Virgo, your love horoscope for Spring 2024

Written by Daisy

There's a possibility of steering their destiny differently for some, benefiting from opportunities to change jobs or even to rise in power, while others have to deal with interlocutors and partners who may not necessarily be very attentive to their needs. They must therefore strive to move forward while taking into account limitations that may occasionally frustrate them. Others have reasons to rejoice in sudden openings that allow them to substantially broaden their horizons.

Virgo First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2024

(23rd August to 3rd September)

Love: A bit disconnected!

Undoubtedly, you\'re much more focused on evolving your social and professional situation this spring than dedicating your time to your significant other, your children, or the quest for the perfect match. However, you can rely on Venus between April 5 and 13 to strengthen your desires, sensuality, and also between April 29 and May 7 to ignite your desire to give (or rekindle) more meaning and passion to your love life. Also, count on undeniable seductive power (between May 23 and 31) to pave the way for social success, which could be confirmed around June 3.

In Relationship

It\'s uncertain whether your loved ones will be at the center of your concerns this spring, where your professional world might have to deal with some notable changes. Therefore, make sure to inform your circle that you\'re too occupied to actively participate in family life. Unless the ongoing changes also closely involve your daily life at home! In that case, make sure to involve those you love closely or distantly in your quest for more recognition, visibility, which should materialize around June 3.


Will you really have time to indulge in romance this spring? It\'s doubtful! You probably have too much to manage with a bustling daily life, routine affairs, and a schedule that could evolve very positively towards June 3 to truly find the leisure to surrender to the whirlwind of love. However, count on evident personal radiance to charm those you need to strengthen your career plan. Who knows, you might be able to combine pleasure with utility this spring?

Social Life: Let's move forward!

You\'re not sparing any effort this spring to try to advance your career plan. Some changes now seem inevitable on a daily basis for your activity to progress, for you not to feel left behind! You start the season determined to transform what needs to be transformed to broaden your horizons and expand your room for maneuver (March 21, April 6). Just ensure that the expression of your high ambitions doesn\'t too much offend sensitivities around you (April 21, May 1, and May 17)! This way, you can make a lasting impression by the end of May (May 22, 25) and even more so around June 3, winning points!

Well-being: Maintain your form!

Count on unshakable determination to change things, your vision of how you should approach daily life this spring to actually hope for a transition to a version that better aligns with what you have in mind, thus allowing you to be more in tune with yourself. Just make sure to explain to others and your loved ones your deep motivations, which can only lead to your fullest possible fulfillment.

Virgo First decan: your advice for for Spring 2024

This spring looks active, and you\'ll have to manage it strategically and diplomatically if you want to gather support around your worldview! By early June, you should significantly get closer to your goal!

Virgo Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2024

(4th September to 13th September)

Love: Need for reassurance?

There\'s no room for trifling with love this spring, where the trend seems to lean towards a more serious, thoughtful, even critical apprehension of the relationship! Indeed, you\'re aiming to maintain a strong connection with your partner and are therefore not taking anything lightly around March 21 and 24, where you are keen to give meaning to your exchanges! However, be careful not to be too forceful around April 10! So that by May (7, 13, 28),you can together broaden your horizons! However, be cautious in June not to look down on anyone if you wish to avoid tensions (June 8, 9, 12)!

In Relationship

Saturn expressly invites you to approach your relationship with consciousness this spring to determine if it still holds up, continues to make sense to you! You won\'t hesitate to start a constructive dialogue in March (March 21, 24),but you may risk being a bit too pushy, directive in April (April 10)! You\'ll do everything in your power to elevate the discussions (successfully) in May (May 7, 13, 28),but you may seek to have the last word a bit too much in June (June 8, 9, 12)!


Your attempts to establish a connection won\'t be particularly spontaneous. You\'ll tend to want to test the legitimacy of a relationship that must tick certain boxes to suit you! If you take a step towards the other without too many ulterior motives in March (March 21),you may become a bit more offensive, even critical, in April (April 10)! In May, you\'ll know what to do and what to say to warm up the atmosphere (May 7, 13, 28),but be careful in June not to cool down the exchanges by trying to dominate them, which could displease the other!

Social Life: Exercise tact!

Endeavor at the end of March to show real willingness to cooperate with partners, associates, and interlocutors who will appreciate it (March 21, 24)! Don\'t take advantage of this to try to pressure them in April (April 10)! It would be better to try to elevate the exchanges by proposing to your colleagues, collaborators, or hierarchy to follow you in a path of expansion that is presumably beneficial to all. If you skillfully present things to them in May (May 7, 13, 28),don\'t feel authorized to lead the game without letting others have their say in June (June 8, 9, 12),risking freezing the debates!

Well-being: Don't tense up!

You might have a bit of difficulty being flexible this spring where Saturn might complicate your exchanges with others! Therefore, try to address sensitive topics while leaving openings. This way, you won\'t put too much pressure on those around you who might otherwise become defensive. You might lose popularity, credibility, and also experience some setbacks in energy or morale (in June)!

Virgo Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2024

A spring that you\'ll have to manage with as much consciousness (and gentleness) as possible if you wish to come out on top without leaving too many people behind. Do everything in your power to motivate your troops while avoiding constraining them too much!

Virgo Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2024

(14th September to 22nd September)

Love: It's truly springtime!

You\'ll be eager to bring your loved one into your world full of whimsy at the end of March (March 28) and undoubtedly know how to maintain a close bond with your chosen one (April 3)! You won\'t hesitate to put a little pressure on the other (April 19) so they consent to join you on the adventure, and you can then hope that an unexpected event or decision allows you to obtain what you desire (April 21)! This fortunate springtime conjunction could then confirm a sense of harmony with the other around May 23 and June 3. Just be careful around June 17 and 20 not to ask for too much, risking others to doubt your good intentions?

In Relationship

During spring, you benefit from favorable currents that help strengthen ties with your partner. Sensitive to your proposals, they could be seduced by your enticing and unpredictable invitations. You have the knack for creating exceptional moments for them. Be careful not to overdo it at the end of the season (June 17, 20),risking to appear disconnected from reality.


Whether you\'re single or at the beginning of the season, this spring holds beautiful surprises and fosters intense encounters. Your worldview and ambitions are attractive. Don\'t miss the opportunity for a beautiful story, which could last if you manage (which should be the case around April 21 and May 23) to share your appealing universe. Avoid confusing matters in June by overdoing it!

Social Life: You're followed!

Your charm works wonders at the end of March (March 28),where your bold vision of the world and your actions meet general approval (April 3). Your initiatives and authority surprise, but charm your superiors and colleagues (April 19). An original tone boosted by unexpected events (April 21)? You move forward with confidence and gather support (April 29). With a top rating in May (May 13, 18),you broaden your horizons (May 19, 23). Be careful in June not to overestimate yourself (June 17, 20)!

Well-being: In top form!

You benefit from a favorable situation for your development on all fronts. You have exceptional physical and mental resources, and your environment is loving and attentive. You experience a dynamic season, provided you avoid in June (June 17, 20) feeling like the master of the world!

Virgo Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2024

Fully enjoy this promising spring to score points and perhaps even conquer a few hearts. You have the knack for drawing others into your world and forging unique bonds! It\'s your time to shine!

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