Aries, your love horoscope for Summer 2021

Written by Daisy

Love: your priority this summer?

A beginning of the season focused on your own, you show attention to the well-being of the family. From the 27th onwards, you aspire to please yourself, to enhance yourself on a personal level while between late July and mid-August, you serve the community more than yourself. Venus favors exchanges and dialogue between August 16 and September 10. You close the season, endowed with an undeniable magnetism and an insatiable desire to satisfy all kinds of desires (sensual, material, carnal).

1st Decan (March 21-April 1): an almost cloudless summer!

While Venus strengthens your personal radiance between June 27 and July 5, inviting you to test your seductive powers, you then aspire (between July 23 and 30) to manage stewardship and ensure a good level of comfort for yours. Around the 12th and 22nd, you redouble your benevolence and zeal to improve your living conditions and those around you. You keep the dialogue open between August 16 and 24 and you argue to expose a life project that is moving forward slowly but surely, a solid and lasting project. Count on Venus (between September 10 and 19) to reinforce your desire to live moments rich in emotions, even if Saturn exposes you to frustrations: around the 17th, delays, obstacles upset you and force you to revise your projects downwards or to wait.

2nd decan (April 2-11): a summer rather without than with!

The end of spring has upset you and the beginning of summer is hardly more pleasant. You have the feeling of being stuck during the first half of July which exposes you to frustration and does not favor your fulfillment. Between July 30 and August 7, you have a bit of trouble getting what you want, despite your undeniable charm and desire to have fun. Between August 24 and September 2, rely on dialogue to make yourself understood and then on the willingness to work for the well-being of those around you to smooth out exchanges and warm up the atmosphere a bit (on the 7th).

3rd decan (April 12-20): a rather...summery summer!

You start the summer in harmony with your loved ones (June 21, July 15 and 24). From July 28, Jupiter favors the realization (by the end of December) of your projects. You will redouble your efforts in August (10th, 11th) to please everyone and harmonize your family, friends and love relationships. You can hope for a good start to the new year on an emotional level. Count on a complicit dialogue (the 6th, the 20th) to draw up inspiring, exciting plans that will come true for the greatest happiness of those around you and yours.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A summer that smiles on some and shadows others? To make the most of summer's contrasting cosmic flows, ride the wave rather than take it head-on. It's by navigating between the pitfalls that you'll have a good time.


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