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2020 Horoscope
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Leo, your horoscope 2020 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan:
An opportunity to seize on the fly to grow and expand your influence, get a promotion or a job that you like (the 2nd)? Do not hesitate. The time is now. Whether in love or business, there is something new in the air (the 15th). This is not a reason to use provocation in your exchanges (the 18th and 23rd), at the risk of spoiling the atmosphere and putting electricity in the air. It would be a pity.

2nd decan:
You work daily, and you can direct your destiny in the right direction (the 7th, 8th, and 10th). An irresistible magnetism helps you captivate whoever you want and strengthen your private, social, and professional business (the 23rd). A golden day to exercise your talents and your charm and win the vote. On the other hand, your popularity may fall by the end of the month (on the 27th and 29th) if you try to control your partner or someone you want to seduce.

3rd decan:
The first month of the year challenges you to move on. Saturn and Pluto join forces on the 12th to tip your life over and help you draw a line on the past? Do not rebel against the evidence and agree to take the plunge. Soon the sky will send you positive signals that will help you get back on your feet and break the deadlock.

1st decan:
Open negotiations (the 5th) that concern the current changes on the professional level. The sky sends you positive signals throughout the month and especially on the 21st, 22nd, 25th, 26th, and 29th. Your exchanges certainly evolve in a good way thanks to your evident willingness to serve the common cause as much as yours. Indeed, bet on an energy to break the lines but also to change the debates and your business. Then you can end the month on an excellent path to conclude to your benefit.

2nd decan:
If you had ended January a little out of favor, count on the cosmic climate of February to catch up with you. Especially around the 20th when all hopes are allowed. Openings (professional, social, or emotional) correspond to your highest aspirations? Let yourself be carried and inspired by these currents that should allow you to guide your daily life in the best possible way (both internally and externally).

3rd decan:
Your emotions could be good counsellors (the 2nd and 3rd) and contribute to transforming your daily life and overcoming some blockages and previous limitations smoothly. Avoid, if possible, at the end of the month, letting your ambitions and your desires bypass the positive evolution that begins. It would be a shame.

1st decan:
What's new in terms of your business? The birth of a company, the implementation of a project that you like? Anyway, it moves (the 8th). If discussions related to financing, obtaining rights or funds dragged on a little since last month, they could end positively by the 22nd. Then prepare (the 31st) to set up a structure (an association or a contract) that allows you to sustain, progress, and build on solid ground.

2nd decan:
Always in touch with intuition, inspiration, and flair without flaws (the 8th), you know how to use it to act. You mobilize to move the lines of your activity and/or your private life every day ( the 14th). A priori, you will be popular (the 23rd). Bet on your popularity to evolve your situation, rally the votes around your cause, radiate, and seduce all over the place (the 23rd).

3rd decan:
Avoid, as much as you can, offending anyone at the risk of reinforcing the brakes, blockages, and possible hostilities (the 3rd). Your attempts at seduction could turn against you. However, do not hesitate to use an outstanding sense of strategy (based on a sharp situation) on the 8th to defend your interests. You would have everything to gain and could then seize some opportunities to shine, excel, and show what you are capable of. You could then win the Moon on the 11th and 20th. This entrepreneurial spirit, daring, and necessary know-how will launch you into an adventure without delay. You could start an activity, an interesting job, or obtain the promotion you hoped for? Nothing will stop you on the 23rd, and everything seems possible and even predictable on the 28th and 29th.

1st decan:
A commitment or a tender project that requires you to establish your bases in the long term (the 4th and 11th)? Be careful on another plan (professional a priori) not to rush (antagonize) anyone by displaying an attitude that is too authoritarian (the 7th and 21st). Certainly, you aspire to get out of the ranks and try something else, elsewhere, or otherwise. But it is not a reason to impose your will on everyone without leaving anyone the right to answer. Avoid making too many sparks (on the 26th) if you do not want to finish the month stuck in a tailspin with your boss or your hierarchy.

2nd decan:
You know how to perfectly combine thinking and an outstanding intuition to negotiate advantageously (the 4th). But you will also use your inspired eloquence to court whoever you like, express, and assert your ambitions (whether emotional or professional) on the 18th. You convince whoever you want to believe you and follow you (the 19th). An ideal month, why not, to reach your goal.

3rd decan:
An opportunity to make a memorable encounter professionally, emotionally, or both and use your abilities to convince whoever makes you an offer to prefer you over anyone. You can, in principle, count on an opportunity that comes up (on the 5th) to move forward and break the deadlock, to come back to the fore. Bet on your sense of strategy and your flair (the 7th and 8th) to score points, mark minds, and advance your files in the right direction (up). However, do not risk ruining your chances by showing yourself too ambitious (pretentious) or wanting to play it too personal (the 14th, 15th, 25th, and 26th).

1st decan:
You are overflowing with creative energy and tend to be impatient with some of the slowness and resistance of your colleagues, peers, boss, and other decision-makers (the 1st). Hold your horses and continue to accumulate ideas of genius. Since the end of March, Saturn was probably exposing you to some difficulties in communication with your partner and others. From the 11th, this planet retreats. Take this opportunity to praise your merits and especially the relevance of your projects (the 12th and 22nd). At the very end of the month, you put all your energy at the service of your desires. In particular, the one that haunts you and pushes you to change your job, vocation, or even your life (25th).

2nd decan:
You think deeply and communicate a lot on the professional front (the 4th). But you would be well advised to reserve some of your precious time for your loved ones who probably demand you (the 7th). You will redouble your eloquence and your daring to defend (a priori successfully) the projects that are important to you (the 22nd). You will be able to count on a good popularity rating to get things done.

3rd decan:
Come back down to Earth for a moment on the 4th, 20th, and 22nd. If you dream aloud, you would be well advised to check if your projects really hold the road before rushing into them. It is well by thinking deeply and really taking into account your possibilities that you will succeed at moving the lines for the best. You will also concretize an offer that presents itself and could substantially evolve your career (the 9th and 10th). However, avoid provoking your peers, colleagues, interlocutors, and associates (on the 11th). Do everything in your power (but not more) on the 15th and 17th to show what you are capable of. Highlight your talents and your ability to manage the responsibilities that we may be preparing to give you.

1st decan:
Take the time to think about what you have been doing since the beginning of the year. This is, indeed, the time to take a moment and return to the past (the 5th?). Take stock about what remains to be done or the effectiveness of what you have already accomplished. No need to be impatient, however, as your thoughts may drag on for a while and only conclude constructively in mid-July. It should be noted, however, that some tender projects that have been waiting since May could get back on track as of the 25th. Do not hesitate (on the 28th) to defend your colors and ambitions which will certainly benefit (in the long term) from solid commitments that you contracted recently. On the 30th, you will have more than one idea in mind to strengthen your career or change it.

2nd decan:
You may see a little too big on the 3rd, where your hopes of experiencing exceptional moments may make you forget the limits you must not cross. Especially on the financial level. So be careful not to do anything that may stir up the anger of your creditors or debtors. Ditto on the 6th, where any attempt to force or abuse your power would hit a wall and could be worth some trouble. From the 18th, do not try to go faster than the music. Temporarily pause and stop to think about the ins and outs of your initiatives and projects. You'll find the answer around the end of July but not before.

3rd decan:
Neptune tends to connect you to subtle worlds that surround you and inhabit you? Take advantage of this sensitivity to begin to determine the direction you want to give your business and why not your entire life. However, avoid (on the 11th and 13th) imposing your vision of the world on others. They will not necessarily share it and could find you disconnected from reality. On the other hand, do not hesitate to invest yourself daily in this field to get things done (the 18th and 20th). You could achieve some success and, at the very end of the month (the 30th), benefit from an exceptional opportunity to change lanes, jobs, and even your life.

1st decan:
Always amid reflection (the 1st), there is no doubt that it should lead you, sooner or later (by the 22nd), to properly structure action plans designed to advance your business, or even change it. However, avoid (on the 8th) imposing your wills, too much or showing an authority which would not necessarily be to everyone's liking. From the 12th, you start to see ideas emerge that could help you move in the right direction without causing any more animosity around you.

2nd decan:
Starting from the 6th, prefer to think deeply in your corner rather than go into the fog or worse to make hasty decisions. You will have the opportunity (the 22nd) and the possibility to move out of the routine at work. An idea or a desire could make its way from here to the end of September but even more so next year. In the meantime, do not force anything or anyone. If your will to advance is obvious and your ambitions are no less palpable, you do not have all the rights. Especially not to do everything your way.

3rd decan:
Neptune continues to connect you with an intuition that is a good advisor. It could (on the 12th) put you on the path that suits you and open other doors for you; still buried but no less interesting and inspiring. However, take the time and take a step back to properly evaluate the proposals that you made (the 14th and 15th). Enough to determine if they really suit you and can actually get you on the right track. No question, indeed, of starting without reviewing your motivation and your ability to cope with the new situations that we propose. Otherwise, you risk feeling curbed by your fears and complexes (the 20th). Fortunately, you can count on your intuition and your secret voices to promote your expansion and make the right resolutions (the 27th).

1st decan:
Communication will be in the spotlight between the 5th and 10th. After a time of possible rumination and withdrawal, it's time to formulate what you hope and want to put in place to open a new cycle of external expression. On the emotional side, however, the time is more about interiorization. Between the 7th and 18th, you are advised to look back for a moment on the past to draw valuable lessons. Those that will allow you to soon (next month) shine with all your fires and to love or look for your soulmate and especially your deepest desires knowingly.

2nd decan:
You are tempted to take different paths at work, try something else, somewhere else, or otherwise. However, try (around the 2nd and 10th) not to overdo it and channel your energies and your tendency to provoke before you make big speeches. If not? You are likely to set fire to the powder and get yourself into trouble (and provoke hostility) on the 4th. You could be accused of wanting too much or drawing too much attention to yourself, and doing things your way. But, if you know how to dose your emotions, act without rushing anyone (on the 18th), and plead your case (financial, among others) with skill (the 25th), you could well end the month in an excellent way to obtain what you covet and ask for (on the 27th and 29th).

3rd decan:
You doubt yourself and a little bit of everything on the 1st. You feel a little stuck, like a prisoner of the past or habits and attitudes that restrain you on the 3rd? This is not a reason to rebel and then play against your interests on the 13th. Instead, you would have every interest in playing collectively rather than too personally. On the other hand, you can express your ambitions without much fear on the 16th and 17th, when the current will pass better between you and the others. However, avoid offending anyone at all costs (on the 24th). If some resistance does not give up, hold your horses until they are released.

1st decan:
Between the 5th and 12th, you will have no problem getting your messages across. In particular, with your close entourage, who will be all ears. On the emotional front, count on a Venus present in your decan between the 6th and 15th to shine with all your fires and make sparks in love. An ideal start to reignite the flame or fly.

2nd decan:
Uranus still exalts (until the 26th) your desire to leave the ranks and escape habits? Perhaps you will seek, both internally and externally (the 2nd), ways to shape some of your ideas. Enough to initiate a change that could be clarified in 2021. You could well approach your goal (the 9th) where funds (a raise or promotion) could be granted to you that could help you take off. But be sure to keep both feet on the ground on the 11th where you may see a little too big and have less clear ideas. Charm to spare between the 15th and 24th, but a tendency to abuse it to influence those who could promote the changes you hope for (the 15th)? Also, take care (on the 17th) not to embellish the picture too much by selling dreams to your entourage. Wait to be sure before boasting about your success.

3rd decan:
A certain ability to negotiate could move the lines and help advance your cause (the 1st). You will have convincing arguments to overcome the resistance around you (the 3rd). On the other hand, avoid (the 2nd and 4th) manipulating anyone at all costs by playing your charm. You risk disappointing or even attracting objections and criticism. Highlight your obvious talents and potentials to tip the scales on the bright side (the 14th and 17th) and persuade the community that you can be trusted and use your gifts for the good of everyone. However, if you use a tone that is too authoritarian and think only of yourself, beware of a collapse and disappointments (the 21st, 23rd, and 29th).

1st decan :
Discussions with your family which ran in circles will resume at the beginning of the month (the 7th). Take the time to expose to your loved ones this desire to change jobs or universes. These debates will drag on from the 14th but remain open to dialogue. Important questions will come back on the carpet on the 20th, 25th, and 30th. So many opportunities to explain and motivate your positions. An argument for putting forward (the 10th)? The happiness you find in exercising an activity that you like reflects positively in your family atmosphere.

2nd decan:
Avoid any balance of power in your exchanges (the 11th). Count on a state of affairs conjoined with your inspiration and your desire to direct your activity to open the field of possibilities. All conditions will be met around the 12th for your wishes to come true. You will then want to promote your potential and talents but stay a realistic (the 18th) if you expect more money or recognition. Funds could be unlocked, and your talents could be exploited at fair value on the 19th. But muzzle your impatience and your huge ambitions.

3rd decan:
A conflict lasts due to your determination to achieve your ambitions and external obstacles that jam you (the 9th). Prefer to open constructive exchanges rather than wallowing in your dignity, even if the debates are a bit heated (the 13th and 15th). You must avoid a stalemate (the 18th) even if the community persists in putting a spoke in your wheels.

1st decan:
Between the 10th and the 18th, you have the opportunity to close a debate that started last month. On the 17th, you will be able to convince your loved ones of the legitimacy of your choices, even if they disturb the order of things a little. Be polite and pass your messages smoothly on the 27th.

2nd decan:
Tensions to predict in your exchanges. In particular, with your close entourage (on the 9th). You will have to make them understand what motivates you and pushes you to fight to obtain favor and realize what you personally hold dear. Use your intuition to find the right words in family on the 10th and 24th.

3rd decan:
Your exchanges are stuck at the beginning of the month (the 1st and 6th). Your interests seem far removed from those of the group. Remain open to dialogue and be patient because, around the 12th, there is an opportunity to help yourself out of the impasse. Your whole life could be changed. Starting with your family life, which could see a fruitful payoff on the 14th and 15th but also the 27th and 29th.

1st decan:
Starting on the 17th, Saturn urges you to take a closer look at your bonds. Whether on the private or social level, it is necessary to determine what corresponds to your expectations. Decide for the long term if it is advisable to continue the road together. From the 19th, Jupiter follows suit. This is the opportunity, from the 21st, to engage in the long term and make a serious decision about the future of all your associations.

2nd decan:
The current goes well with your family on the 6th. You improve your living conditions and those of your entourage. Be careful though (the 9th and 30th) not to skew reality and unintentionally deceive the other. Stay in touch with reality. You remain determined to realize your ambitions and express your talents (the 11th).

3rd decan:
You rally the votes in your family (on the 10th) and communicate your enthusiasm to everyone (the 14th). A new life is emerging, and a promise of fulfillment is materializing. You end a hectic year, rich in twists switched "on." In particular, on the 15th and 20th, you get recognition and you are able to secure your bases and reassure those around you.

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I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 03/01/2020 at 05:43
Leo N d khan, sign for Leo
Posted the 02/01/2020 at 11:54
My busines and career 2020
You are on the right page ! If you want more information on your next horoscopes, here is the link : Archive of Monthly Horoscopes Have a nice day !
I like it I don't like it
Leo N d khan, sign for Leo
Posted the 02/01/2020 at 11:54
My busines and career 2020
I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 30/12/2019 at 04:54
Leo monica, sign for Leo
Posted the 28/12/2019 at 23:54
Possibility of marriage in 2020?
Career success in 2020
Dear Monica, you are on the right page. You can have a look at your personal astral forecast to visualize your life cycle: Your personalized astral forecast offered Have a nice day !

I like it I don't like it
Leo monica, sign for Leo
Posted the 28/12/2019 at 23:54
Possibility of marriage in 2020?
Career success in 2020
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