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Wednesday, October the 28th
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2021 horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio: Introduction for 2021

The previous year, you benefited from the generosity of Jupiter, the great benefactor and Saturn, the experienced. This year, program change! You are going to have to arrange the dissonant influences of these two planets who stay in Aquarius. In addition, you will have to continue fighting against Uranus in Taurus, which has a way of destabilizing you. To help you retain your skills, you can count on Pluto's unyielding support in Capricorn and the benevolent protection of Neptune. Jupiter's visit in Pisces, between June and July, gives you the means to make it fruitful.

Scorpio: Love for 2021

The year begins, drum beating, with Mars in Taurus which officiates in the seventh zone of your solar theme. Does anyone want to put a ring on your finger? Is engagement an issue that is annoying? These are questions that await your response, if you wish to have peace. In February, Venus helps you save time. In April she reiterates the question. In June she takes you by the feelings. In July, Venus in Leo exasperates you. In autumn, the passage of Mars in your sign, makes you take the emergency exit.

Scorpio: Social Life for 2021

This year, you watch over your treasure, which causes it to be difficult for other people to understand you. However, it is with a limited social circle that you have a good time, nevertheless you do not talk openly about your projects. This year an ambition is tapping you and it is quite possible that you realize it. Between June and July, the passage of Jupiter in Pisces sends you an opportunity to seize. Yes, but! Mars in Leo can make you extravagant. Instead, listen to what Venus in Cancer whispers to you and surpass yourself!

Scorpio: Well-being for 2021

At the beginning of the year, you're on edge. You have difficulty relaxing, yet it would do you the greatest good. Starting in spring you find the motivation to take care of yourself. This year, and as much as possible, try to have a regular activity that aerates your mind, because in summer it will really turn full speed.

Scorpio: My Advice for 2021:

In business, you're on top. On the other hand, in love, it's a flop. This year, it would be wise for you to take stock of this issue in order to have the answer.

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