Scorpio's horoscope for January 2024

Written by Daisy

Scorpio: Astral Climate for January 2024

Don't ask for too much to get the best out of yourself, and avoid putting pressure on others. You're more likely to seduce and retain someone if you get your message across gently. You'll attract attention, but don't approach anyone in any way that might appear interested.

Scorpio: Mood for January 2024

You don't want to follow the herd. You're brimming with daring ideas that everyone can get behind. Rely on your imagination to amaze and seduce, to make others want to team up with you.

Scorpio: Love for January 2024

You respect your partner's autonomy to positively renew an ongoing affair or start a new one, with the assurance of not being invaded by the chosen one or invading his or her space. Everything you need for a carefree first month of the year.
As a couple: you're on good terms with your partner, who appreciates your freedom of movement. This is the best strategy to spice up your relationship and give it new life.
Single: there's no question of locking yourself into a relationship that's too fusional and the other person has the same desire as you. Take the opportunity to start a relationship without excessive constraints.

Scorpio: Money for January 2024

You want to escape routine and offer something different. Whether in love or in business, you're eager to open new doors. You just have to hope that your stewardship will follow.

Scorpio: Work for January 2024

You're never short of ideas to surprise your partners and contacts, who love your unusual proposals. Take advantage of your hectic mind to make original associations and escape from routine. Your joint initiatives revitalize everyone's world.

Scorpio: Leisure for January 2024

You love to socialize with those around you, as long as they welcome your crazy ideas or make you tempting proposals for a break from routine or a change of scenery.

Scorpio: Key dates for January 2024

-The 1er : thwarted desires, unfulfilled appetites. If you ask for too much, you risk ending the day hungry. Channel your demands to escape frustration.
-On the 10th: you and your partner are very close and appreciate the fact that you leave them free to make their own choices. Only then will they agree to follow you. Use your powers of conviction to reassure them and overcome any reservations they may have.
-On the 12th: no one can resist your forceful arguments, and you have no difficulty persuading a partner or associate to join you in an adventure.
-The 19th: rely on your humor and eloquence to bring people together. You'll sign an advantageous contract or make an emotional commitment. But be realistic.
-On the 29th: you're in a delightful mood, communicating on the same frequency with those around you who are under your spell. Some of you will take advantage of this to engage in stimulating exchanges.

Scorpio: Advice for January 2024

January helps you to renew your behaviors, dust off your relationships and install a different way of relating to the world. Work to bring a little fantasy into your life.

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