Virgo, your love horoscope for Summer 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: the quest for happiness!

If at the beginning of the season, your gaze is turned towards the future, Venus invites you, between June 27 and July 22, to take a step back on your emotions, on a project, you have to take stock of what matters or not. Count on the delightful planet (between July 22 and August 16) to exalt your desire to love and to shine. At the end of the season, amigo Virgo, you communicate with those around you and get your messages across gently.

1st Decan (August 23-September 3): don't decide anything lightly!

The beginning of the season allows you to look forward to the future with enthusiasm. The other is willing to follow you in your plans and you feel that everything is going well. Build on your charm at the end of the month, although around August 1, you need to pinpoint the contours of your plans and its flaws. From August 4, Saturn reminds you that you have burdens to shoulder. You will fulfill them with good grace (August 23, September 5),understanding that you must put your resources at the service of the community. From September 10 on, make room for dialogue that will bear fruit in early fall.

2nd decan (September 4-September 13): restrained in your impulses!

Late spring has forced you to postpone your hopes. You begin the summer caught between the desire to do what you like and the need to take on demoralizing burdens. During the first half of July, you feel trapped in a situation that is both professionally and privately burdensome. Take a step back to keep your spirits up and maintain the projects that matter. At the beginning of August, you are agitated by unconscious movements that encourage you to force your way through. You try (on August 19) to reason your impulsiveness and you act in the right direction to widen your perspectives (which will materialize in 2022) without losing control of your nerves. By the end of the season, you regain faith in a project that allows you to thrive and in a vision that takes precedence over any other concerns.

3rd decan (September 14-September 22): don't overdo it!

Your vision of the future seduces the other at the end of June and you rally support and break down resistance. In July, your projects are unanimous if you spare the susceptibility of the other and if you ask his opinion before undertaking what tempts you. Don't try to influence anyone and rely on your charm to make an impression. Don't impose anything, don't dictate your wishes and use your power of persuasion to convince without forcing. One cannot resist your magnetism and you blossom fully in a benevolent climate by fully enjoying the present moment.

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