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Descendant in Capricorn meanings in your Natal Chart

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The characteristics of the Capricorn descendant:

Your Descendant is Capricorn

With this combination, your relationship to the other may have paradoxes. On the one hann (with Cancer as the Ascendant),governed by the Moon, you seem gentle but also moody and unpredictable. While, to everyone's surprise, when it comes to a more solid relationship, you show a much more directive, even authoritarian, face in some cases. But you need to get there because you are very cautious when it comes to making contact.

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Behavior of the Descendant Capricorn

Without wanting to, you keep others at bay. First of all, the Cancer (Ascendant) often makes you shy. In addition, the Saturn-ruled Descendant makes you both distant, suspicious, and demanding. That makes a lot! Result, you indulge in a certain solitude, even if, secretly, you expect your soul mate. But for pride, you refuse to show it. In fact, you are looking for the quality of relationships rather than quantity. You do not see any interest in multiplying the attempts and in this you are strategist enough. You even grow cool and evanescent outdoors when it comes to socializing.

Without saying so, you make a drastic selection, just as if you were recruiting someone for a position of responsibility. Let's not forget that Capricorn tends to manage all your life as if it were a professional challenge. As soon as you let the other come into your intimacy, which is not easy, you expect them to make efforts to prove their worth and integrity. However, avoid hiding from the one who interests your feelings the most,which is a lot.

The Love of the Descendant Capricorn

With this position, you will not multiply weddings or serious partnerships. You prefer to wait as long as you need, just to have as much evidence as possible that you are on the right track. Be careful not to pass for a hardened single! Then, when you are together, you think to build serious projects. You are not particularly demonstrative. For you, engaging with the other - for example, for the purpose of founding a home or for common interests - is already a big step. If you are rather cold, you are, however, loyal and faithful.

Business for the Descendant Capricorn

Unlike in your romantic relationships, it's easier for you to get down to business. Of course, here too, with Saturn in charge of this sector, you are more than cautious. You read twice or even twenty times all the clauses of the contract and you take all the time you need before signing. Fortunately, your ambitions lead you to concrete projects, which bring you benefits. In other words, you know how to be sensible and wise. Often, your commitments will lead you to invest in stone - this also happens through marriage, by the way.

Your Partner

First you have to describe what you do not like: the superficial characters, who overdo it to impress their audience You flee them like the plague. You prefer those who seem inaccessible and locked in their ivory tower. There, your interest awakens. In order for you to go further, this potential partner will still need to demonstrate evidence of social skills, character and robustness. Loyalty is also an indispensable quality for you, as is modesty and seriousness.

How to Bond with the Descendant Capricorn

Even if you have to force your (Ascendant) Cancer nature to come out of your shell, it is often at work that you will make encounters that matter. First of all, because it's a guarantee of seriousness. You do not like the idea of going fishing for partners, so having to talk to one another on strategic or managerial issues can lead to something more serious. It even happens, with this position, that your spouse is also your professional partner.


With this position, you do not like conflicts. But you rather risk locking yourself in the trap of forced loneliness, if you do not pay attention. Either you stay single or you refuse to terminate the relationship. With Capricorn coming down, indeed, you expect to have to overcome hardships. For you, it takes effort to stay the course and you do not easily throw in the towel. Be careful not to get too hard when you realize there is nothing left to save. This can happen to anyone.

Celebrities who share the Descendant in Capricorn:

Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Cameron Diaz, Robert Pattinson, Robert de Niro, John Travolta.

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