Zodiac Signs

What irritates the signs in the morning?

Written by Mary

"One morning, it's useless" sang Jean-Jacques Goldman. Indeed, some mornings would have been better not to see the day, everything goes wrong and your mood becomes horrible. We have listed these things that hit you on the system when you wake up according to your zodiac sign. So, you can become aware of them and distance yourself from them with more philosophy. Let us take a little tour of the zodiac with as much peace of mind as possible!


- Inadvertently taking a cold shower.
- Receiving a phone call from a stranger in error early in the morning.
- Have an unclear mind to list the day's objectives.
- Hearing a song on the radio that you do not like at all.
- Bumping your little toe against the base of a piece of furniture.


- Put on pants that shear off the can.
- Discover that there is no more blackberry jam left in the fridge.
- Receive your bank statement in red on your e-mail address.
- Not being able to play love games with your soul mate.
- Feel your ability to work harmed due to a lack of visibility.


- Waking up with a bad dream in your mind that showed you drowning in administrative hassles.
- Not being able to transcend any slack with your own creative resources.
- Learn that your project of the day is postponed.
- Have no one with you to exchange, discuss.
- Miss your train.


- Wake you up abruptly because of neighborhood noise or noise nuisance due to urban works.
- Not being able to take your time or follow your own pace.
- Not seeing your children's faces.
- Be required to plan your day.
- Meet your ex.


- Not finding your favorite chocolate cereal or coffee.
- Going back to sleep after the alarm clock rings to wake you up again and have to get out of bed.
- Not being able to give you your morning pleasure (a hug, a reading, that habit that anchors you in your pleasure of being).
- To notice that your partner is not in a playful mood.
- Looking for your favorite jewel that puts you in beauty but that has become untraceable.


- Realize that there is no more toothpaste left.
- Suffer an indigestible ringing of your badly set alarm clock.
- Thinking about that appointment of the day that you did not know how to decline.
- Break a cup and note any scattered debris in a corner of the room.
- Something unforeseen prevents you from proceeding with your facial treatment.


- Waking up without a partner at your side.
- Not to find the magical outfit that makes you look back on your way.
- Shoot your reflection in the ice and discover a tiny pustule on your face.
- Realize that you have forgotten something useful or familiar (your cell phone, your agenda, a key...)
- Not having enough ingredients for a healthy breakfast.


- Quarreling with your partner.
- Read an article on "How to be positive in life" when everything goes wrong.
- Receive advice or an order that you feel is not appropriate..
- Being disturbed in your meditation exercise.
- Discovering the uncivil behavior of certain people.


- Not being able to enjoy sunbathing because of bad weather.
- Persist in reaching a friend who is in radio mute mode.
- Notice that you lack space in your living space because of unnecessary furniture or objects.
- Learning that your Zumba teacher cancels the class.
- Not being able to read the pages of your favorite spirituality book due to a late awakening.


- An imperative forces you to connect to your messaging system to urgently regularize a personal situation.
- Having to cancel your trip due to an unforeseeable circumstance.
- Finding that your cat is sulking you.
- Finding your sink full of dirty dishes.
- Being rushed in transportation.


- Finding your cell phone too slow, preventing you from accessing your News Feed.
- Feel the previous day's meal on your stomach again.
- Thinking about your 30 minute drive to the office.
- Feel that your room for manoeuvre is shrinking.
- Having to tidy up your living space at the last minute to make it clean and cozy.


- Hearing your partner's voice press you with questions when you have not emerged from bed.
- Understand that your late awakening is due to a defect in your dawn simulator.
- Think about the professional constraints of your day.
- Not being able to get rid of your nightmare.
- Finding out that the water in your home is calcareous.

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