2023 horoscope Pisces

Written by Susan

Until mid-May, you are pursuing a period of financial negotiations, you want to express your potential and talents, and you want to get the right reward. From May 16th onwards, communication expands, intensifies and becomes rewarding. You enrich your address book, meet new people, start a training course or pass on your knowledge. You have freed your expression, broken with the principles that were hindering your freedom. A life project arrives, and construction begins on March 7th in relative solitude. The most important thing in 2023 is to identify the foundations to build a lasting future, even if it means giving up dreams that take you too far away from the essentials.

Pisces First decan, your 2023 horoscope

(19th February to 28th February)

You are completing a phase of introspection which has allowed you to review what deserves to accompany you in a new cycle of life, which begins on March 7th. Saturn will be in your sign and decan. This is an opportunity to build yourself on a healthy and solid foundation, purged of the past weighing you down. This integration work requires you to go inward and sometimes involves the temptation to turn inward. Pluto (March 23rd to June 11th) makes a rapid incursion into the shadow of your Sun and urges you to probe what is causing you recurring problems.

Love: Accentuated Interiorization

From March 7th, Saturn urges you to put your life, your head, your heart and your past in order. The austere planet confronts you with yourself and the need to reorganize your life according to your essential needs. This period of inescapable reflection calms your ardour on the sentimental level. Pluto insists that you explore why situations keep recurring and thwart your aspirations. This work keeps you away from the fires of love. Count on Jupiter (from May 16th to July 5th and from November 6th, 2023, to February 21st, 2024) to warm up the atmosphere. Pleasant encounters are in sight, your morale will soar, and your aura will allow you to compensate for certain deficits caused by Saturn. However, Venus reinforces your power of seduction from January 27th to February 4th, exalts your desire to take care of your loved ones or to improve your living conditions from April 11th to 19th and endows you with magnetism from May 7th to 16th. You are in tune with others, touching them (October 9th to the 20th) and experiencing meaningful love affairs from December 4th to the 13th.

Social Life: Relative And Temporary Withdrawal

The year's astral conjuncture urges you to mature and integrate the lessons you have learned. This involves isolating yourself to define your new priorities. This is not the best climate for enterprise and it confronts you with bold challenges. You are more inclined to secure your material life. Count on Jupiter until February 20th to get a raise and recognition for your merits. From May 16th to July 5th and then from November 6th to February 21st, 2024, you will meet people who will likely support your efforts or begin a training or retraining program that will broaden your horizons. Mars boosts your creativity and desire to shine from March 25th to April 14th. You will collaborate and serve the company from May 20th to June 6th. To convince your interlocutors of the validity of your ideas, do not force their hand from July 10th to 26th. You push back the boundaries of what is possible from October 12th to 26th and defend your proposals and values from November 24th to December 8th.

Well-being: Active Supports

Saturn in your decan is weighing on your morale. The austere planet forces you (from March 7th onwards) to prepare for the future. It calls upon your vital forces and drains your resources. Count on Jupiter (until February 20th) to awaken new potentials and (from May 16th to July 5th and then from November 6th to February 21st) to receive the support of a benevolent entourage. This will lift your spirits.

Pisces First decan: Your advice for 2023

It is a demanding year, with work on yourself to be done with courage and constancy and a tendency to withdraw into yourself that risks putting up a wall between you and others. If necessary, ask for help. You are granted this from May 16th to July 5th and from November 6th to February 21st, 2024, as contacts are favoured, and exchanges are creative and constructive.

Pisces Second decan, your 2023 horoscope

(1st March to 10th March)

Uranus exalts the desire to free yourself from an environment that stifles your thirst for autonomy. Whether at work or in your private life, you aspire to break away from an environment that restricts your impulses. Count on the free electron (until May 28th, then from December 10th, 2023, to March 13th, 2024) to renew your environment. You express your desires and true nature without blending in with the crowd. Jupiter favours your economic expansion from February 20th to April 4th and more fluid and warm communication with your loved ones from July 5th to November 6th.

Love: Renewing The Framework

You are looking to emancipate yourself from an environment that prevents you from spreading your wings. Whether it is your family, partner or close friends, you can no longer bear to bend to rules you do not adhere to. In search of freedom, you express who you are and get out of a trap that weighs you down. Uranus encourages your quest. You cut ties with those who block you or let them know they no longer have control over you. Count on Jupiter (from July 5th to November 6th) to encourage meetings, warm up the atmosphere in your family and widen your usual circle. Venus exalts your magnetism from February 4th to 12th, your desire to improve your exchanges from April 19th to 28th, and boosts your power of seduction from May 16th to 26th. You will make some concessions so peace reigns at home from June 16th to 29 and from August 14th to September 25th. Listening to the other person (October 20-29), you live a story that lives up to your expectations (December 13-21).

Social Life: Thirst For Something Else

There is no question of conforming to the established order, obeying orders and following the flow. Uranus exacerbates your need to express your originality, and your free speech is not to everyone's taste. But your effervescent mind can be counted on to develop innovative initiatives. If you are stuck in your professional environment, you will not hesitate to find work that better meets your expectations. Suppose you're hoping for a reward for your efforts. In that case, you'll receive it from February 20th to April 4th as Jupiter increases your chances. The zodiacal giant multiplies the opportunities to get support from those who like your ideas, your personality and your freedom of tone. Mars exalts your creativity and your thirst for recognition from April 14th to May 2nd. You roll up your sleeves (June 6-23) to serve the community and (July 26-August 11th) convince your partners to follow you. Your ambitions are on the rise, and you assert them (from October 26th to November 10th). This determination to impose your ideas and methods (from December 8th to 22) allows you to finish the year with a bang.

Well-being: Nervous

Uranus electrifies you (until May 28th, then from December 10th to March 13th, 2024) and generates an imbalance due to recurrent stress. You can't stand still. Your mind never lets you rest. Count on Jupiter (July 5-November 6) to prioritize and regain your strength. Your morale is rising, and useful and pleasant encounters create a warming atmosphere to restore your spirits. From June 6th to 23, channel your energies so that they allow you to be productive without exceeding your limits.

Pisces Second decan: Your advice for 2023

To get through the year without losing control of your nerves, welcome the new faces who support you in your undertakings with curiosity and enthusiasm. You evolve in a warm atmosphere (from July 5th to November 6th). Take advantage of this to express your desire to be yourself and to free yourself from certain rules without offending people's sensibilities.

Pisces Third decan, your 2023 horoscope

(11th March to 20th March)

A life project is ending. Between now and the autumn of 2024, you will orientate your destiny in a direction that imposes itself on you. Your world of friends has evolved. By March 7th, you will complete a period that has held you back. Since March 2022, Saturn has been urging you to clean up your life and focus on what makes sense to you. Your intuition, exalted by Neptune, opens up perspectives for you, but its roadmap may remain unclear. Count on Uranus (May 28th to December 10th) to strengthen your mind, take you off the beaten track and offer you new encounters.

Love: Batten Down The Hatches

Your social landscape has changed, and so has your future vision. Saturn, the austere planet, has pushed you to look into your past to learn valuable lessons from it and to abandon certain ways of functioning that are harmful to you. You are approaching the year in reflective light, but Uranus (May 28th to December 10th) brings fantasy. You aspire to free yourself from dependencies that weigh you down, and you meet new people you make unexpected encounters with. A new breath of life animates you and shakes up your torpor. Venus boosts your desire to love and to be loved from February 12th to 20th. It also looks after the happiness of your loved ones (from April 28th to May 7th). Venus endows you with charm from May 26th to June 5th, and you maintain family harmony from June 29th to August 14th, then from September 25th to October 9th. You pay attention to each other's desires (from October 29th to November 8th) and give altitude to your love affairs (from December 21st to 29).

Social Life: Wind In The Branches

Some of you are coming to the end of a project that has put your life on a new track. Others have been through a period of questioning the meaning of their lives. Until March 7th, Saturn favours reflections on attitudes to abandon and does not encourage you to launch new initiatives. However, Neptune exalts your desire to follow your soul. Count on Uranus (from May 28th to December 10th) to free you from complexes and fears that prevent you from daring. A wind of freedom will clear your neurons and free you from an environment that is holding back your mind and creativity. Jupiter, from April 4th to May 16th, rewards your efforts. This is an opportunity to make better use of your potential to obtain a revaluation of your talents. This bonus does not prevent you from adopting a dissident mood. Mars reinforces your desire to shine from May 2nd to 20th. You convince your partners to follow you (from August 11th to 27th) and relay your ambitions (from November 10th to 24). There's no question of you stepping aside but taking your place from December 22nd to January 4th, 2024.

Well-being: Regain Your Strength

Exit Saturn (from March 7th), which diminished your vitality. This period is ending, and the situation is inviting you to reconnect with a fantasy you have been missing. Your approach to life and to those around you is changing. No longer do you have to obey. You follow your own path, even if it means clearing away the things that weigh you down. Count on Uranus to give you the freedom you need. From June 23rd to July 10th, do not waste your energy. More vulnerable, spend your energy wisely. Do some sport and don't eat just anything.

Pisces Third decan: Your advice for 2023

If you had the impression that you were dragging your feet, rejoice. In 2023, you will regain a lightness that will reenchant your daily life. You are moving away from those who have a negative hold on you. It's no longer a question of following the movement but reinventing it. Your mind is in turmoil, ideas spring up, and the wind of freedom invites you to spread your wings.

Pisces your 2023 horoscope, month after month

January 2023

A friendship or love moves you (1ster ), and a project changes everything (18th). Your exchanges turn out to be gratifying (2nd, 13th). Take the necessary distance not to leave the field too free to your emotions and desires (the 22nd).

February 2023

You feel supported by those around you (6th, 10th), and an ideal is beginning to take shape (15th, 19th) but does not shy away from reflection (16th).

March 2023

If you improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones (the 11th), do not take your desires for reality (the 15th, 16th, 17th) to avoid disappointment.

April 2023

You and your loved ones are in a good relationship (7th), and you are in a loving mood. The New Moon on the 20th invites you to develop your talents and claim your fair reward.

May 2023

Even if you can afford it (5th), avoid excess (4th). Creative and determined to shine (15th), mobilize yourself to make an ideal come true.

June 2023

Your love affairs take off, new encounters are promising (2nd), and ideas fly (4th). Your plans are unanimously approved (9th, 11th). But (19th, 25th, 26th) do not be overconfident.

July 2023

If your originality seduces people and your idealism wins them over (the 7th, the 9th, the 14th, the 20th), deal with some people who think you are acting as a free spirit.

August 2023

Be gentle with those who do not appreciate your tendency to set the course of events according to your ideas (the 9th, 16th, and 22nd). On the other hand, you will make an impression (the 16th and 25th).

September 2023

You put forward your ideas which are out of the ordinary and convince the most reluctant (the 16th, 21st, and 30th). Keep listening to others (the 19th and 29th).

October 2023

Rely on dialogue to draw others into your world (the 2nd and 3rd), but don't demand that they follow you at any cost, at the risk of suffering unfortunate setbacks (the 9th and 21st).

November 2023

Listen to others (3rd, 6th, 7th, 9th), and don't force anyone's hand (the 11th and 13th) to achieve your most cherished ambitions (the 17th, 18th, 20th, and 22nd).

December 2023

Avoid manipulation on the 3rd, and do not impose your conditions (the 17th). It's the prerequisite for getting closer to your goal in love (the 25th and 29th) rather than hitting a wall (the 27th and 28th).

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