Leo's horoscope for January 2024

Written by Daisy

Leo: Astral Climate for January 2024

You want to evolve, to break with a past that holds you back, and opportunities present themselves to achieve these goals. If you don't ask for too much, if you don't confuse desires with fantasies, you'll manage to broaden your horizons and steer your destiny in the right direction.

Leo: Mood for January 2024

There's no question of stagnating, but rather of taking action to move towards greater autonomy and room for manoeuvre. You're not afraid of anything, and you'll see your battle through, even if it means losing security.

Leo: Love for January 2024

Venus reinforces your charisma and your desire to love, but you also want to evolve professionally, and even more broadly in terms of your destiny. You're breaking away from an environment and behaviours that have shackled you for a long time.
As a couple: you're freeing yourself from the constraints that were hindering the expression of your personal will, you have little time to devote to each other and your priority is to get on with your life.
Single: Venus exalts your radiance, but you're more likely to be working to free yourself from constraints that were holding you back.

Leo: Money for January 2024

You need the energy to dare more than the money to secure your foundations. Your priority is not to amass money, but to break the moorings.

Leo: Work for January 2024

You need to renew yourself socially, to open doors, to free yourself from habits that end up alienating you. Count on your determination to achieve your goals to gain freedom and change your register, your work, even your life.

Leo: Leisure for January 2024

You're showing great energy, which you'll use to change your methods, objectives and goals. If you have any fuel left, distract yourself by changing your habits too.

Leo: Key dates for January 2024

-On the 1ster : some disappointments and frustrations are to be expected in your desire to fully enjoy the present moment and assert your ego. You have to deal with limitations that force you to reduce your expectations.
-On the 10th: you're determined to evolve, to change course, to change your life. Rely on your hard work to achieve your goals, without forgetting to serve the common good.
-On the 12th: there's no stopping you, as you make the most of your assets to grow in power, even in rank.
-The 19th: your negotiating skills and efficiency help you to make a lasting impression. If you're aiming for a raise, a promotion or an improvement in your situation, this is the time to act and demand. But avoid overestimating your powers.
-The 29th: Your willingness to cooperate and collaborate bears fruit and earns you well-deserved recognition. Some don't hesitate to go for it, even if it means breaking with tradition.

Leo: Advice for January 2024

It's an active, dynamic and invigorating month, during which you'll work hard to move on, renew your life in depth and turn over a new leaf.

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