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Scorpio are seducing, lucid, thoughtful, passionate and tenacious. This is a secretive sign that gets armed in the shade, accumulating complicated and inexorable strategies in order to obtain what they desire or to involve others. This sign doesn't give way and supports everything without bending their neck. These people can be exceptional humanists. They are lucid in what concerns their means; their intuition and charisma complete their powers.

What are their best qualities? Scorpio are loved for their obscure charm, discretion, strength and passion.

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Love Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio are sensitive, idealistic, charming, clairvoyant and sensual
This sign represents extremities and phantasms. A Scorpio is an ardent creature, realistic and mystical at the same time, who comes to blossom in an exalting relationship. Brilliant, gifted with great strength of character, these people live intensely, they are fantastic lovers!

Single: They are very attractive lovers, a little obscure, a bit mysterious. They are very intuitional, their sensuality allows them exceptional communication with their partners.

In couple: They are faithful partners, quite demanding in what concerns their relationships' quality and authenticity. They protect their close ones but easily forgive betrayal or deception. They need permanent intensity in their relationships.

Friendship Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio are flexible, helpful, dynamic and cunning
Scorpio know a lot of people but the intimacy degree differs for each of their relationships. Scorpio love cooking for their guests and their delicious meals are generally highly appreciated.

Long-standing friendship: Scorpio are people of absolute loyalty and exceptional availability if one of their friends needs help. They are excellent confidents whose advice comes from common sense and from accurate intuition. They are never the first ones to betray their friendships...

Party: Scorpio take part in celebrations depending on their mood. They sometimes occur to return early but if they are in good form then they'll party all night long. They often make reference points and memorize the places convenient for spending an excellent night out.

Family Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio are energetic, magnetic, penetrating and protective
Scorpio are possessive, entire, resolute in their affirmations which sound like orders. They guess what they don't know and their instinct is above the average. They are capable of extraordinary abnegation when required by a situation.

As parents, under their sometimes gloomy attitudes Scorpio dissimulate intense activity, powerful attachment to their future generation. They easily become possessive! Their clairvoyance sharpens up their kids' prospects and intelligence.

Children Scorpio need to have fascinating spheres of interests, you have to help them find some hobbies. They've got an enormous instinct for figuring out how to please and demonstrate unshakable fidelity in life. If they are athletic, they are mostly turned towards hardy sports or swimming rather than ping-pong...

Financial Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio are strategic, prudent and sly
The Scorpio sign is passionate, greedy for strong feelings and can at times yield to impulsive purchases; however people of this sign are too wary and too sensible to squander their fortune that they rather tend to conceal...

How they manage money: Discreetly. Scorpio find it hard to unveil their personal projects and, even being good advice-givers, they don't let anyone influence themselves. Their flair and clairvoyance generally secure them excellent investments but they will always value their comfort the most.

How they spend money: Scorpio principally spend their money for the purpose of sheltering their close ones and themselves. They aren't really attracted by frivolities but could turn out to be really stubborn if stricken with a powerful desire, reasonable or not...

Vacation Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio are spontaneous, concessive, dexterous and good-natured
A vacation brings the Scorpio peace of mind and body. If they are in love, they will focus on their manners and will not neglect a single detail for keeping the flame alive. When single, they will try to seduce by all means unless they prefer a solitary haven in an improbable location for a profound recovery of strength...

In summer: They will not bear grilling in the sun as they yearn after discoveries and will take great delight in exploring the neighborhood, going rafting or cave-walking.

In winter: They are often good skiers who have to resist the temptation to test black slopes. They are equally ready for a snowshoe stroll and a party among friends around a fire or a torrid siesta under a bear skin...
Come with them, you've never had such an exciting vacation before!

Memo of the Scorpio's qualities: seducing, strong, clairvoyant, sensual

Scorpio have no fear of changes, they strive to provoke them. They possess great analyzing capacities, often with excellent intuition, they are not easy to dupe but are likely to fight the wrong battle.
A little + : Scorpio charm and reassure, their feelings' deepness, their emotions' justness and the passion they put to everything make them seducing and often powerful as their willpower is unshakable.

Home Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio are reserved, courageous, astucious, receptive and sane
Scorpio strive to protect themselves from everything and often include a real estate project in this outlook. Their home is an ultimate refuge, the place where they depressurize from exterior constraints all in assurance of sincere affections.

In duet: Scorpio deploy their best qualities in intimacy. Living with a Scorpio means spending exalting moments to discover an intense nature, violent feelings, an immense ideal...

In family: Scorpio take care of their relatives, striving to preserve what they have attained. They endeavor to keep things up to the mark. This sign can reveal to be a person of high merits, inventive and sensual.

When they get up: Even if their agenda is one of a minister, they remain Zen provided that they aren't tormented with questions or reflections starting from the very breakfast. They need a little time and some calm for coming into operational mode.

In the evening: It is hard for Scorpio to get some sleep since their mind is never at rest. However they love their bed, appreciate its comfort and sensuality and they will hunt for sleep while reading or watching the TV...

Work Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio are tenacious, fine strategists, discreet, pertinent and tameless
Whatever they do, they do thoroughly. If they feel they are art and part of their work, they devote their best. Their lucidity is very useful in research, data collection and surveillance. They also make formidable businesspeople who instinctively perceive their competitors' weak points and always strike the target.

As colleagues they are discreet and amiable unless their power, whatever it is, is called in question. Long and complicated matters can be entrusted to them: they will always squeeze the substance.
As bosses they are intractable but just. They recognize the others' qualities with panache but don't forgive them anything either. In total, it's hit or miss, but when it's hit, it's a great one!
When independent, they appreciate solitude, it lets them increase their competences and focus their energy in a positive way. If their activities imply customers, they possess a very solid instinct for identifying and using their competitors' failures and their customers' weaknesses. If they've got some employees, then they are grateful and severe at the same time.

Fitness Qualities of Scorpio

Scorpio are energetic, resistent, combative and passionate
Scorpio tend to ruminate, introspection is necessary for them in order to eliminate anger and tension. In the same range of ideas, they are rather talented in combat sports like boxing or karate or otherwise in time-consuming activities allowing them to concentrate their strength and willpower on a constructive objective.

In sport: Scorpio are sturdy, tenacious and concentrated, they can excel in competitive sports blending force and violence like judo, squash... They can also find happiness in athletics, underwater diving, speleology or muscle building.

Nutrition: Scorpio are a bit cautious to dishes they are unfamiliar with as well as to sauces disguising what is underneath but their will and scent allow them to succeed in cooking most complicated courses, even though their tastes mostly drive them towards the traditional cuisine. They put a lot of love in the cooking process keeping in mind everyone's likes and often figure out the "trick" that will make the whole difference to the taste or texture.

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