Virgo, your love horoscope for Fall 2022

Written by Daisy

Make sure you channel your gifts well and manage your resources consciously (between September 23 and October 23) to get the most out of the game without spending too much. You can then rely on communication to rally the support of those around you for decisions you will have to take only after consultation. At the end of the season (between November 22 and December 21),you will aspire to live in harmony with your loved ones and mobilize to achieve this.

Virgo First decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(23rd August to 3rd September)

Love: Almost Spring-like Autumn?

Between September 29 and October 7, you will be thirsty to realize your desires as soon as possible. Be careful not to ask for too much immediately (September 26, October 1, and 12)! Venus will favor your communication with your loved ones between October 23 and 31. This is an opportunity to get your messages across gently and rally support for your life proposals, which could be unanimously approved. You will probably take good care of your loved ones between November 16 and 24, when you will be careful to maintain harmony at home. Between December 10 and 18, it\'s time for glamour and seduction. Count on Venus to adorn you with an irresistible aura.

In Relationship

Autumn is favorable to your personal, sentimental, and family blooming. At the beginning of the season, you are well advised to calm down your devouring appetites (end of September, October 7). In that case, you will benefit from a relatively benevolent astral accompaniment likely to relay your wishes. Facilitate exchanges with those around you between October 21 and 31. Favor closeness between you and your loved ones (between November 16 and 24),and exalt your power of seduction then at its peak between December 10 and 18. The ideal moment to rekindle the flame.


Be careful at the beginning of the season, especially at the end of September and around October 7. Don\'t throw too much money down the drain to fulfill your desire. You risk having to tighten your belt afterward. You will have the art and the way of finding the right words to seduce your entourage between October 21 and 31. You take care of your loved ones and thus contribute to their happiness and yours between November 16 and 24. Venus will boost your sex appeal between the 10th and 18th. Ideal conditions to hit the bull\'s eye.

Social Life: Everything To Please!

Until the 28th, Jupiter contributes to the evolution of your relationships with your various interlocutors, your status, and even certain returns on investment (pension, bonus, etc.). However, try not to demand too much from your partners (especially financially) around September 26 and October 7 when you could be found a little too greedy! You will know what to say to convince people between October 23 and November 2. You will have no equal in lighting up the scene and openly expressing your potential and talents. Why not score some points between December 10 and 18. Charming and charming, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to impress the gallery.

Well-being: Rather Good!

Except for a slight tendency to abuse the pleasures of life, to eat, drink, party, and spend your money at the beginning of the season (end of September-beginning of October),nothing should be able to alter your joy of living or your energy. Take advantage of these positive currents to boost your career plan and positively develop your family ties!

Virgo First decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

In complete evolution, you have this autumn of consequent cosmic supports to go forward without having to move the mountains. Take advantage of this to transform what needs to be transformed. Whether at the office or at home!

Virgo Second decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(4th September to 13th September)

Love: Other Priorities!

The daily routine and the burdens of your professional life will mobilize you too much (September 28, 12, October 23) to devote your time to others or your quest for a soulmate. You will have too much to do elsewhere. Be careful in November (5th, 9th) to communicate without offending the sensitivities of those close to you who may not always understand your desire to broaden your horizons. Exchanges could suffer from this (7th, 10th, 11th). You will be more skillful at convincing at the end of the month at the end of November and around December 2, when your charm will operate fully. The ideal moment to get your messages across.

In Relationship

A beginning of autumn where you will not necessarily have time to take care of a partner who will have to be satisfied with crumbs. You will have too much to do without worrying about your love life. However, make sure you communicate as consciously as possible in November to avoid hurting those around you. They could criticize you for prioritizing your personal quest (for more space, freedom, power) and neglecting your family duties a little! You will undoubtedly be a better listener at the end of November and in December (the 2nd).


Autumn will not necessarily be a time of jubilation in love. Too many responsibilities weighing you down daily? You will have to work hard to meet the demanding demands of Saturn, which urges you to work rather than to find that special someone. At least try not to send messages to those you love that could displease them, making them think that they are the last wheel in the cart (in November)! At the end of the season (November 30, December 2),you will be able to revive a benevolent spirit that will allow you to re-launch family debates productively.

Social Life: A Lot Of Work To Do!

This is the area where you will have to work this autumn as Saturn (until December 3) continues to give you a hard time. A final round of constraints, of responsibilities to assume daily. The task will often be arduous but also productive, notably at the end of September (28th) and October (12th, 14th, 23rd). Be careful not to alienate everyone in November by expressing your desire to escape the pressures a little too loudly and clearly! You will regain control with authority at the end of the season (November 28). You should express more openly in December (17th) your desire to push back the frontiers of the possible.

Well-being: One More Effort!

Until December 3, put your last efforts into the battle. Just to keep up and go the distance, to take up the challenge Saturn is throwing at you. Responsibilities and duties in shambles will be a drain on your wings and sometimes your morale. From December 3 onwards, the austere planet will leave you with a freer hand. Take heart in this final stretch. Be particularly careful during the first two weeks of November, which exposes you to misunderstandings and frustration!

Virgo Second decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

This autumn, agree to follow the last injunctions of Saturn, who urges you to fulfill the mission you have been assigned rather than take off without a belt. Just to show him that you have learned your lesson and have not skipped any of your responsibilities;

Virgo Third decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(14th September to 22nd September)

Love: Indian Summer?

Autumn could start hot (September 26, 27) and early October (September 7). Be careful not to spoil this intense trend by giving too much time and space to your professional ambitions. A message that would not necessarily be well received by those around you (on the 12th). In November, the current should flow again between you and the other person. An almost fusional atmosphere will reign in your exchanges and lovemaking. If you give up (on the 19th) on spending all your energy on the professional level, you risk disappointing your partner. In December, avoid the double talk if you want the party to last and harmony to reign at home. Especially with your family (2nd, 4th, 14th).

In Relationship

At the end of September (26th, 27th) and beginning of September (7th),rely on an irresistible aura to rekindle the flame and live intense moments with the one you love. Be careful not to spend too much time at the office (12th) if you do not want your partner to take offense. In November, you\'ll be hovering together at fifteen thousand. Except around the 19th, when your determination to defend your social position could alienate you from the other person who will complain about it. In December, if the current is not so good between you and your loved ones, start by clarifying your intentions towards them.


Take advantage of a hot beginning of the season to attract in your nets which you like (end of September and around October 7)! The atmosphere could become idyllic in November, and a story could begin under these excellent auspices. Just be careful in October (12th) and November (19th) not to spend too much time at the office. This could be interpreted by others as a lack of attention and consideration! In December, if you want the current to flow between you and your loved ones, clear up some of the shady areas that could tarnish the picture in the family.

Social Life: A Striking Force To Be Channeled!

At the end of September and the beginning of October, you will be able to put your talents and potential to good use. Your charm and radiance will certainly encourage recognition from your peers. You will defend your interests with pugnacity (17th). You will boast about your merits (19th, 22nd),but avoid putting pressure on your hierarchy. You risk sowing doubt in the minds of your colleagues (12th). Ditto in November when your energy, arguments, and proposals obviously seduce (the 10th, the 12th, the 13th, the 15th, the 21st). Do not take advantage of it to try to control everything and everybody (the 19th). In December, you will probably devote yourself more to cleaning up your private life than a possible social promotion.

Well-being: Use Your Fuel Wisely!

All season long, Mars dominates your sky and gives you an unshakeable will to assert your power on a professional and social level. Why not, if you are careful not to offend sensitivities around October 12 and November 19. These are periods to be approached consciously to avoid slipping up, upsetting everyone, and spending your precious energies for nothing or even counterproductive.

Virgo Third decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

Between great lyrical flights of fancy and shooting errors, autumn is not always easy to manage. To try to optimize the carrier flows, start by channeling your ambitions. The best approach is to fly over the season \"up\" rather than \"down.\"


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