Gemini's horoscope for January 2024

Written by Daisy

Gemini: Astral Climate for January 2024

As the preparatory phase of a new cycle draws to a close, you're making your existence evolve according to your expectations, but for the time being, you're still operating in the shadows. While most of you are succeeding in laying solid foundations for what's yet to come, others are having to entertain pipe dreams, at the risk of disappointment and setbacks.

Gemini: Mood for January 2024

Determined to use your sense of strategy and your discreet but effective strike force, you have no time to dabble with love. Make the most of these assets to evolve while remaining open to others.

Gemini: Love for January 2024

Venus favors exchanges and encounters and invites you to take a step towards the other, but you hardly have time to coo, you're acting to free yourself from the weight of a past that's holding you back.
As a couple: you're attentive to your partner, but you're also busy with some internal housework that's visible on the outside.
Single: you'll need to be a good listener to win people over. Even if you're busy with inner work. The time to move on seems near.

Gemini: Money for January 2024

If you need funds to finalize the preparation of a new cycle, you deploy your talents and powers to influence your banker and he is tempted to respond positively to your solicitations.

Gemini: Work for January 2024

You use your experience to make events evolve to your advantage, and astutely direct operations. You are particularly effective, and your well-targeted initiatives achieve their goals.

Gemini: Leisure for January 2024

There's no time for fun, but if you do manage to get away from it all for a while, opt for playful activities that appeal to your racing mind.

Gemini: Key dates for January 2024

The 1er : if you keep listening to others, if the current doesn't necessarily flow, especially at work, in society where people expect you to prove yourself and assume your responsibilities.
The 10th: barriers begin to fall. You mobilize to convince your hierarchy that you are up to the task assigned to you.
On the 12th: you're deploying a great deal of firepower and a sense of strategy that's paying off and earning you a few successes that you're quietly savoring for the time being.
19th: Negotiations are moving in the right direction, and your arguments are bearing fruit. But don't fool people by presenting objectives that many find unattainable. You risk being distrusted.
The 29th: You express your sensuality in the privacy of your bedroom. Rely on your energy to unblock difficult situations.

Gemini: Advice for January 2024

You'll want to put your sense of strategy to good use, clearing the way for a new start next summer. It's up to you to play your cards right.

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