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The signs of water and earth always receive the beneficial influxes of Jupiter in Taurus. The latter offers them opportunities, comfort, and, if they wish, the means to free themselves from a paralyzing situation. In the past month, they may have been disappointed with the turn of events. Others may regret being hesitant or missing an opportunity. This month, Jupiter, in Taurus, whose effects are amplified by Uranus, takes on another dimension. Why? Because, on March 13th, it is in Scorpio. At the time, this transfer can destabilize them, because this planetary energy never goes for subtleties. However, and although it is direct and unadorned, it has the merit of making a difference. It helps break the deadlock or get off on the right foot after a period of confusion. From the 23rd, Mercury and the Sun join Mars in Scorpio. Therefore, these effects will be, again, amplified. The first concerned are, of course, the natives of this sign. They are not going to be easy going with those around them. Their decisions will, perhaps, surprise the less seasoned. People who were born under the sign of Taurus are not to be outdone. They will show what they are capable of in the face of these changes, which they refuse as a whole.

As for the signs of air and fire, they can feel helpless or injured because they only benefit from the energies which circulate in Libra. In turn, Mars, Mercury, and the Sun help them find compromises at the right time. They encourage them to create and maintain diplomatic ties with their loved ones, colleagues, customers, or those around them. On the other hand, if they want to go further, they will have to draw inspiration from planetary energies that are not familiar to them. Although Jupiter in Taurus, the planet of evolution and luck, serves the interests of the signs of water and earth, the symptoms of air and fire, can also find their account there.

However, it will require them to adapt to the methods of Taurus. Aries, Sagittarians, and Libras should manage without much difficulty. However, it will be more complicated for the natives of Leo and Aquarius. They will have to accept the Taurine conditions without protesting, even for a moment. In doing so, they will benefit from comfort and stability, which is unusual, of course, but which will prove beneficial to them. Regarding the natives of Gemini, Jupiter in Taurus encourages them to take stock of the past years by being pragmatic.

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