2024 horoscope for Leo

Written by Daisy

The cosmos demands that you change, either internally or externally, and you know it's time to break away from conditions inherited from the past. Your approach to relationships must evolve, and you wonder why you always encounter the same kind of person. Whether it's through a meeting, introspection, or a breakup, you can't avoid this necessity. If the change is social or professional, don't hesitate to take risks and face challenges to open yourself up to new and rejuvenating perspectives.

Leo First decan, your 2024 horoscope

(23rd July to 2nd August)

In 2024, Pluto urges you to reconsider your relationships. Stop always maintaining the same ties and correct what needs to be in your interactions to live them more peacefully and constructively. Since 2023, Saturn has shaken some structures you thought were unalterable; it will stop influencing your decan starting March 1st. It's time to see life differently. Jupiter (until February 21st) offers you the opportunity to evolve and promotes your flourishing between May 26th and July 9th.

Love: Necessary overhaul of the bond!

Saturn forced you to let go of the past. Until March 1st, it continues to clear space while Pluto exposes you to significant transformations within your couple and, more broadly, relationally. A love crisis, a significant meeting, or a question leads you this year to study the subject. Jupiter (between May 26th and July 9th) supports the conception of certain projects (a baby, a new move) that solidifies your duo or allows you to lead someone into thrilling adventures. This influence is active around June 3rd. Your attentive listening earns you some love success between February 16th and 24th. Venus favors tender prospects between May 23rd and 31st and endows you with irresistible charm between July 11th and 19th. You spoil your loved ones between September 23rd and October 1st and seduce whoever you want between October 17th and 26th to end the year in harmony with the other (between December 7th and 15th).

Social Life: Promotion on the horizon!

Last year, Saturn exposed you to losses (real or symbolic). You can breathe from March 1st, as the stern planet stops attacking you. Jupiter (until February 21st) promotes your professional expansion with beneficial proposals, a deserved promotion, or opportunities to evolve elsewhere or differently. From May 26th to July 9th, Jupiter returns and encourages you to make grand plans; embark on the adventure to persuade associates, partners, and clients to follow you. Around June 3rd, a large-scale plan begins to take shape. Mars boosts your daily activity between January 4th and 17th, giving you great determination to make an impression (between February 13th and 26th). You assert your ambitions between April 30th and May 13th and make a mark in high places between June 9th and 22nd. You charge ahead between July 20th and August 4th to defend your projects and get the support of those you need to take action between November 4th and January 6th, 2025.

Well-being: Less pressure!

Saturn removed everything from your life that no longer serves your evolution; it moves away in early March 2024. Pluto asks you to reconsider your approach to relationships, and you will do so this year. Jupiter boosts your morale with pleasing projects. Between September 4th and 22nd, take the time to rejuvenate and avoid excesses between November 4th, 2024, and January 6th, 2025, or risk losing a lot of energy.

Leo First decan: Your advice for 2024

Pay attention to the nature of the ties you've always maintained with others. To last or enrich, you need to evolve and meet new demands. Seize all opportunities to rise in rank and launch large-scale projects between May 26th and July 9th, with a high chance they'll work around June 3rd and receive the support you hoped for.

Leo Second decan, your 2024 horoscope

(3rd August to 13th August)

If you have oriented your destiny under the pressure of external events, you make the changes by mid-March 2024. Some structures of your life are crumbling. Saturn invites you to evolve your principles through mourning (real or symbolic); you feel the need to review your priorities. Fortunately, Jupiter (between February 21 and April 13) promotes your social expansion and the conception of projects that inspire you (between July 9 and September 10, then between November 6 and April 24, 2025),with a few challenges to face.

Love: don't take anything lightly?

Your values evolve in 2024. Material problems or various obstacles stand in your way, and you go through some turmoil during a second semester that slows you down. Consider these warnings. If certain exciting projects occupy you, build them on solid ground, not on wind, as your decisions weigh on your family and emotional life. Venus enhances your radiance between January 7 and 15. You redouble your attention to the other between February 24 and March 3 and aim to bring them into your world between May 31 and June 9. Rely on your charisma (between July 19 and 27) to attract attention and on your goodwill (between October 1 and 9) to earn the favor of your loved ones. No one can resist your magnetism between October 26 and November 3, and you maintain harmonious exchanges at the end of the year (between December 15 and 24).

Social Life: Keep a cool head!

Since 2020 and until March 13, 2024, Uranus has encouraged some to change their path, break with the past, and free themselves from heavy chains. You want to evolve in your way and benefit (between February 21 and April 13) from opportunities to secure a position you like and open up to more attractive new perspectives. Jupiter clears paths for building your future and persists between July 9 and September 10, then between November 6 and April 25, 2025. The giant planet suggests you develop a promising project. Secure your funding sources well before starting. Saturn exposes you to losses or potential restrictions; do not commit without notice to avoid setbacks that would delay the realization of your plans (August 19 and December 24); watch your step.

Well-being: anticipate some slowdowns!

Uranus (until March 13) and Jupiter (from February 21 to April 13, from July 9 to September 10, then from November 6 to April 24, 2025) provide you with creative energy that encourages your initiatives. But Saturn disrupts during the second semester. Around August 19 and December 24, it instructs you to assume your responsibilities.

Leo Second decan: Your advice for 2024

2024 encourages initiatives; face challenges around August 19 and December 24 to manage blockages, losses, or setbacks that hinder your projects. Accept difficulties because it's by standing firm that you will succeed in building on solid ground, considering the future with serenity, better equipped to build a future that stands the test of time.

Leo Third decan, your 2024 horoscope

(14th August to 22nd August)

Count on Uranus from 13 March to change direction, job, or even your life. You feel compelled to break away due to external events that push you out of your comfort zone; you feel the need for renewal in 2024 (around 21 April and 23 May). A new destiny emerges.

Love: minimum service?

In 2024, your work leaves you little respite. You adapt to unexpected changes, or you initiate a process to free yourself from shackles that stifle your creativity. There's little time and space left for you to indulge in love. You are occupied by offers that engage you, but Venus boosts your charisma (between 15 and 23 January) and favors commitments (between 3 and 11 March). You have a plan in mind between 9 and 17 June and shine between 27 July and 5 August. You are attentive to your loved ones' needs between 9 and 17 October, eager to please and to love (between 3 and 11 November),and you reach out to them, listening to them between 24 December and 3 January 2025.

Social Life: in full swing!

Uranus (from 13 March) shakes you up, aiming to awaken you and make you leave well-trodden paths. It makes you realize your desire to try something new, to break with old patterns. It nudges you out of your comfort zone around 21 April when an unexpected opportunity to change direction or job tempts you. By 23 May, you feel in tune with your choices. You act between 10 and 23 March, find the energy to push yourself further between 26 May and 9 June, and make your presence felt in higher places between 6 and 20 July. Determined to embody your projects (between 19 August and 4 September),you refine your plans between 11 October and 4 November.

Well-being: no respite!

Uranus keeps you under pressure this year. Events hasten and compel you to change, evolve, and take risks around 21 April when circumstances demand your utmost strength. Try (between 11 October and 4 November) to take the time to breathe, rejuvenate, and continue your momentum in 2025.

Leo Third decan: Your advice for 2024

Now's the time to leap around 21 April and 23 May, reorienting yourself more to your liking. Uranus encourages you to dare, and the circumstances guide your evolution. Risks are involved, but they're worth it.

Leo your 2024 horoscope, month after month

January 2024

your willingness to help impresses many; this cooperative mindset might turn things in your favor.

February 2024

your contribution to community happiness earns praise, but don't use this as leverage over your superiors.

March 2024

your strategies work, but don't jeopardize your success by imposing your views and ideas on superiors or legal authorities.

April 2024

the new moon on the 8th encourages you to assert your ambitions; plead your case without pressuring anyone.

May 2024

you progress and subtly influence those who can release funds or remove barriers for you.

June 2024

attractive projects are stalled. Operating discreetly, advancing behind the scenes is your best approach.

July 2024

move your pieces on the board discreetly, seek out those who advocate for your interests behind the scenes, but keep convincing them without letting up.

August 2024

your projects progress, and your dedication to their realization intensifies. However, you must deal with a challenging and frustrating situation that dampens your enthusiasm.

September 2024

the new moon on the 3rd invites you to exploit your full potential without being overly greedy and by proceeding discreetly.

October 2024

you ensure the safety of your home, but your words and actions could upset or escalate family tensions (and elsewhere).

November 2024

you solidify your foundations and reassure your relatives about your financial status, but you are frustrated by limited resources.

December 2024

you wish your projects would take off, but there are obstacles in your way. Although your prospects brighten, for now, your hopes hit a wall.

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