Virgo, your love horoscope for Fall 2023

Written by Daisy

Do you want to broaden your horizons, change your life, your job, your country? You'll be working hard this autumn to promote your interests, plead and advance your cause? You'll be able to count on your unfailing determination to influence those around you and your undeniable charm to score points. Just make sure you don't try to force your way too much, whether at home or at work. Opt for a strategic, even diplomatic, approach if you hope to achieve your goals without causing unnecessary damage.

Virgo First decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(23rd August to 3rd September)

Love: Reassurance first!

Despite your undeniable power of seduction (between October 9 and 20),you\'ll have to rely on stronger communication (on the 13th, 22nd and 24th) if you hope to influence others and convince them that your vision of the world is worth sharing. However, it may be a little difficult to get the message across, especially in the family around November 10, 23 and 25, when everything you say (propose) is likely to be scrutinized and receive a lukewarm reception. Fortunately, in December, your messages should hit the mark (5th, 11th) and make those you love want to follow you (8th, 18th).

In Relationship

Your magnetism, though at its best, will probably have a little trouble working in October (on the 10th),and you\'ll have to adopt a different strategy to approach and touch a partner who resists your charm. Rely on dialogue and forceful arguments (on the 13th, 22nd, 24th) to break through the other person\'s reticence. It\'s not certain, however, that you\'ll win the day in November. Especially with family and friends, who won\'t be ready to follow you blindly. You\'ll have more chance of hitting the bull\'s-eye in December (8th, 18th).


While you may enjoy an irresistible aura in October (between the 9th and 20th),it won\'t be enough to ensure your success around the 10th, when the other person will need stronger arguments to be won over. If in October you find the words to assure (and reassure),you risk a flop in November, when people will only point out the flaws in your program (10th, 23rd, 25th),but will probably be better inspired in December. You\'ll then have the opportunity to find the rare gem and set sail together for Cytherea (5th, 8th, 11th, 18th).

Social Life: Choose the right strategy!

Don\'t expect to bamboozle your partners, bosses and colleagues in October with mincing about. You\'re sure to flop (on the 10th). On the other hand, if you develop an argument that holds water (on the 13th, 22nd, 24th),you\'re much more likely to achieve your objectives. This autumn, it\'s all about convincing people by relying on your solid firepower and power of conviction. If you avoid unnecessary polemics in November, you should be able to end the season on the right track. Your exalted creativity and ability to motivate your troops will enable you to considerably broaden your horizons and aim high and far in December (8th, 11th, 18th).

Well-being: Efforts to be made.

Saturn is tending to dampen your exchanges a little at present (and since last March). You\'re often obliged to justify your every move so that people will believe you and your relationships will hold up. Autumn will be no exception to the rule, and you may have to make a few efforts to keep your exchanges (especially with your family) afloat. Rely on your ability to elevate debates (especially in December) and hope to end the season on rather than off.

Virgo First decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

In autumn, you\'ll need to redouble your efforts to reassure those around you, who are probably waiting for you to turn the corner. So don\'t spare yourself if you hope to end the year on a high note, in high spirits and why not...over the moon.

Virgo Second decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(4th September to 13th September)

Love: Assets to cultivate.

You\'ll have a way of inspiring crowds at the end of September (on the 25th),and your charm should work wonders in October (on the 22nd),when you\'ll know what to do to communicate your ambitions and broad outlook to others. On the other hand, at the end of the month (28th, 29th) and beginning of November (3rd),avoid imposing your vision of the world on anyone if you wish to continue to inspire and unite. In December, to make others want to believe and follow you, get your messages across gently and avoid over-surprising, which could scare them away (on the 21st).

In Relationship

A season that\'s off to a flying start? You don\'t lack faith or arguments to convey to others your thirst to push back the frontiers of the possible. Whether it\'s a question of embarking together for a far-flung destination or achieving some kind of Holy Grail, you\'ll know how to convince your partner to adhere to your plans. This will probably not be so easy afterwards. At the end of October (28th, 29th),around November 3rd and in December (21st),your overconfidence could make the other person feel they have no choice but to follow you.


Personal radiance at its best and a verve likely to leave a mark on minds and hearts? Take advantage of an auspicious start to the season to get yourself noticed. This is particularly true at the end of September (25th) and in October (22nd),when people will certainly find it hard to resist your enthusiastic arguments and charm. Then be careful not to spoil the party at the end of October (28th, 29th) and in December (21st) by deciding for everyone else, at the risk of people losing interest in you in the end.

Social Life: You're not the only one in charge!

You\'ll enter the season in full ascendancy, boosted by unstoppable glibness and arguments, and endowed with an almost irresistible radiance (September 25, October 22). It\'s enough to make your partners and boss want to take you at your word. Your vision of the world, your enthusiasm and your conquering energy are likely to be emulated. It would be a shame, then, to damage your image at the end of October (28th, 29th) and in November (3rd),by trying to direct operations without sharing. If you do indeed aspire to spread your wings, express your difference and realize ambitions that go beyond the usual corporate frame of reference, you should nevertheless avoid acting in a way that is a little too independent (dictatorial) in the eyes of others.

Well-being: Take it easy!

You\'ll have no shortage of breath, scope or ideas this autumn as you try to broaden your horizons and move up a gear. If the economic climate encourages and protects your initiatives at the start of the season (around September 25 and October 22),then watch out for uncontrolled excesses that could get you into trouble, attract criticism and end up draining your batteries. Particularly at the end of October (28th, 29th) and in December (around the 21st).

Virgo Second decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

It\'s a season that\'s off to a flying start, and promises to be a productive one if you take several precautions. First of all, avoid stepping too deliberately and too often out of line and off the beaten track. Then, keep your voice down. Let\'s hear it...

Virgo Third decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2023

(14th September to 22nd September)

Love: Channel your appetites and ardors!

Think carefully before making any decisions on sentimental matters at the end of September (29th) and avoid squandering your money on desires that will probably be difficult to satisfy in October. You will then tend to act compulsively (on the 9th, 21st). On the other hand, at the end of October (31st),you\'ll have a way of astonishing and seducing people, who\'ll want to follow you on your adventure. You\'ll have the opportunity to experience some powerful moments (on the 6th, 9th, 20th, 22nd),but you\'ll have to be careful not to upset your loved ones too much (on the 11th, 13th). In December, be careful not to confuse the frequency by asking too much of others.

In Relationship

This autumn, the trick is not to overstep the mark. If your partner is willing to be seduced and you have strong arguments and a magnetism likely to make him or her succumb, be wary of a tendency to do as you please at the end of September (29th),in October (9th, 21st) and in November (11th, 13th),at the risk of dampening the other person\'s ardor. Rely on your ardor and aura to take off at the end of October (31st) and in November (6th, 9th, 20th, 22nd),while trying to keep your feet (at least one) on the ground.


If you\'re not lacking in charisma or in the desire to have a good time this autumn, you\'ll have to watch out for a tendency, a little too marked at the end of September (29th) and in October (9th, 21st),to ignore the limits that must not be exceeded if you wish to continue to make an impression on minds and hearts. If you don\'t want to deprive yourself of great moments to savor and strong emotions to share at the end of October (31st) and in November (6th, 9th, 20th, 22nd),avoid playing too much of a free spirit (November 11th, 13th) and calm down your frenzy of pleasure in December.

Social Life: Don't abuse your powers!

If you manage to curb a desire to explode the counters at the end of September (29th) and deploy your verve to good effect on the 30th and at the beginning of October (3rd),will you succeed in channelling a thirst for ever more that could frighten your partners and interlocutors (9th, 21st)? Be careful not to dampen the enthusiasm of those around you at work by showing a self-confidence that could cause others to curb your ardor. So, in November, even if your charm and conquering energy are seductive (on the 6th, 7th, 9th, 17th),don\'t take advantage of your radiance to exert pressure on others, who will inevitably find it excessive.

Well-being: Respect (at least a little) the established codes.

The trick this autumn will be to find a satisfactory balance between your thirst to break with the past, to take on new challenges, even to take risks, and the need to take account of others and their personal needs and aspirations. Whether in the family, in love or at work, this autumn you\'ll have to reconcile your thirst for novelty with the temptation to give in to a certain exuberance and the need to follow (at least from a distance) the standards of those around you.

Virgo Third decan: your advice for for Fall 2023

It\'s shaping up to be a rather hectic season, with no shortage of challenges, and you\'ll have to deal with the aspirations of others if you want to be able to express and assert your own.


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