Virgo, your love horoscope for Spring 2023

Written by Daisy

Be careful not to alienate everyone this spring by trying to realize your ambitions without regard for those around you (private, professional, social) who will not necessarily appreciate your elucidations (May 18). Instead, consider the other person with respect and take into account his or her vision of things before going ahead if you wish to convince him or her of the legitimacy of your initiatives. Otherwise, most of you will have the opportunity to evolve, to move the lines without offending anyone.

Virgo First decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(23rd August to 3rd September)

Love: Don't get too carried away.

You undoubtedly aspire to make your relationships evolve, to experience inspiring and galvanizing emotions in love (and elsewhere),but would be well advised to take into account the reality that surrounds you and a daily life that requires you to remain lucid around May 18. You will certainly be in a better position to balance your exchanges in June (19th) when your relationships will require you to approach them with the utmost seriousness to hope that they will blossom. If Venus invites you to shine in society between April 11 and 19 and to draw ambitious plans on the comet (between May 7 and 16),try to keep your feet on the ground throughout the season.

In Relationship

If you wish to take the other person into your dreams this spring, to make them want to follow you, to look with you in the same direction, make sure that your aspirations remain compatible with everyday life. Daily life and its demands will not fail to call you to order and especially to reason around May 18. Focus on in-depth exchanges with the other person to define what seems to be disconnected from reality. This approach could well serve your sentimental objectives in June (19th).


You think big and do not intend to live in banal and tasteless stories. However, you will have a tendency to ask for too much and to ignore the demands of a daily life that could remind you of your desires (May 18). You may prefer to cut back a little and agree to place a possible recent romance in a less fantasized framework. This will allow you to build a solid relationship with the other person in June (May 19) rather than risk that it will not survive the pressure of daily life this spring.

Social Life: You are not alone in deciding.

You will certainly mobilize without reserve between March 25 and April 14 to launch or (and) concretize a project. There is no question of being idle, but of gathering your energy to accelerate the movement and motivate your troops. But be careful (from May 16 on) that your ambitions do not fly away too far. You could be tempted to force your way through and ignore the needs of your peers (May 18). You will not be allowed to do so and you could be disappointed. It is by taking care to consult those around you and especially by integrating their vision with yours in June that you will best score points in June (May 19).

Well-being: Moderato.

If you are not lacking in punch and determination to achieve your goals this spring, it is perhaps yourself that you should be wary of. In particular, you may be overconfident, which could lead you to overestimate your resources and ignore reality. To avoid falling from a high place, do not take off without a belt or without having first taken the pulse of your daily life and your surroundings, which could otherwise bring you back to earth brutally.

Virgo First decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

To hope to finish the season on the right track, to achieve some of your ambitions, do not neglect to consult the other beforehand to determine if he will accompany you or not and do everything in your power to obtain his approval.

Virgo Second decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(4th September to 13th September)

Love: Inevitable step back at the end of the season.

Some surprising encounters or (and) exotic escapades are to be expected in pleasant company at the end of March (28th, 30th)? Venus could then (between April 19 and 28) contribute to boost your social influence and favor tender projects between May 16 and 26 when you can count on your charm to bewitch whoever you want, to surprise and to make the other person want to follow you to the end of the world (the 26th). At the end of the season (between June 16 and 29),put yourself on pause for a moment. The time to make an objective sorting between essential and superfluous in order to be able to determine what, at the end of the day, seems likely to hold the road or not (or no longer).

In Relationship

A season to be planned rather sheltered from bad weather? This is an opportunity to have a good time with your partner, to embark together on a trip to Cythera (end of March),to shine in society (between April 19 and 28) and to make delicious plans afterwards (between May 16 and 26). This rather pleasant session will not exempt you, however, from June 16 onwards, from starting an in-depth examination of the relationship. This will take some time, but will ultimately prove to be essential to determine if your duo still shares the same values and dreams.


A meeting that \"takes the wind out of your sails\" at the end of March (30th) and the sensation of experiencing something new? If your charm undoubtedly works in society between April 19 and 28, you will then evolve (between May 16 and 26) in an environment conducive to tender exchanges (love, friendship). Count on your power of seduction to attract whoever you like into your nets. You may have to put a few things on hold from June 16 onwards. It will then be a question (from now until September 25) of reflecting on what you really need and want in love.

Social Life: Don't rush into anything.

Projects that motivate you, inspire you and for which you will not hesitate to step up to the plate (between April 14 and May 2). You will then be inclined to innovate, to favor plans that will allow you to broaden your horizons and break with routine. If you feel that your flight is somewhat slowed down from April 21, do not try to force your way through. Discussions should resume in a more fluid manner between May 25 and June 4. However, take the time to fine-tune your plans and strategies at the end of the season (between June 6 and 23). You\'ll be able to make a lasting impression and score points.

Well-being: Replenish your reserves.

Uranus will stop influencing your universe, boosting your ambitions and increasing your desire to change air, to open the hatches from May 28 onwards. A little less shaken at the edges, you will certainly need to rest for a while. Time to recuperate, to reflect on the direction your destiny has taken and to gather your strength to initiate a new cycle of expansion from the end of July onwards, preferably in beauty and form.

Virgo Second decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

A season of possible transition between fulfilled ambitions, changes of trajectory (of life) and a new start that requires you to take a step back? Whether in love or in business, don\'t try to speed up the tempo at all costs this spring.

Virgo Third decan, your horoscope for for Spring 2023

(14th September to 22nd September)

Love: A springtime...springtime.

Are your exchanges with your partner close to perfection? Do you have the feeling that you are evolving in symbiosis with your partner at the beginning of April (7th)? You can also count on your power of seduction to make an impression on people\'s minds (and hearts) between April 28 and May 7, when your magnetic aura could help you plead your case and serve your interests (May 5). However, do not abuse it if you do not want to arouse suspicions around you (May 4) about the nature of your intentions. You will have at heart (between May 26 and June 5) to concretize projects which are important to you and should contribute to your happiness (June 2, 9, 11).

In Relationship

This spring you should evolve in an atmosphere favorable to your personal, sentimental, friendly blooming. If you carefully avoid abusing your charm (May 4, June 19) to get what you want, you should be able to spend the spring on a cloud. Complicit links to hope for with a partner who will seem willing to follow you wherever you want so much he will put you and the relationship on a pedestal (around April 7, 11, May 5, 15, 18, June 2 and 2 and 9).


An ideal season to find the rare pearl? Rely on your undeniable radiance to captivate whoever you please in early April (7th),May (5th, 15th, 18th) and June (2nd, 9th, 11th). On the other hand, be careful not to give too much of an impression to those you covet that you are playing several games at the same time on May 4 and June 19, when your sincerity and/or disinterestedness could be doubted. In any case, you should have more chance this spring of finding your soul mate than of missing out or disappointing her.

Social Life: Opening the hatches?

At the very beginning of the season (until March 25),you will do everything possible to impose yourself on the front of the stage and mark your territory. An offensive Mars will then help you (between May 2 and 20) to realize some projects that are close to your heart (on the 15th?). From May 28 onwards, Uranus will actively aspect your decan, encouraging you to broaden your horizons, to innovate, to stand out from the crowd and even to really get out of the box. This is an opportunity to review your priorities, to change your path, to free yourself from certain limitations that you thought until recently were definitive. A new freedom of thinking and being that could considerably contribute to modify your universe.

Well-being: Rather buoyant flows.

Carried along by cosmic flows that are supportive of your relationships, your initiatives and your desires, you should be able to get through the spring without anything interfering with your desires. Just be careful not to abuse your assets to blur the reality of your intentions (especially in business) and risk darkening such a joyful picture around May 4 and June 19.

Virgo Third decan: your advice for for Spring 2023

You will be surrounded by people who are rather sympathetic to your cause, your relationships and friendships will be in good health and a wind of newness will blow through your life (in a good way). A backdrop to preserve by not abusing your charm or your powers.


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