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Introduction: Wise Virgin or crazy Virgin?

Virgo ascendant Virgo: You are anxious, a little suspicious and you conform as best you can to the world around you, to take refuge in it. You thrive in a comfortable and secure routine. This makes you a very reliable assistant to whom nothing escapes. Your observational skills allow you to get away with most things. However, you're not immune to crazy Virgo attacks when you decompress too suddenly...

Strengths of the for Virgo ascendant Virgo: Dedicated and modest
Weaknesses of the for Virgo ascendant Virgo: Manic and shy

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Personality: Common sense and practicality!

You have a personality that instinctively leads you to develop the qualities of patience, common sense, and a certain practical wisdom, applicable in everyday life. You have a facility for rationalizing, analyzing and evaluating many details. You find great satisfaction in the fact of learning, of developing your know-how, there is in you a certain anxiety in front of your errors, your possible gaps. You have a tendency to judge yourself harshly, to underestimate yourself, this is a very productive engine to evolve towards more awareness, knowledge, accuracy.

Vitality / Temperament: Cerebral and fastidious!

Nervous, anxious, prey to doubts, you prefer not to take risks and take refuge in conformism, routine, habits. You advance in life with discretion and humility. Rational, observant, you analyze, dissect and try to understand everything around you, your brain is always active. No question of letting go or leaving room for chance.

Love and emotional relationships: Dedicated and faithful!

You give priority to intellect and reason, exercising a strong control over your feelings and emotions. In love, suspicious, cautious, you may sometimes prefer celibacy, but, if you meet your soul mate, you will be a faithful and extremely devoted partner. Your feelings become very deep with time, but you find it very difficult to show them. You are very selective in your love life and prefer to be alone rather than be badly accompanied. When you are in love, you are completely devoted to your partner.

In the family: Very dynamic parent!

You are a driving force for your loved ones, you would like them all to achieve excellence in the goals they have set for themselves, which is why you constantly set an example and remain fair in all your choices. However, you are not always attentive and the details that you miss can be important to some of the people you love. You may seem too blunt to the most delicate of people, without you realizing it.

Relationship with money / material goods: An ant or a bee!

Professionally, you have little ambition, you prefer to confine yourself to tasks for which you excel rather than to launch yourself into large-scale projects that are much more difficult to control, the unexpected, the unforeseen, makes you anxious. This makes you an assistant, an outstanding collaborator, with a great professional conscience. Organized, methodical, perfectionist, even maniac, you like work well done.

Socio-professional life: Prudence, but efficiency!

You seek balance and make good associations to earn your living, at the risk, sometimes, of making yourself a little dependent. You seek to manage your assets as fairly as possible, to find the perfect balance between your needs and those of others. You do not seek risk, but you invest intelligently, never losing sight of all the workings of your investments.

Sphere of friendship: Warm and friendly life!

For you, your friends are a bit like family and you put a lot of affection into your exchanges. But your moods are moody and you don't like to be the center of attention; you prefer to work quietly to help others act in the light. You are restless and cling to your habits, which is why you excel at interacting with simple, genuine people. You are a good observer, you analyze everything you see and that allows you to make decisions quickly.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Earth sign

In an association, you avoid the fight until you no longer have a choice and you can then become aggressive. Ambivalent, in search of yourself, you can go from one extreme to the other, you oscillate between the need to flee and the need to realize yourself.

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

Overly sensitive by nature, you take the afflictions of others so much to heart that you are personally shaken. You let your intuitions guide you throughout your life, you create a world in which you find refuge and from which it is not easy to make you leave. You are in constant search of the absolute.

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