Your relationship between the sign of Gemini and the Cancer

Written by Alison

#nonl# It's not always an easy mix! Gemini passes their emotions through the filter of reason and, if they love with all their heart, they remain lucid and critical about the quality of the feelings their partner has for them. Whereas, Cancer tends to embellish reality and dramatize the slightest snub or, on the contrary, be enthusiastic about romantic situations that have little relation to reality.

Love compatibility between Gemini and Cancer

This is a difficult mix! Brainy Gemini is likely to not understand a thing about their hypersensitive Cancer's chronic anxiety Gemini is constantly on the move. Cancer is stationary as a rock. Can you meet each other in the middle? If so, who will make the change? Gemini will have to make an effort not to hurt Cancer with every little word. And Cancer can learn to get some distance and laugh at themselves.

Compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Cancer man

Neither one of these two wish to make a serious, strict, or straightforward commitment. Female Cancer prefers to keep things light, carefree, playful, and fanciful, while male Cancer seeks a true, deep relationship, but not one that immediately saddles him with responsibility. To jump into this relationship, you will have to take action: the woman will have to be less frivolous and learn to be happy with what she has, while the man will have to stop being so emotional and living in the past, and both of you will have to dare to explore new horizons together and reinvent your duo.

Compatibility between a Gemini man and a Cancer woman

Watch out! Deep misunderstanding could arise in this relationship, especially if they try to put the horse before cart and end up being blinded by their physical attraction to one another. Lady Cancer doesn't understand exactly what sir Gemini, who can't imagine how she feels inside, really wants. They are constantly between war and peace, their moods changing rapidly. Be careful not to get tired of one another, but instead try to create, communicate clearly, and find a way to close the emotional gap between you two.

Compatibility between a Gemini woman and a Cancer woman

If you are a Cancer, you will find in this couple a frightening pace that you won't always find it easy to keep up with! Give her what she needs to understand you without eternally going back and forth, which she won't be able to understand. Your way of life will bring her security, but she will regularly need to bring her friends into, too. Remember that you're not going to die without her and that she can't remain happy with just her family, so be understanding and lenient. This will take a healthy dose of tolerance, but, on the flip-side, your relationship won't be lacking any zest!

Compatibility between a Gemini man and a Cancer man

Though you have differing temperaments, you can come to understand each other by compromise and adaptation. Gemini is critical, fickle, aloof, curious about everything, and allergic to the same old routine. Cancer is romantic and tenacious, and has a little trouble gaining perspective and taking sarcastic jabs with the humor they deserve, which means that your daily life could be peppered with dramatic scenes. Between Gemini's nervous tension, which makes them fly off the handle, and Cancer's stubborn brooding, the mood won't always be too peaceful. A little tact from one and a sense of humor from the other, and that's all there is to it!

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