Aquarius's horoscope for January 2024

Written by Daisy

Aquarius: Astral Climate for January 2024

Don't rush into anything, take the time to learn from the past before launching a new cycle of expansion that begins on your birthday. If you have a project in mind or in your heart, do everything in your power to ensure that it blossoms under the best possible conditions. Don't make any financial commitments you can't keep.

Aquarius: Mood for January 2024

You deploy your energies in the shadows, you want to free yourself from codes and systems that hold you back. Particularly in the family, where you're dreaming of imposing the new rules you're starting to put across.

Aquarius: Love for January 2024

You're working out strategies to help your family evolve on a private level. If you would like to escape certain family-related behaviours, or even take to the open sea, you can count on the energies of this month to encourage your manoeuvres, which for the moment are being carried out in the shadows.
As a couple: you're developing plans to change what needs to be changed in your family and finally find your true place in it, allowing you to be fully yourself.
Single: you're working behind the scenes to get your people to admit that it's time to let you breathe

Aquarius: Money for January 2024

You need funds to set up somewhere else, to redistribute family roles more equitably. Rely on your sense of strategy rather than force to obtain them.

Aquarius: Work for January 2024

You're mobilized by a family situation that needs to be reviewed and corrected, and you don't have much time to get involved in other areas. Take care of the housekeeping, do what's necessary to keep things running smoothly at work, while keeping your hands free to devote yourself to your personal projects.

Aquarius: Leisure for January 2024

January invites you to act discreetly but effectively. To manage a sensitive transition in full possession of your resources, give yourself a break from time to time.

Aquarius: Key dates for January 2024

-On 1er : beware of financial commitments you're not sure you'll be able to keep, as Saturn asks you to substantially reduce your room for manoeuvre.
-On the 10th: you're longing to develop as a family, to change where you live or to enjoy more space for personal fulfillment. A need for fresh air that others must accept. You'll be working behind the scenes to unblock a financial plan that's meeting with resistance.
-On the 12th: you move forward with a view to improving living conditions with your family. Your initiatives pay off and enable you to realize a project.
-The 19th: Negotiations are being conducted discreetly but effectively. Don't try to confuse those close to you in order to obtain funds or their support.
-The 29th: Well-channelled emotions and good intentions serve your cause. You will rally the support of those close to you around a project that concerns everyone and makes everyone happy.

Aquarius: Advice for January 2024

It's a month in which you'll be on a tight schedule, even if you're working discreetly to achieve your goals. To make progress between now and the end of January, put yourself under pressure, but not too much.

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