Pisces: your horoscope for the 21 January de 2021

Susan | 18/02/2011 - Last modified: 10/12/2020

Your lucidity will enable you to make yourself useful. Don't hesitate to offer your opinion, your realistic outlook won't let you down. You will find it easy to immerse yourself in work of an intellectual nature, but don't forget to move on to something else, to be able to clear your head.

21 January de 2021: Your astral forecast

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Your astral forecast



You're going to have a very pleasant time. You will be in a combative mood and determined to achieve your goals. Go for it.



A very positive dialogue will make you see things differently. You will be guided by your emotions in the right direction and will know what to do for the best.



You'll have too little time to do everything you want to get done, unless you isolate yourself from the world.



The atmosphere at work is very stimulating for your creativity. Don't hesitate to add your own two cents!

The moon is in Taurus, in position 07 degre(s),57 minute(s): A more stable emotional and material life, laziness with regard to habit, memory and resentment.

First decan

Born between: 19th February to 28th February

No more just touching on things. Get down to work making them a reality. Your projects will finally come into the light, putting you within reach of your goals. You will be master of all procedures and get tough in your negotiations.

Second decan

Born between: 1st March to 10th March

If you have to take administrative measures today, remain cam and bide your time patiently. There's no point in making a fuss. You won't be the only one waiting their turn and so will have to stay absolutely stoic.

Third decan

Born between: 11th March to 20th March

You possess a bold side, which you hide under a false nonchalance. In reality, you are a fighter, and, if you take advantage of the energies of the day, your natural disposition toward taking initiative will help you achieve your goals.


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