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Chinese element: Earth

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Characteristics of Earth in Chinese astrology:

Those ruled by this element are pragmatic and like to touch things. They are realistic and and are not generally inclined towards taking refuge in a world of illusion. They like Life with a capital L. Serious and multi-talented, these are people who have very good organisational skills. They are not particularly keen on change and prefer a structured life to one which is chaotic.

This element encourages individuals to be independent and organised. Those under its influence make very good project leaders. They take initiatives while calculating the risks involved and do everything methodically. The organ ruled by Earth is the spleen. Its tendency is sweet.

Earth and the Sign of the Rat

Calm and practical, the Earth-Rat is absolutely meticulous when he throws himself into a task. He is able to keep a cool head in the most taxing situations and never leaves things to chance. The Earth Rat is not very adventurous. He likes order and is very adept at making sure it prevails.

Earth and the Sign of the Ox

He is a perfectionist at heart. He is unemotional and his judgements will be ruled by logic. The Earth-Ox is a philosopher who does not get lost in flights of fancy. Sincere and loyal, he prefers to move cautiously to avoid hurting those around him. He likes power and shows good business acumen.

Earth and the Sign of the Tiger

Those born in the years of this element are consistent and would seem not to be over-endowed with energy, but the Earth-Tiger is in fact a very stable individual. He knows where he is going and moves at his own pace, without deviating from the goals he has set. He is not the type to spread himself too thin. His friends appreciate his faithfulness and unfailing loyalty, his willingness to listen and his good advice.

Earth and the Sign of the Rabbit

The Earth-Rabbit is an uncompromising and serious individual. He does not find it easy to change his mind. He is able to control his feelings. The Earth Rabbit never does things lightly. He needs concentration and solitude in particular, to be able to solve problems. He puts his own well-being before that of others. He is humble but is able to recognise his own mistakes.

Earth and the Sign of the Dragon

The Earth-Dragon loves to lead. He likes to be in control, finding it reassuring. He is a stable and serious person, but can sometimes ignore the needs of others. The Earth Dragon likes work. He is motivated and puts everything into achieving success.

Earth and the Sign of the Snake

The Earth-Snake is intuitive and rarely gets it wrong. He is consistent and does things thoroughly, with the backing of strong friendships. He is ambitious and spontaneous. His natural charm makes him very attractive. He iseffortlessly charming, with an extremely strong sensuality. His ability as an orator makes him a very good negotiator.

Earth and the Sign of the Horse

He likes to take his time. If he feels stressed, the Earth-Horse can easily lose his nerve. A person born under this sign needs a calm atmosphere to be able to make progress. He can be patient and is very loyal. He is thorough and can be entrusted with tasks requiring concentration and precision.

Earth and the Sign of the Goat

The Earth-Goat likes family life. He is cautious and loyal, and needs stability. At work, he will accept responsibility without problems. He is a serious person in whom you can have complete confidence. On the other hand, he finds it difficult to show his feelings and when there are problems, he will have a tendency to internalise things.

Earth and the Sign of the Monkey

The Earth-Monkey is shy and does not always dare to say what he thinks, but he will always realise his personal creative flair. He likes spending money on himself, but can also be very generous. He is an intellectual who loves books.

Earth and the Sign of the Rooster

The Earth-Rooster is incurably logical and his advice is generally heeded and acted upon. He is a sensible person, who will always be a good guide for those around him. He readily assumes all his responsibilities and more if need be. At work, he puts in effort and is very thorough. He is boorish, but likes order.

Earth and the Sign of the Dog

He is realistic and does not crave absolute power. The Earth Dog will always listen to others'opinions and is not rigid in his views. The Earth-Dog is democratic and quite inclined to go with the majority. If he sets a goal, he will stick to it. He does not believe in defeat.

Earth and the Sign of the Pig

He is calm and lives life to the full. He plans his future to avoid coming up against nasty surprises. The Earth-Pig is always organised. He is not authoritarian, but willing to listen and good at endearing himself to others. His family and work are all he needs. He is a devoted person who seeks harmony in his life.

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