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Mars enters Taurus and loses its vivacity, it is much less spontaneous, its expression is slower to be triggered. But Mars is in dissonant aspect with Pluto and an apathy hits us after the crazy energy of Mars in Aries. The God of War is overwhelmed and must pass through the sign of Taurus, unable to be satisfied with what nature offers.

On the other hand, Mercury joins the sun and Venus, but the trio is also burdened by Saturn. The two malefic planets are thus at work on the fast planets and considerably reduce our impulses.

The Sun, Venus and Mercury are also in square with Neptune, still in Pisces. Everything seems to say that we have to wait after the enthusiasm of the past week.
There is a time for everything, and elation never lasts. If we have to slow down, there is a good reason. Let's not resist to start the summer in good shape.

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