2023 horoscope for Scorpio

Written by Daisy

Your exchanges and attachments will require your full attention in 2023. You must analyze what, from your childhood, your family conditioning, influences your present life and gangrenes your family relationships. Your relationships are questionable and you must dig into the subject to learn valuable lessons and move in the right direction. If your relationship is solid, it should be able to withstand the bad weather and evolve according to new criteria more in line with your thirst for autonomy. If you meet someone you like, it is not a question of merging but of walking side by side. Count on Jupiter until May 16 to multiply the opportunities to improve your daily life (in your family, at work) and then to favor your social life, exciting encounters, associations and advantageous contracts.

Scorpio First decan, your 2023 horoscope

(24th October to 3rd November)

2023 pushes you to examine the nature of your family ties, to mobilize yourself, to make a necessary metamorphosis, to get rid of the useless conditioning that pollutes your existence and to finally be fully yourself. From March 7 onwards, you will feel a little lonely, and you will need to probe your heart and your attachments to determine if they satisfy your thirst for the essential. Jupiter multiplies the opportunities to act usefully until February 20 and favors associations from May 16 to July 5 and from November 6, 2023 to February 21, 2024.

Love: Your priority

The conjuncture urges you (from March 7, 2023) to examine your functioning in love. Do you feel loved the way you want to be? Are your attachments sincere or are you repeating the same unconstructive patterns in love? These questions are a bit of a drag on the atmosphere, especially since from March 23 to June 11, Pluto will encourage you to look deep within yourself for what is blocking you. Count on Jupiter to favor creative exchanges from May 16 to July 5 and from November 6, 2023 to February 21, 2024. These are two periods when you will get closer to the other person to communicate better. Venus exalts your desire for harmony at home from January 3 to 11 and your power of seduction from January 27 to February 4. You take a step towards the other from March 16 to 25 and you make the link evolve from May 7 to 16. You involve friends and family in your inspiring projects from October 9 to 20 and launch a new emotional cycle from December 4: you shine with all your lights.

Social Life: Rigor required

Saturn will influence your creativity from March 7. There is no question of giving free rein to your talents, but rather of channeling them so that they fit into the boxes. You are required to follow a method, to silence your imagination and concentrate on the basics. You may not appreciate the exercise, but it is a necessary step and a guarantee of reliability in the eyes of those in charge. Count on Jupiter (until February 20) to exalt your desire to serve the common cause. This disposition allows you (from May 16 to July 5 and then from November 6 to February 21, 2024) to make interesting contacts, even to associate yourself with prestigious partners. You will appreciate a relative sobriety that inspires confidence (around June 19). You assert your ambitions from March 25 to April 14 and impose your will from May 20 to June 6. You defend a project that inspires you from July 10 to 26 and you move forward from October 12. You end the year determined to be recognized for your performance (November 24 to December 8).

Well-being: Reinforcement

Between Pluto urging you to explore your origins to get rid of what's weighing you down and Saturn restraining your spontaneity, you're facing some minor slumps in 2023. But Jupiter will support your energies until February 20. This contribution of fuel allows you to go the distance and to connect favorably with the world around you from May 16 to July 5 and from November 6 to February 21, 2024.

Scorpio First decan: Your advice for 2023

A rather demanding year but one that helps you to make transformations in your family and private world. You will not make any concessions to anyone, but you will seek to understand what is standing in your way so that you can resolve what is sticking in your way and integrate it into your history, draw a line under the past and evolve in a more constructive way.

Scorpio Second decan, your 2023 horoscope

(4th November to 13th November)

Uranus energizes your social and relational life. But, in 2023, the free electron of the zodiac is no longer constantly blocked by Saturn which was holding back its influence. You will meet stimulating people and make unusual contacts without being burdened by family responsibilities and burdens. Jupiter (from February 20 to April 4) urges you to seize opportunities to improve your condition and (from July 5 to November 6) to reap the benefits in the form of a promising emotional or social commitment.

Love: A whirlwind

Count on a clear sky this year to fully enjoy an atmosphere full of surprises and novelty. If Uranus invites you to open up to relationships that push you out of your comfort zone, it can also, if your duo is fragile, destabilize the bond and push you to break it. In 2023, you must integrate elements into your relationship life that challenge your habits. Count on Jupiter to encourage cordial understanding and closeness (July 5 to November 6). If you break up, the breakup will be amicable. Venus (January 11 to 19) invites you to take care of your loved ones, exalting your power of seduction (February 4 to 12). From March 25 to April 2, you will listen to the other person's desires and work to enrich the bond (May 16 to 26). Love and your social relationships are at the heart of your concerns from June 16 to 29 and from August 14 to September 25. Exciting projects are in the air (October 20-29),so get ready to launch a new cycle of sentimental expansion starting December 13.

Social Life: Numerous requests

Since 2021, you feel torn between a professional life that is becoming more and more animated and a private life that is weighing you down a bit. Saturn stops burdening you with heavy responsibilities and leaves the field open for meetings and associations that bring significant changes in your life and your social ties. If you aspire to spice up your life, you won't be disappointed. Jupiter brings new opportunities for evolution and you will take advantage of them from February 20 to April 4. The giant planet then offers you some opportunities to associate, to sign a contract, even to make prestigious contacts from July 5 to November 6. Mars accelerates the movement from January 30 to March 3. You push your limits from April 14 to May 2 and assert yourself from June 6 to 23. You will defend your projects with ardor from July 26 to August 11 and you will refine your strategies from September 12 to 27 to go for it from October 26 to November 6.

Well-being: Recharge your batteries to ensure

A hectic social life awaits you and requires your commitment, investment of time and energy. You enjoy this stimulating climate and are constantly adapting to new things. Take time to recharge your batteries. Since 2021, you have had to deal with an outside life that is opening up and a private life that is keeping you in check. In 2023, the doors are opening, so don't forget to take some time off (September 12-27) to better evolve in full possession of your means when opportunities arise.

Scorpio Second decan: Your advice for 2023

Take advantage of the energies that push you toward others to adopt new habits that should prove productive and rewarding. Uranus is inviting you to make new connections, to breathe a little fresh air into those who matter. You should be able to distinguish between relationships that are exciting but may be short-lived and solid ties that evolve and renew themselves to last. It's up to you to discern between the essential and the superficial.

Scorpio Third decan, your 2023 horoscope

(14th November to 22nd November)

You will question the nature of the links you have with those around you in order to draw valuable lessons from them and settle recurring problems that pollute your exchanges. From March 7, Saturn will leave you alone. You can finally breathe more freely. From May 28 (until December 10),Uranus provokes the need to regain more autonomy, to associate yourself only on condition that the freedom of each one is preserved. Count on Jupiter (from April 4 to May 16) to offer you opportunities to warm up the atmosphere in your daily life.

Love: Need for air

Saturn has recently confronted you with heavy family burdens. In 2023, Uranus (from May 28 to December 10) will change the situation by suggesting that you review the way you establish your life together. You will no longer have to endure, to conform to the rules that bind you. You are emancipating yourself, claiming more autonomy in your relationships with others. You want to meet new people, to make new acquaintances who will renew your vision of the world. You will be able to get your message across smoothly to your family (January 19-27) and your power of seduction (February 12-20) will make you experience strong moments in love. Listening to others (April 2 to 11),your relationship will evolve from May 26 to June 6. Rely on your charisma (June 29 to August 14 and September 25 to October 9) to strengthen your influence on the world and on your popularity to rally support for a project that pleases you from October 29 to November 8, just to launch a new cycle of expansion (from December 21 onwards).

Social Life: Some locks are broken

Some changes will concern the management of your private life in 2023. You need to be stimulated, to free yourself from rules that do not satisfy you. This will influence your social relations and your interactions with your collaborators, colleagues and hierarchy. You yearn to get out of a routine that ends up putting you to sleep, to connect with others in a more creative and energizing way. Expect to be a little frustrated if things don't go your way. Break-ups are to be feared if you no longer fit in with the company. But you will help to shake up mentalities and install a new way of working within the teams. Jupiter will provide you with opportunities to progress and evolve from April 4 to May 16. You can also count on Mars to precipitate events from March 3 to 25 and to fuel your thirst to push back the frontiers of possibility from May 2 to 20. You will impose your ideas and methods from June 23 to July 10 and deploy a great deal of energy to mobilize your troops around a project (August 11 to 27). From November 10 onwards, you are ready to go for it (November 10 to 24).

Well-being: You are getting back on track

2023 pushes you to renew your way of relating to the world, to others, to question the meaning of the exchanges you have with your loved ones. You want to free yourself from a way of functioning that does not respect your desires, or even your rights. This year, make sure you respect what emerges and helps you to refresh a system that you have established in part but which needs to be reviewed and corrected. Jupiter (May 4-16) helps you to lift your head and find the energy within you to get back on track.

Scorpio Third decan: Your advice for 2023

If you feel that you are dragging your heels, or that you have to bear grueling family burdens, you will also appreciate the fresh breeze that is blowing in to reinvigorate all your exchanges. Don't miss any opportunity to free yourself from the shackles that restrict your energy and to surf on the currents that lift you off the ground in 2023.

Scorpio your 2023 horoscope, month after month

January 2023

Harmonious exchanges at the beginning of the year (2nd, 13th) but sensitive subjects will come up in the family (1ster , 18th). Take advantage of a warm atmosphere to develop your relationships.

February 2023

The current is still flowing well between you and your loved one, your children. Solo or in duo, moments of sharing, even moments of grace, are to be expected (6th, 15th, 19th).

March 2023

Ask yourself the right questions (on the 2nd),even if they anger you. Don't let certain emotions dictate your behavior and generate regrettable misunderstandings or sow discord between you and the other person (the 15th, the 16th, the 17th).

April 2023

Count on harmony, a better listening of the other (the 7th) to renew a constructive dialogue and on daily life to improve significantly the ordinary and warm the atmosphere (the 11th).

May 2023

Channel your desires so that they do not disturb your relationships (the 4th). You play with your charms to optimize your chances of jumping on good opportunities (the 5th) and cheerfully push your limits (the 15th).

June 2023

Inspired, creative, romantic (the 2nd),you are surprised (the 4th) by an unexpected encounter or an exchange that breaks the codes. Be careful however (19th, 25th, 26th) not to abuse your authority to impose your codes.

July 2023

Rely on dialogue (7th, 9th) rather than on your charm to avoid people standing up to you (2nd, 23rd). It is by raising the level of debate that you will be most successful.

August 2023

Do not compromise your exchanges by ostensibly dissociating yourself from the other (the 9th, the 16th). If your aspiration to break away from an overly dependent way of functioning seems legitimate, respect your partner's desires and needs.

September 2023

Projects connect you with inventive collaborators (16th, 30th). You no longer sacrifice to routine and you step out of your comfort zone. Put the forms to it.

October 2023

Keep the dialogue open with your loved ones (the 3rd),do not decide everything, all alone (the 2nd) and do not make your moves on the sly (the 9th, the 21st). Your supporters are only willing to follow you if you take them by the hand (the 31st).

November 2023

You persuade those around you that your choices are legitimate and you spend a lot of energy to communicate on an ideal that inspires you (the 17th, the 18th, the 20th).

December 2023

Your emotions, feelings or unconscious resentments are likely to cloud your exchanges (the 3rd). Control your desires to avoid trouble (the 17th, the 27th, the 28th).


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