Your daily horoscope for Aquarius on the 30th of March 2023

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

You're in danger of appearing too self-centred and need to unwind. You are overdoing things, but slowing down will seem harder than continuing along this path. You need to find a balance.



You'll have to be creative to find a solution to a problem that's been nagging you. Go with what you think is right.

Today: 4/5TodayTomorrow: 3/5TomorrowSaturday: 3/5SaturdaySunday: 4/5SundayMonday: 4/5MondayTuesday: 3/5TuesdayWednesday: 5/5WednesdayThursday: 5/5Thursday



You're more willing to think about the practical side of your relationship or love-life. Now is the time to take care of your love-nest, to change the décor, make improvements and carry out work. Build is the operative word!

Today: 3/5TodayTomorrow: 5/5TomorrowSaturday: 5/5SaturdaySunday: 4/5SundayMonday: 5/5MondayTuesday: 5/5TuesdayWednesday: 4/5WednesdayThursday: 5/5Thursday



Luck will pass close by. Your current worries need to be put aside, so you can make the most of this opportunity.

Today: 4/5TodayTomorrow: 3/5TomorrowSaturday: 4/5SaturdaySunday: 4/5SundayMonday: 3/5MondayTuesday: 3/5TuesdayWednesday: 5/5WednesdayThursday: 5/5Thursday



Your effectiveness will be at its height, which will enable you to embark on new projects which are beyond the usual everyday ones.

Today: 3/5TodayTomorrow: 4/5TomorrowSaturday: 4/5SaturdaySunday: 3/5SundayMonday: 4/5MondayTuesday: 4/5TuesdayWednesday: 5/5WednesdayThursday: 5/5Thursday
This week


The moon is in Cancer, in position 23 degree(s),49 minute(s): Powerful, changing and disconcerting moods, imagination and sensitivity, memories, vulnerability.

First decan

21st January to 31st January

You accept risk if it to try, or discover, something new. Even in your private life, you like adventure, like challenging those close to you. No one ever gets bored around you.

Second decan

1st February to 10th February

Naturally at ease around people, you will get the chance today to try out your sex appeal. Everyone will listen to you and seek out your company. You truly are a surprise, approaching any topic with passion and originality.

Third decan

11th February to 18th February

Frank, open, and honest, you refuse to put on a front. Your prefer to be alone with your angst rather than put on a mask in public. If you practice any sort of art, you can get out all of your emotions in the intimacy of your own home or in your workshop.

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