A loving relationship between the Gemini and the Virgo sign

Written by Alison

You both have in common the peculiarity of passing your attractions through the filter of reason without getting carried away, but the Virgo is likely to annoy the other with their chronic anxiety, their scruples, and their shyness. The free spirit of Gemini will not always please the other because they're very attached to a certain formalism. Despite this, each one can admit the color of their feelings for the other but without trying to impose their own feelings.

Love compatibility between Gemini and Virgo

Not easy... Gemini prances around this Virgo who's frightened by this hardly comforting mix. Gemini gets bored easily, too... Each one, in their own way, possesses excellent critical skills which will either enrich you or tear you apart depending on what you do with them. Virgo needs to be comforted and social life at all. She will have to learn how to trust her partner and how to wait for him.

Compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Virgo man

Someone in this relationship will have to change how they express themselves and get rid of their critical mind for things to work. Female Gemini is very sociable and likes discussion, though without necessarily going into great detail, while Virgo man prefers tranquility and wisdom. It remains to be seen who will wear out who first! Learn to appreciate each other's virtues anyway, despite your day-to-day bickering! Their love is like a roller-coaster. The key to this relationship is to not try to always be right at all costs and to avoid arguments.

Compatibility between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman

Things won't always be exactly rosy! Lady Virgo, so stern and categorical, will have to come to accept her man's frivolous and adventurous spirit if she ever wants this relationship - that she wanted simply out of curiosity at first - to have a chance! Gemini man, if you love your partner, beware: she has a strong resolve and could distance herself from you. Your configuration stresses the potential for your partner to learn more and more of your deep personality. In fact, they can see the chinks in your "armor" remarkably well, through which they can get to know you better.

Compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Virgo woman

Dear Virgo, try not to be so categorical and secretive, and from time to time, let your partner's up's and down's surprise you. After all, she deserves his space as well, not to mention that her own natural, spontaneous gift for fantasy will be a pleasant distraction from your daily troubles. She will shoulder some of the weight of your responsibilities for you and will support you when it comes to exchanges in every sense of the word. Don't ever pass up on the enticement and seduction between you two that is absolutely indispensable for your relationship. Don't take up all her room - she'll quickly feel suffocated!

Compatibility between a Gemini man and a Virgo man

You both share the particularity of running what you're attracted to past your logical brain, without letting yourself get carried away by a romance that you, of course, are wary of. Virgo, however, is likely to annoy their partner with their chronic anxiety, shyness, and misgivings. Gemini's playful spirit won't please their partner, who expects a certain level of formality. Despite all this, both can come to accept their feelings for the other, but don't try to push them on each other - that won't work! Both must grow in maturity and become less emotionally rigid together.


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