The Sun

Written by Daisy

All you need to know about the Sun:

The Sun or the power of awareness ... When we decide to touch down here and leave limbo behind, to incarnate and begin a new cycle, to be born and - if you believe in the possibility of having had other lives - to be reborn, our souls must choose the road they will travel and the principal lessons they will need to take on board during their time on our magnificent blue planet!

If the group of planets define a trajectory and a potential to be realised, it is very much the Sun that will represent the ideal we hope to achieve. In this way, depending on the sign the sun is in on the day we come into this world, we inherit (or for those who clearly do not believe in chance we immediately choose) an area of experience and specific qualities… This in no way excludes the fact that we may develop all kinds of variations resulting from the great diversity of interplanetary combinations, but our choices will in part guide our journey, add small changes to our character and represent markers, anchor the ship and act as a guiding compass.

For we are all nomads to a certain extent, even though we are forever prisoners and in hock to a gravitational law that fortunately keeps us grounded. One day we will need to understand that if we are to break free from this gravitational field, which is both physical and spiritual, we are going to have to travel some distance and evolve. Paradoxically, we will need to stop looking at outside sources of light to find the inner sun within us, which will always try to bring us to safety like a beacon in the darkness; in other words, closer to our souls!

As the sun's functional priority is therefore to light the way forward and guide the individual… in towards him or herself, to point out the way or path to follow, the gifts to cultivate, the principal inner faculties to develop, we will always begin to study a chart with a detailed examination and a deep look into the Sun's heart (the organ it represents in physical terms) and the project it represents!

The Sun in our charts:

Above all, the Sun symbolises the source of light that promotes life. It therefore provides vital energy and warmth, enabling all organisms to grow and emerge. While the moon is commonly associated with the forces of night (the subconscious, dreams, etc…) and governs our feminine side (yin),the Sun governs our diurnal, masculine side (yang) and our awareness, endowing us with that initial strength that will give us the impetus to exist and create. It is generally day-time when we take action and invest our potential to achieve our goals!

Reflecting divine rule on earth, the Sun gives us information about the wishes of an individual, their self-image and the impression they want to make on those around them; often even the ideals they will try to achieve regarding self-fulfilment! In our charts, it represents the father in the first instance, a principle with which we sometimes try to identify with varying degrees of happiness and rightly or wrongly. For women, the Sun represents the husband, the “official”, as opposed to Mars, which is associated with lovers and the nature (often more obscure) of our desires.

While the Sun brings warmth and enables life to develop, our talents to shine forth and our egos to manifest themselves properly, it also informs us of potential pitfalls and the energy we will expend in bearing and achieving our highest aspirations; in serving our legitimate ambitions; in assuaging our excessive thirst for glory (for gold, a material associated with our dazzling planet). It is also about the sometimes obsessive desire of some to hog the limelight ad infinitum, then forget, while going off on an egotistical quest for recognition, about the Sun's ultimate aim, which is primarily to achieve greater awareness.

The Sun ultimately sings the praises of divine love and reveals part of our aspiration to achieve higher dimensions. In its 365 day orbit around the zodiac, our daylight star will therefore, in one year, illuminate the twelve houses that make up our personal chart, and bring life to each planet and section in turn!

It will successively enhance (for better or for worse) the characteristics of our individual journey, enabling us to update, revise and improve our attitude to life and understand life's challenges. It will also regularly force us to confront and hopefully highlight the obstacles appearing on the path to our development.

Without the Sun and its shining presence, we would not be anything; in fact we would not exist… We could certainly use this fact as a basis for inviting everyone (ourselves included) to explore the infinite cosmos with respect and gratitude, but also to stop postponing the necessary, not to say essential, investigation into our inner world, which is sometimes (it must be admitted) just as unfathomable!

The Sun's position in your horoscope will be the main indicator of how you will evolve as a person. The characteristics of your Sun sign will be major assets to develop over the course of your life, to extricate yourself from difficult situations and progress towards your ideals.

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