2022 horoscope Leo

Written by Susan

The dissonance between Uranus and Saturn installs a climate of tension in your loves. It slowly dislocates the past and its habits. You feel that you will be forced to go ahead, but what you may be bothered about is the lack of opportunity or ease. Early May, Venus in Aries inspires you with a liberating a-ha moment. At the end of the month, Mars comes to the rescue. The belief that things have to change is obvious. In summer, with Venus in your sign, you no longer content yourself with a distant love. If you manage things with finesse, your loves find a new youthfulness.

Leo, your Social life

You start the year with the feeling of being out of place, but without having a solution or another perspective. Despite this, you hold on, while trying to force through in order to advance. Between May 11th and October 28th, the passage from Jupiter to Aries offers you the possibility to change things through an opportunity. In June, with Mars in Aries you have the motivation and the resources to make everything happen without wasting time. In summer, you do not have elbow room, but everything works as soon as the school year starts.

Well-being for the Leo

Until June, a latent weariness thwarts your motivation. Detaching yourself from certain constraints is laborious. During the first part of the year, you do not need to force yourself, because that would not lead you anywhere. If you want to take back up a hobby or a sport, the summer period is more beneficial for you. However, it is likely that you are busy with something else, more important.

Leo: Your advice for 2022

Change is coming this year! However, if you want things to happen, show some finesse and tact in your negotiations.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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