Virgo's horoscope for February 2021

Written by Daisy

February has the best and worst in store for us. For some, the possibility to surpass themselves and spread their wings. For others, the need to make concessions and endure an unpleasant feeling of frustration. But for all, the opportunity to grow and gain maturity by making the most of temporarily thwarted hopes or stepping stones towards a full expression of their abilities. If everyone accepts what is, no one will end the month on edge.

Virgo: Love horoscope for February 2021

Love: Duties to be Fulfilled?

You look after the well-being of your entourage, and you take care of your loved one. You manage the stewardship and act with benevolence. Take care that your sense of service is not short-circuited by a thirst for assertiveness or recognition or by personal ambitions that create tension. Starting on the 25th, Venus invites you to take a step towards the other, Virgo, and listen to those you love to find a compromise between your needs and those of others.

1st decan (August 23rd - September 3rd): Bound Hand and Foot!

Saturn makes you feel like you can never do enough. You want to please everyone. You do your best, but you find it hard to repress your desire to escape from a life that oppresses you. The tension is palpable between your personal wishes and your responsibilities that keep you under pressure around the 7th and 17th. You feel deprived of your freedom and forced to follow the path marked out by Saturn, which keeps you in line and at the community's service.

2nd decan (September 4th - September 13th): Everything (or almost everything) to Please!

You are tense in the face of day-to-day management. You hold your ambitions high. Calm down because the celestial climate is favourable to your development. Happy events fill you with love or family. The economic situation offers you happiness on a platter. Of course, you should not prioritize your personal interests but surf on a wave of festivities that satisfy your desire for a harmonious daily life. Have a good time and share your happiness with those around you.

3rd decan (September 14th - September 22nd): Not Your Top Priority!

You have no shortage of ideas for managing stewardship and helping your loved ones. The New Moon on the 11th invites you to remain at the community's service (family, team). But you do not appreciate giving up your ambitions. A sense of frustration blurs the frequency between you and others (the 19th). You work to promote your interests at the end of the month (the 25th).

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

You are conditioned to serve the community and care for others. Don't shy away from the task and focus on meeting the needs of those around you to make room for your own wishes to come true.

Virgo: The thread of the month for February 2021

The First Week,

The 1st, you aspire to assert your ambitions. Still, you are asked to cooperate, and angry and frustrated feelings are difficult to manage. The 6th, to soften the constraint, you show an excellent willingness to cooperate and smooth over the saturnal angles that require you to obey more than to choose. The 7th, risk of explosion: you find it hard to contain your impatience. Try to curb your anger so as not to end the day too frustrated.

The Second Week,

The 8th, you effectively manage stewardship and a job you're tired of. The 10th, you're tempted to reel yourself up against charges that deprive you of your freedom of movement. Patience, your time will come, but for the moment, you must agree to bend. The 11th, opportunities to be distinguished, valued, appreciated, and promoted. A day rich in fulfilling events: the New Moon encourages you to roll up your sleeves and comply. The 13th, morale is high, and the day is golden. The 14th, morale is high, and energy is high, enough to reach an ideal in love, business, and relationships favoured by the elements.

The Third Week,

The 17th, prepare yourself to have to endure frustrating annoyances. You feel deprived of freedom. To push back the boundaries of the possible, wait a little longer. The 19th, show goodwill so that you don't end the day disappointed by those who stand in your way. The 21st, if you had the impression that your activities and your daily management were dragging on, you now regain a particular fluidity of movement.

The Fourth Week,

The 25th, you act productively and openly express your power over matter and your thirst to create. Freely manifest your desire to progress and enlarge your horizons. Let yourself go, but start by exchanging with the other about what really drives you. The 27th, the Full Moon illuminates your sign and places you in the front line. Take advantage of this opportunity to situate yourself well in front of the other. So that you don't come after everyone else while listening to the other person.

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