2023 horoscope Sagittarius

Written by Susan

In the first part of the year, your loves evolve in a habitual climate without being constraining. Between February and March, Venus brings a renewed passion. Between April and May, its dissonance distils some temporary tensions. It is between June and October, with Venus in Leo, that the tone changes. Your loves take on another dimension. They go out of their comfort zone. Cupid touches you deep within yourself. It inspires you with magical feelings. It challenges certainties. By showing wisdom and consideration in October, your loves make plans in November.

Vida Social / Forma

Although the Saturnian square slows you down a little, you are in the heat of the action until May. You ignore blockages and refusals. You create, you undertake, you advance! You pass on your optimism to others. Between the end of May and December, the atmosphere is calmer. However, do not take this for a punishment. Different influxes push you to grow, with foresight, what you have undertaken. Between June and July, Mars in Leo puts you on a path that is likely to inspire ideas. In September, Mars in Libra brings you some help.

Ao longo dos meses

Saturn imposes some constraints that you overcome without too much difficulty. This year, it's time to get involved in personal development techniques. Meditation could fascinate you and give you unsuspected benefits. Your nature loves the open air, do not stay locked in, in the name of fatigue. Go for walks. Go to the countryside as soon as you can.

As estrelas

What you undertake in the first part of the year promises a good profitability. So, if you want to fill your piggy bank, accept the constraints that usually make you flee.

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