The bolder the child is, the more he will devoted himself, even perhaps becoming an expert on all the practical details of life for the sake of his children's security and well-being. He will be able to escape his own personal anguish by taking care of his kids, and will be able, more than anyone else, to develop their ability to think abstractly, helping them to tap into their own intuition to guide them in life. Once they leave the nest and become independent, he can tend to become unbearable, constantly asking for news, visits, or attention. Becoming a grandfather will enable him to find the emotional balance he so badly needs...

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