Virgo: your horoscope for tomorrow

Written by Susan

Your astral forecast

The intervention of a colleague will help you to finish a current project which is proving heavy-going. You will be at your best if you resolutely put the past behind you. You need to excel.



You're going to surreptitiously play at being mediator, but watch out for how people will interpret your actions - be clear.

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Neptune is protecting you and brings you the tenderness your partner is demanding. Now's the time for an in-depth discussion with your partner.

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There is a challenge in the air. You'll have the feeling of being overburdened with decisions to take, so you need to prioritise.

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You'll regret being too tied up today, but it's only passing.

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The moon is in Leo, in position 05 degree(s),43 minute(s): Receptive to appearances, spectacular reactions. Atmosphere of generosity, organisational skills.

First decan

23rd August to 3rd September

Today, the sky strengthens the creative power and makes you want to expose yourself, to raise esteem and recognition. A beautiful wave of energy and creativity is breaking!

Second decan

4th September to 13th September

It is in a bubbling and energetic climate that you will evolve. New initiatives, new contracts, new projects or partnerships, anything is possible, at any time, provided you do not give in to impulsivity.

Third decan

14th September to 22nd September

The astral climate gives you a good dose of enthusiasm and dynamism to move forward and take initiatives. However, do not try to go too fast or do too many things at once because you could make mistakes.

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