Cancer's horoscope for February 2021

Written by Daisy

February has the best and worst in store for us. For some, the possibility to surpass themselves and spread their wings. For others, the need to make concessions and endure an unpleasant feeling of frustration. But for all, the opportunity to grow and gain maturity by making the most of temporarily thwarted hopes or stepping stones towards a full expression of their abilities. If everyone accepts what is, no one will end the month on edge.

Cancer: Love horoscope for February 2021

Love: Nothing Trivial!

Economic conditions are changing your view of emotional or social relationships. You are experiencing a profound transformation in your interactions with the outside world. Jupiter encourages you to make a difference, Cancer, Saturn demands that you take the time to restructure your relationships to meet your new needs. Some will be abandoned, others will end on their own. A period of purification of your relationships is looming. Count on Venus to warm up the atmosphere, rekindle the flame, or experience a torrid idyll.

1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): More Effort!

Uranus makes you want to live elsewhere or otherwise and redefine your vision of the future. You may get angry when faced with individual blocks that prevent you from realizing your projects. A story to finish or a dispute to settle. You have to deal with the desire to emancipate yourself from the ties that have bound you together and the reality that requires time to close what needs to be completed before moving on to something else. The tension is palpable around the 7th and17th. You are chomping at the bit and must cooperate with Saturn, who is urging you to complete the work of mourning (symbolic or real).

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): Your Emotional Forecast: Hot, Even Tropical!

Don't try to force your way through. It will cause arguments. Otherwise, happiness and opportunities to improve your life are the results. With an irresistible magnetism, you experience a flashback, a torrid encounter, or an emotionally beneficial change. Take advantage of this opportunity to regain your self-confidence and change things as harmoniously as possible.

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): Other Priorities?

You are discussing a relational change that seems inevitable. If the exchanges have been dragging on since January, they will resume on the 21st. In the meantime, avoid bickering with those around you about your projects. Put your energy into transforming the bond to end a functioning that was stifling the relationship. Rebuild on better foundations or break up, but wisely.

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During change, take things in order and don't get too excited if there are obstacles or delays along the way. For your future to open up in a fulfilling way, forget the past and embrace what happens without a drag.

Cancer: The thread of the month for February 2021

The First Week,

The 1st, if your projects are thwarted by events beyond your control, think about and agree to face your responsibilities. You'll get out of a conflict of power or interest. The 6th, if you are experiencing emotional difficulties or grieving on an emotional level. Venus and Saturn actualize what needs to be transformed to make room for something else. The 7th, if you aspire to freedom or a different future, you must break with the past. It is essential to move on to something else.

The Second Week,

The 8th, debates go around in circles. You are still waiting before restarting them more productively. In the meantime, don't get too excited and be patient. The 10th, you raise your voice if your wishes are not granted or if you are faced with obstacles and duties to fulfill. Beware of outrageous words that do not solve anything. The 11th, happy events and good surprises: love and abundance warm the atmosphere. The New Moon invites you to transform what needs to be altered to change your life. The 13th, tender, even passionate exchanges, incandescent flashbacks, torrid encounters, or gains that strengthen your income: every negotiation is conducted to your advantage. The 14th, put your energy into an ideal that will broaden your horizons and even push back the boundaries of the possible.

The Third Week,

The 17th, you face the austere Saturn, which blocks your plans. Do not embark on the adventure without having cleared your schedule. The 19th, the frustration of your desires, makes you force your way through. Beware of the consequences of your overzealousness or abuse of power. The 21st, the exchanges that have been slowed down since January are relaunched and will soon come to a successful conclusion.

The Fourth Week,

The 25th, constructive energies make your exchanges with your emotional, social, or professional relationships evolve. You have a broad perspective that helps you accept your audacities and support your ambitions. The 27th, the Full Moon puts communication at the forefront of the exchanges. You find agreements.

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