2019 horoscope Aquarius

Susan - Last modified: 30/12/2020

Love: In Search of Elsewhere and/or Otherwise?
Since December 2017, Saturn, which has slipped into the shadow of your sign, is sounding the death knell of a past which has tasked you, amigo Aquarius, with closely examining and exploring it, in order to learn the uplifting lessons, with the least amount of grey zones. A task that many will do well with since it seems unavoidable and inevitable to gradually cross the line between yesterday, today and tomorrow! We bet that in 2019, this austere planet will still force some to look at their personal lives, enough to eliminate the elements (situations, people) that no longer hold the road. For others, this year will be about actually breaking with a circle (family) or a close entourage that now curbs their evolution to rebuild elsewhere or otherwise!

For all, Jupiter will promote (and promotes since November 2018) new impulses and sizeable projects whether they are emotional or professional, friendly or social. You aspire to open the hatches and embark on new adventures. No more limiting yourself and living in conditions that seem mediocre. Instead it is about spreading your wings and expanding, without further delay, your horizons! The opportunity then in 2019 to meet new people, make new friends, and count on the support of your faithful ones to go ahead!

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): Turn a Corner!
In 2018, you have no doubt been led, in one way or another, to mourn a past that constantly pulled you back. Whether it's an understanding of your repetitive and harmful ways of working, a social or private circle that limits you, or simply fears, doubts, beliefs, complexes or guilt that undermine you and have prevented you from moving forward for too long, the work is, a priori, done! It will now be about taking action and turning a corner to act out what you have understood and integrated but not yet necessarily implemented concretely. Some of you (born at the beginning of the decan) may have already had a little idea of what awaits them between mid-May and early November 2018 when Uranus has already played with their nerves and confronted them with the need to break from the moorings in one way or another! In 2019 (from the beginning of March), Uranus will address more widely your decan and push you out of your entrenchments! It will be a question of changing what should be in family or in your private life, to shake up habits, move the lines, and even to break the codes or to move away from people who have too much of a tendency to keep you stuck in a status quo that stifles you! You will not hesitate (anymore) to claim your autonomy or make every effort to change your environment so that it corresponds more to what you want to live personally and together! Let's bet that Jupiter (between November and December 2018) has already brought water to your mill and opened the tracks! Venus will favor decisions and projects of a friendly or emotional order between the 7th and the 16th of January (be careful on the 8th not to speak words that would exceed your thoughts)! Between the 1st and the 10th of March, you will start a new cycle of your emotional life and you can then count on Venus to accentuate your influence! You will have it at heart (between May 15th and 23rd) to take care of your loved ones!There is room for love between the 9th and 16th of June where endowed with an irresistible charm you will rush to make sparks in love. Between July 28th and August 5th, you will listen to the desires of your partner! Plus, you have projects by the armful and the desire to open the future at your leisure between the 1st and 11th of November? At the very end of the year, Venus (between December 20th and 28th) exalts your power of seduction while a cosmic background favorable to your expansion seems to want to facilitate decisions and changes at home around the 15th!

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Projects… to Channel!
Since the end of last December, Saturn has been involved in precipitating the necessary awareness of your evolution. It is time to understand and change the way we work, to turn our backs on the past, and sort out the essentials from the superfluous to free ourselves from the beliefs and fears that muzzled us and enslave us to habits and attitudes that are not really constructive! Are you gradually discovering new potentials in yourself or do you want to explore some of them more fully? Count on Jupiter, in 2019, to open up prospects, push you forward, and perhaps help you move on. Notably until February 14th and between June 6th and October 13th, when this giant planet of the zodiac will favor your expansion and could well give birth to some large projects likely to precipitate your blossoming on all fronts! Still it will be necessary to moderate your enthusiasm around January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st when you tend to see everything big, even too big and believe that everything is now possible! Why not if you are thinking of reducing the wind in your sail a little. This is exactly where Saturn will bring you back down to earth and bring you back (at least a little) to reason at the end of January (the 31st), on the 18th of June and around the 9th of November when you you will be well aware that it is better to build on solid than in the wind! It's up to you, in 2019, to find your balance between crazy projects and masterful achievements, but which remain within your reach! Venus will encourage your plans between the 16th and 26th of January and exalt your charm between the 10th and 18th of March and will invite you to take care of your loved ones but also to improve your conditions and living environments between May 23rd and 31st!You will shine with all your fires, radiate and seduce in all directions between June 17th and 25th and, without reserve, you will worry about the happiness of your partner between August 5th and 13th! Between November 9th and 17th, Venus will inspire you and your partner with tender projects. You should complete this exciting year endowed with an aura magnified by Venus that will then allow you to finish the year and approach the next (between the 28th December and January 5, 2020) in beauty!

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): Above All You’re In Search… of Yourself!
Pluto lurking in the shadow of your decan, urges you to fundamental questions, to probe your soul but also your impulses, compulsions, possible neuroses and your whole inner life to begin to traverse the turmoil (which unconsciously shakes you up) with energy and fuel that can help you evolve and shed light on what, sometimes since childhood, sleeps in the dark and tends to maintain modes of functioning that are not necessarily positive nor constructive! Saturn will help you sort out and get rid of (at least partially) residue from the past between April 4th and May 25th. However, it is, a priori, in 2020 (and as early as January) that you will probably make choices based on recent understandings that will be necessary from the inside but will also have an impact on the outside! In the meantime, and in 2019, you finish cleansing your environment and enjoy the influence of Uranus on your surroundings to communicate differently but more authentically with your loved ones. Between February 14th and June 6th, Jupiter could open up other perspectives, help you sort out sincere friends from toxic relationships, and place people and opportunities on your path that can help you broaden your horizons and guide you in the future in the right direction; that of expansion on all fronts. Venus will ensure the support of your faithful ones and boost your desire for something else, elsewhere or otherwise between January 26th and February 3rd. She will exalt your personal radiance between March 18th and 26th and will encourage you to restore or maintain harmony at home between May 31st and June 9th! Love and seduction will resume their rights between July 19th and 28th and the dialogue and tender exchanges will mobilize you body, heart, and soul between August 13th and 21st! Between November 17th and 26th, you will return to the desire to project yourself into a future and loves that inspire you. While you wait for 2020 and its options to define and directions to take!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
No question, in 2019, of skipping over the internal work to do to detach yourself permanently from a past that sticks to your skin but has undoubtedly had its day! This year, Jupiter will help blow a fresh wind on your projects and allow you to build castles in the sky! It's up to you to be mature enough to make the right choices, those that will steer your destiny in the right direction! Which? That which will combine your inner quest with fulfillment on all levels, the lessons learned from the past and a willingness to evolve in the way you function, and reason with a grain of madness! Challenges that are not necessarily always easy to meet but a mission that is quite possible to accomplish if you keep on course and especially your eye fixed on your inner compass!

Vida Social / Forma

Social Life: The Future is in Line of Sight!
A year turned towards the future. What you are doing in 2019 could have a long-term impact amigo Aquarius and influence your long-term destiny. No (no longer?) a priori a question of maintaining the status quo! Unless it really suits you and allows you to fully exploit your potentials and to flourish professionally and socially!

Some will begin (or finish) training that will take them off the beaten path, others will embark on exciting projects (but be careful not to overflow the frame) and others may be tempted to break with a system that alienates them. You are exposed to an end of cycle that forces you to do a cleanse (first in you) to free yourself from false beliefs about yourself (fear of not being up to the task and various and varied complexities) and for some to get rid of the feeling of not being (anymore) completely in their place!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Between an assessment of the past to make, a page to turn, and internal understandings to privilege, you will all benefit, in 2019, from the influence of Jupiter that could boost your desire to make and carry out projects that exalt you. It's up to you to try to keep a sense of reality, with a cool head but looking at the stars. An alchemy not necessarily easy to achieve but far from impossible to obtain! It's up to you to compose yourself in a creative and constructive way between delirious enthusiasm, real opportunities to open hatches, and talents and potential to express. Transform lead into gold while keeping your feet on the ground? A big challenge for an Aquarius but certainly a challenge they will have at heart (and the means) to accomplish!


1st decan (January 21st- January 31st): Hypersensitive Nerves?
Saturn has stopped weighing down your wings (and sometimes your morale)? You begin to breathe more at your ease. A work of letting go has been made but do not expect to rest! Indeed, it would be counting without Uranus that will push you to move the lines as a family, to change your setting or your life. A little stress to predict and precautions to take (especially between May 16th and 31st) where you are not immune to a fall, inflammation, or a nervous attack. In any case, watch for these closely if you want to carry out a successful and personal revolution that in 2019, could be crucial for the future!

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Please Keep...Your Feet on the Ground!
The major risk that you will run this year? That of exaggerating your potential and hovering a little too much and, therefore, flirting with certain limits that you would be well advised not to cross. Nothing really bad to dread but a certain tendency to believe yourself above the realities of this world. The result? An overflow of confidence that could lead you to believe that you are safe from everything!

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): A Little (too much) in Your Own World?
There are some interior swirls that will shake you up in 2019 and may sometimes disrupt the frequency. Try, as much as possible, to take a step back from your emotions and troubles that will shake you up if you want to make the most of the majority of flows that could lead you to project yourself into a future that inspires you, if you channel rather than linger on your moods!

Ao longo dos meses

1st decan:
Tender projects in sight between the 7th and 16th. It would be a shame to disrupt these good frequencies by intervening too peremptorily with your entourage to impose your plans and ideas on the 8th where you would not be unanimous! Instead, try to get your messages through smoothly. Moreover, the full moon on the 21st also invites you to take a step towards the other and to privilege the dialogue rather than to camp stubbornly on your positions without composing with your partner and the others!

2nd decan:
You take the time to reflect and return to the past at the beginning of the month (the 2nd)! Your deep thoughts will, indeed, not be too much to avoid getting yourself into projects that are a little too optimistic around the 13th, where you will have, a priori, eyes bigger than your belly. At the end of the month, Saturn lurking in the shadow of your decan brings you back down to earth. You will not necessarily appreciate it but you will quickly understand that to build on solid, you cannot have too much advice from this austere planet!

3rd decan:
You discuss projects that excite you and you know how to put forward your bold ideas and proposals on the 4th. Be careful, however, to channel certain unconscious impulses and emotions that are likely to interfere with your conscious intentions. The consequences (the 19th and 23rd) will be generating regrettable misunderstandings between you and your entourage!

1st decan:
Between the 3rd and 12th, take a step back from an emotional life that starts to evolve at a fast pace in 2019! Starting on the 14th, you will deploy your striking force and a certain combativeness to move the lines in family and will not hesitate to spend money and act concretely to manage the stewardship to your idea and to impose your vision of the world, things, and the future (the 28th?) on an entourage who will not always have a say!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 4th illuminates your sign and pushes you to the front of the stage. The opportunity to open a new expansion cycle. Important projects that move in the right direction (the 8th) and a reflection on your emotional life that sharpens your intuition and opens your perspectives (the 17th)! Take the time to then sort between the essential and the superfluous to know where you are and what you really want to live in love (the 18th) and on all fronts (the 20th)!

3rd decan:
Be careful on the 2nd not to play tyrants with an entourage on which you project your fears, your doubts and anxieties! Prefer to communicate as clearly as possible on topics and projects that are important to you today, and use an originality that will seduce more than your authoritarian injunctions! You will return to a fluid and powerful communication on the 8th, 9th, and 18th where your interventions could then make an impression. If you do not play provocateurs (the 13th?), then you should be able to convince. By communicating well, you will also feel more in tune with yourself!

1st decan:
Until the 10th, Venus sublimates your aura and gives you an outstanding power of seduction! Now is the moment to make sparks in love and in society! From the 20th, the sun promotes your exchanges between you and your loved ones and why not useful and/or pleasant meetings! Open your eyes and possibly your heart around the 27th where you are not safe from a good surprise (love at first sight, a famous boost through a recent or unexpected contact)!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 15th urges you to exploit your gifts and potentials so, why not, improve your income. This is the time to solicit a promotion, a raise or develop a talent (the 7th) that could pay off big! You will be keen to use your income to improve your living conditions (framework) for family life (on the 10th) and will be able to make the most of what you have understood from the past in order to guide your private life in a good way (on the 14th and 20th)!

3rd decan:
Your charming attitude annoys? Especially in family (the 1st) where your desire for independence is not unanimous! If you have started negotiations (financial?), expect that they drag on from the 5th and resume only from the 28th to be permanently closed between the 7th and 17th of April! Try to estimate the income you have (on the 13th) so you do not end up in an awkward position (the 14th and 15th) where your projects could fail for lack of means!

1st decan:
Until the 15th, count on an offensive Mars to seduce and convince! You will not lack either energy or arguments to assert your rights for recognition and may be tempted to impose your will on others. But in business and in love try to be polite! From the 20th, your attention will undoubtedly be on family affairs that occupy your mind and your time since the beginning of March! Be careful on the 22nd not to set fire to the powder by expressing too ostentatiously your intention to move the lines!

2nd decan:
You know perfectly how to exploit and express your talents and potentials (the 2nd and 10th) and the new moon on the 5th invites you to give free rein to your prolific imagination. Now is the moment to communicate with all the chances that your messages pass! Caution, however, is recommended at the end of the month when, if you abuse your powers and authority, you risk frightening those who are willing to believe you and follow you. That would be a shame!

3rd decan:
Saturn settles very temporarily in the shadow of your decan and then invites you to the utmost caution. It is about acting by learning lessons from the past. Expect this attitude to pay off around the 7th when debates in progress since February are concluded and, a priori, to your advantage! On the other hand if you communicate without taking into account the blockages and incompressible restraints that slow down the movement a little, you could well face a wall on the 10th and the 13th where regrettable misunderstandings could settle between you and the others! You will probably have a happier hand on the 14th when some projects that inspire you could see the light of day!

1st decan:
Between May 15th and May 23rd, Venus invites you to smooth things over with your family. Uranus has been striving since March to shake up your bases and precipitate important changes within the clan where you claim, in one way or another, more freedom! Then bet on this gentle planet to get your messages across as smoothly as possible. Enough to mitigate the impact of some decisions or spats (the 8th and 18th)! From the 21st the Sun happily favors your loves and your relationships with your children! Do not hesitate to open the dialogue (the 21st)! Let's bet that around the 22nd you will manage with authority and efficiency the stewardship and your exchanges!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 4th invites you to take care of your loved ones, manage the stewardship, and make every effort to improve your conditions (framework) of life! You will know how to do it on the 9th, where you put your gifts, potentials, and means at the service of your well-being and/or that of the clan! Ditto around the 16th, 30th, and 31st where, intuitive and mature, you will combine prudence and inspiration to achieve your goals!

3rd decan:
Until the 16th, you will rely on your authority to make yourself listened to and respected. Whether in love or in business, however, make sure (the 1st and 2nd) not to generate misunderstandings and prefer to take a step back on the events before you decide rather than risk displeasing! Ditto around the 7th and 9th where you will not always be clear with your emotions and may seem a little confused in the eyes of those around you.

1st decan
You intervene effectively on a daily basis on the 7th to manage any crisis situations or movement that may be shaking up a little (a lot) the balance in the family these days! From the 9th (until the 16th) Venus should put a little rumba in the air and especially in your loves! A power of seduction exalted and a libido in a trance? Enough to change the ideas and allow you to reconnect with a lightness that you miss!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 3rd illuminates your loves and boosts your charisma? Enough to spark and reignite the flame? Be sure, however, to clearly express your feelings and desires (the 9th) if you do not want to cause trouble or doubt in the minds of those who listen to you! You, indeed, still have a little tendency (especially around the 16th) to take your dreams for reality and not just in love!

3rd decan:
Until the 9th, Venus serves your family interests and assures you that your loved ones will kindly listen to you (the 3rd)! The full moon on the 17th highlights your projects and invites you to move forward! You will want to scramble to advance the solutions to the problems (the 18th) but risk overdoing it on the 19th and 20th, where the best will be the enemy of good! Beware of the sticks (physical, psychological) if you go headlong without taking into account the emotions and inner turmoil that agitates you now!

1st decan:
If you have started important debates at the end of June, they are likely to drag on from the 7th and you will have to wait. By the time everyone agrees and you reach a consensus in August! Try, despite your impatience, to keep calm if you want to avoid family clashes where the tone could actually rise around the 8th and 11th. Same at the end of the month (the 29th) where, decidedly, the atmosphere is likely to to be a little electric and the relationships are tense!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 2nd recommends that you finish the work in progress before going on vacation! You will drag your feet a little (the 9th and 17th) where a feeling of being fed-up or at least fatigue is likely to prevail. Then bet on your intuitive resources and your inexhaustible talents to contend with a lack of motivation and reassure!

3rd decan:
Some work on the board and a hint of demotivation? You could then feel like giving up and abandon yourself to moods that are not necessarily very constructive (the 14th and 21st)? Fortunately, between the 19th and the 28th, Venus should take care of softening your daily life and boosting your good will to serve the collective!

1st decan:
From the 1st, the discussions that struggled to advance resume and should then reach an agreement by the 18th! The new moon on the same day invites you to take a step towards the other. No way to take all the credit! Be willing and unreservedly listen to the needs of your partner and others if you want to avoid that the exchanges turn sour or short circuit on the 2nd! Ditto on the 16th where, if you make no effort, you may regret it! Throw a bit of weight and give up forcing your way (the 24th)! The best way that things and the debates move in the right direction and that you can find amicable arrangements (the 26th, 28th, and 30th) where your sense of negotiation should work wonders!

2nd decan:
A nice summer month where your projects are growing, evolving and seducing! Whether it's your emotional, professional, or social future, surf on the waves and the influxes of the month (the 7th, 8th, and 21st) to convince, seduce and maintain warm and rewarding relationships with the world who surrounds you!

3rd decan:
Between the 13th and the 21st, Venus favors your exchanges and endows you with an irresistible charm! Enough to hit the bull’s eye but also to rekindle the flame and get closer to your lover! You'll know what to do and what to say (on the 14th) to reach those who are listening to you and will be able to count on the full moon on the 15th to put you in the spotlight and on center stage!

1st decan:
You are mobilizing to change your family situation and will not lack the energy and determination to make the desired changes happen as quickly as possible (the 1st and 2nd)! From the 14th, you aspire to carry out your ambitions and widen your horizons. In particular on the emotional front where your quest for harmony and to live loves that meet your expectations is emerging or asserts itself! The new moon on the 28th confirms this trend and makes you want to surpass yourself and push your limits!

2nd decan:
You have the art and the way of transforming what needs to be and taking into account lessons learned from the past, but without upsetting others (the 1st and 5th)! However, be careful to moderate your momentum and review your plans somewhat downward (the 2nd, 4th, and 6th) if you do not want to be tempted to slow down in your race (the 8th)! A tendency to go beyond the limits and misjudge the means you have to carry out your plans (the 21st)?

3rd decan:
A possible harmony (the 7th, 9th, and 13th) between your inner world and the concrete expression of your desires? Take advantage of these frequencies that are rather favorable to your blooming, in order to make the most of what you have understood of yourself, your life, and your past to evolve and to free yourself from certain shadows, which too often short circuit your happiness! The full moon on the 14th invites you to develop your potential and why not boost your income!

1st decan:
A month where you will be more present in the office where you will want to shine, seduce, and dazzle (the 7th, 12th, and 28th)! Even if it means taking some (a lot) distance from your loved ones who will then be quick to point it out to you and criticize your account! The new moon on the 28th tends to confirm this priority and to accentuate the tension between you and your entourage!

2nd decan:
Saturn tends to curb your impetus and pulls you back (the 7th)? Accept, however, the lessons he gives you (the 14th and 20th). The best way to maximize your chances of profiting from your gifts and potential but also your intuition (the 15th and 21st)!

3rd decan:
Do not be overwhelmed by your moods and a tendency to get caught up in your (bad) habits and reflexes that are not always constructive, on the 1st! Get fully engaged on the 13th to carry out projects that are dear to you and could be echoed today and win the vote! The full moon invites you to communicate in all directions! Try to repress your negative impulses (the 14th) and use your power of seduction (the 1st, 25th, and 30th) to occupy the front of the stage and shine in society!

1st decan:
Until the 9th, you can count on a friendly entourage but also on your loved ones to relay your projects and support your enthusiasm and your dreams! On the other hand, try (from the 19th) to calm things down a little and lower your tone in high places if you do not want to attract the wrath of the hierarchy, which could find you a little too enterprising, even authoritarian (the 24th)! Ditto with family where some may blame you for spending more time in the office than with them! At the end of the month, thankfully, Venus invites you to look back and compose. Enough not to repeat the same mistakes and propose solutions ... gently ... to move the lines in family!

2nd decan:
You should be very efficient at the beginning of the month (the 8th and 9th), where, with your understanding and lessons learned from the past, you will succeed in laying the foundations of a long-term future and put in place the reasonable means to help you flourish in the long run! Ditto around the 13th, 28th, and 30th where prudence and intuition, inspiration, and creativity will go together!

3rd decan:
Too square and offensive on the 5th? You risk playing against your own side if you react too instinctively to the proposals (and provocations) that are addressed to you! Fortunately, your enthusiasm and undeniable strength should, around the 12th, allow you to realize your projects and convince those you need to carry them out to support you! Success and popularity assured on the 24th when everything seems possible and allowed; whether in love or in business!

1st decan:
From the 2nd, Jupiter will slip into the shadow of your sign and decan! The opportunity for you to refine plans and strategies that, from December 19, 2020, will lead to a possible change of life or at least allow you to anticipate a new cycle and chapter of your existence. You will also see the positive developments around the 15th where doors can open on the future and give you an (engaging) idea of what awaits you!

2nd decan:
Take a step back on your emotions and try to channel your desires (sometimes a little too crazy) a little on the 8th. It's time to stop and ask yourself the right questions! Especially in love where you will (on the 11th?) sort the essentials from the superfluous and probe your heart to determine what does not hold the road any longer! You will act with power and determination on the 13th to optimize your talents and potentials. Same on the 19th where your past experiences will serve as a breeding ground for advancing in consciousness and, therefore, efficiently and surely towards your goals!

3rd decan:
You base your exchanges on what you have learned and understood about yourself and your deep thoughts bear fruit on the 3rd! Same on the 22nd where you master your business!

As estrelas

Pluto who invested in the sign of Capricorn at the end of January 2008 continues to shake our feathers (individually and collectively) but will form in 2019 no major aspect with another planet in our sky (it will catch up in 2020)! This dark planet who invites us to die (from ourselves, the past, our constructions and alienating limits) in order to better revive a notch higher and get rid of what hindered our evolution in this world is currently running through the 3rd decan of this sign. It is up to us to bring out of our unconscious all that blocks our development. Knowing that with Pluto, the work to be done is of a more visceral than mental nature, let us prepare ourselves for experiences that are sometimes disconcerting, to go through areas of doubt and discomfort that are not always easy to manage but that will allow us to accomplish a necessary and inevitable transformation. At the end? A better understanding of our unconscious modes of operation that will allow us to transform them so that they serve our goals rather than sabotaging our initiatives!

Neptune in Pisces (so at home) will blow hot and cold in 2019, or rather pull us a little in opposite directions? Between crazy expectations, sweet and nasty delusions, extravagances and excess of power, his chaotic association with Jupiter (January 13th, June 16th and September 21st) does not reserve any good surprises for us! Thus, if Neptune tends to exalt your ideals and sublimate your impulses, he can (if he is upset and this is the case in 2019 by Jupiter) cause a lot of excess. Between climatic disturbances (especially related to water), abuse of power, utopian excess, scandals, deceptions and dangerous ideologies, let's try to keep a bit of judgment and reason. Enough to sort between dreams and reality, hollow reveries and real opportunities to rise and change our mentalities! Fortunately, another trend should succeed in maintaining or restoring the equilibrium, or even tipping the balance on the right side: that of a conscious mastery of the path to be taken for the good of everyone: that of no doubt a fair but strict environment that prohibits any mental lucubration and drifts that are too utopian so in the end we focus on ... the long term!

Uranus will make, until March 6, 2019, a last little tour in Aries! This is probably the time to precipitate the changes in progress since 2011 (the date the planet has invested in this sign) and finish opening the world to a new perspective of evolution and growth (not without losing some feathers in the battle and a number of certainties, by the way)! From March 6th, this planet confronts us unceremoniously and without qualms about the changes to be made in order to grow, change, and move on to another level of consciousness reinstated in the sign of Taurus (which it has already traveled rapidly between May and early November 2018). A funny association between a rather slow sign that is conservative and anchored in habit and an electric planet that is a free spirit, between the earth and a cosmic energy that ignores the laws of gravity. To foresee? Earthquakes but also constraints and forced awareness of the urgency to invent a new approach to ecology and the preservation of our planet! We have been hit by things in our habits and changes of mentality which will have to accelerate if we want to save the essential but, without a doubt, parallel to the discovery of new and revolutionary resources to save our land! At the end of the year (around mid-December), we could begin to put in place the good and innovative (but prudent) methods to get out of the rut and a culture of unforgivable denial!

Saturn will not do too much in 2019 to temper the drifts that threaten us (climatic, political, social and ideological)! This austere planet is currently evolving in the sign that it governs (hence where it expresses its full potential) and should help us put the bar back in the center and curb some excesses, abuses, and overestimation of our forces and powers at the end of January (the 31st) but also around June 18th when it should help correct our mistakes! Saturn may well allow us to go through the year, not without risk of uncontrolled slip ups but with the opportunity to learn the edifying lessons and tighten the screw around austere measures. The only way, in 2019, to avoid chaos and to go through a decisive and necessary course in the long term! In November (the 9th), Saturn, a great teacher of the zodiac, could endorse decisions and initiatives designed to channel our energies in the right direction. Follow up from January 2020, where it seems inevitable to permanently anchor the completed metamorphosis and build on solid basis.

Jupiter evolves since November 8, 2018 in Sagittarius, a sign in which he acts at his ease (it's his home). If this mastery allows him to maximize his firepower, not sure that he uses it for truly commendable purposes, in 2019! Thus we could witness some excess due to the dissonant encounter between Jupiter and Neptune that could give rise to excesses that could become harmful to the balance of our societies, our world, and our land! Thus, caution is recommended around January 13th, June 16th and September 21st when the best will certainly be the enemy of good. Therefore, if we opt for a passionate but lucid expression of our ideals, desires, and fantasies, we will no doubt contribute to the evolution of our mentalities and the overcoming of sclerosis or reductive limits. On the other hand, if we give in to the temptation to do things only our way and go beyond the limits, beware of lawsuits, scandals, discoveries of secrets, drifts and financial malpractices, as well as dangerous overflows that await us and could well short-circuit the best intentions of this world. It is thus by opting for a channeling of our emotions, desires, and excesses that we will manage to make the most of the passage of Jupiter in Sagittarius. But not by doing anything and everything! As of December 2nd, Jupiter incorporates into the sign of Capricorn (until December 19, 2020), ushering in a less exuberant period where our need for interiority is exacerbated. Time to, maybe, realize our ambitions?

Worldwide Astrology:

Let's bet that we will not have too much of Saturn who keeps watch and tends to calm things down in 2019 and curb or even tame the excess and possible abuses that threaten the balance of the world in 2019! Jupiter drives Neptune into small and big delusions that could make some lose their sense of measure, prudence, and reason. To dread? An inflation of the ego of some leaders who will definitely believe everything is allowed and who are likely to put the world in danger. The discovery of secrets, malpractices, and scandals that will tend to pollute relationships between nations and expose them possibly ... for the worst.

On the other hand, if we manage to temper our moods and the delusions of some, we could see or grow some ideologies that are less rooted in profit and a quest for hyperpower. We need to become more aware of the urgent need to act for the long term and thus to take into account the defense of the environment, the defense of the rights of the most fragile minorities and to move from the opportunist and materialistic to the humanist. Let's bet on Saturn again in 2019 to, willingly or not, bring us back down to earth and make us understand that if we act in spite of common sense, without thinking about the long-term consequences of our deeds and actions, we will have to someday pay for it!
So we should, at both national and global levels, witness a cosmic response that will censure our possible excesses, force us to return to the axis and act more responsibly! Who will win?

Let us hope that the Saturnian injunction that invites us to measure and wisdom will manage to curb the wanderings, failings, and outrages of some. At the end? A possible opening in late 2019 (mid-December) where paths seem to emerge towards novelty. Decisions and transformations are not necessarily spectacular but they are useful, concerned for the good of the community that should someday (and probably in 2020) lead us to a more controlled apprehension of powers and resources and therefore, (hopefully) to a vision and a management of a more lucid and respectful world!

The Climate-The Environment:

Note in the introduction that the major aspects that influence the year 2019 will be played between planets located at home, that is to say in the sign that they control and therefore in which they reach their maximum firepower.

This is great when it comes to the sextile that Saturn sends to Neptune (an alliance between reason and a quest for an ideal)! Less fun when Jupiter clashes with Neptune and then amplifies the possible drifts associated with the negative effects of Neptune (a tendency to deceive, flunk, delirium and go into a tailspin)! The major risk under this influence? All water related disasters (flood, tidal waves, torrential rains) and pollution (air and water)! So, if we do not know the threats from the sky, let's prepare for some devastating storms or disasters, especially in January (around the 13th), in June (around the 16th) and in September (around the 21st)!

If we do not want to turn these moments of crisis into a point of no return, we will have to take drastic measures and enact laws that will finally take into account the long term and the future of our beloved planet! Regret in passing that it is still necessary to wait for the outbreak of dramatic events and feel a real sense of urgency to react and finally act. Protect this land, which must have more than enough to support it’s tenants decidedly so carefree and desperately unconscious!
Awareness and acknowledgment are bitter but inevitable. At the end it could lead to decisions and measures that are supposed to regulate the overflows and climatic disorders (due to our inconsistency and our pathological denial of urgency) and provide answers and solutions for the long term at the end of January, around June 18th, and November 9th! It will be time to reduce our energy costs in all areas.

A meeting in early 2020 (from January): it goes or it breaks! With the possibility (better late than never) to decide once and for all in favor of the necessity and the priority to refocus on essential needs and give up the superfluity which, seemingly but uncontrollably, takes us away from ourselves and our sacred but fragile bond with the earth!


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