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2018 horoscope for Capricorn

Capricorn: Your 2018 love horoscope

Love: The Future Opens!
A page has turned, you have learned lessons from the past and since the end of last December, Saturn who has invested in your sign, invites you to redefine your priorities based on the lessons learned and integrated? By 2020, decan after decan, you will build yourself, rebuild yourself and then approach a new cycle of evolution more consciously. If in 2017, you thirsted to shine and for social recognition but for the most part had to fight against external and internal (family) circumstances that were not always favorable to your blossoming, you will be able to count on Jupiter in 2018 to relaunch dormant projects Ami Capricorn or start on others that could help brighten the path and make you feel better.

An opportunity for you to realize some personal transformations, which allow you to express who you are and what you feel in depth and give free rein to your creativity and your desire to devour life. No question, indeed, this year of not trying your luck and missing some opportunities to fully enjoy life and the present moment; even if some (1st decan) will sometimes be restrained in their impulses by certain benchmarks on the personal front. The future opens in 2018, whether in friendship and love, you will sometimes have choices to make but you will also have exciting meetings that can strengthen your thirst for metamorphosis (whether personal or about your life in general) and give you wings. At the end of the year (from November 8th, 2018), Jupiter will invite you to take a step back on a whirlwind of a year. Enough to listen to your inner riches and new discoveries in order to be able to exploit them externally.

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd): A Temporary but Necessary Phase of Withdrawal!
Since the end of December 2017, Saturn has invested in your decan and in 2018 could darken your horizons a little. This austere planet requires you to internalize, even isolate yourself a bit from the rest of the world in order to refocus on the essentials and this year, the main thing ... is yourself. You have completed a cycle of 29 and a half years (a Saturnian cycle) and have started another on December 20th! By the end of 2018, it will often be more about understanding how you want to work now rather than sowing your wild oat! A period to return to oneself, rediscover oneself and restructure according to the lessons learned during the 1st Saturnian cycle. Exercise is important and you will have little time to devote to your significant other and others. But do not skip this step because it will allow you to continue on a more mature path, more sure of yourself and what you want to live and embody, now. Between mid-May and early November (and especially this summer), Uranus will approach Saturn to free you from certain shackles and maybe put some rumba in the air and in your loves! If Jupiter opened your perspective last fall (new friends, new projects ...), Venus will help you out of your bubble and will allow you to communicate harmoniously between February 10th and 18th, to promote family exchanges between the 6th and the 15th of March. Count on this delicious planet to boost your power of seduction (and your libido) between March 31st and April 8th and to encourage you to take a step towards each other, to really listen to your partner (at least a little) between May 19th and 27th! Between the 10th and 19th of July you will thirst to realize your ambitions in love, to evolve the relationship or to find that special someone. Make way for exciting projects between the 9th and 29th of September, even if you must take into account social pressure (or professional imperatives) and wait for December (between the 2nd and 17th) to hatch! At the end of the year, Jupiter (from November 8th) will take care of brewing and growing your plans behind the scenes. Enough to prepare you (from the end of 2019) to start a new chapter of your life then, in full possession of your means!

In a Relationship, If last fall Jupiter gave you a glimpse of a future that inspires you, in 2018 you will have to focus on yourself and what you want to embody on a personal level rather than focusing on your life as a couple. If you move in osmosis with each other, no problem! He will understand your need to withdraw into yourself and perhaps turn a page of your story. Otherwise, beware of the clashes and misunderstandings that could threaten your union. Be sure to explain to your partner what you are obsessed with and what primarily needs to be restructured within so that it is in accordance with your essential needs. Bet on the summer to open a few hatches and new doors. You will enjoy a cosmic climate that may make you want to explore new paths with each other and spice up your life as a couple!

Single, even if you met people last fall, you may have a hard time devoting yourself to your new conquests and also to your circle of friends, in 2018! Saturn urges you to identify what you really need in order to make the most of the lessons learned in the past! You tend to cut yourself off rather than frolic and have a good time. Venus flies to your rescue from time to time (see dates above) and helps to relax your mind and put a little lightness in your very serious program. However, you will probably spend more time making assessments and dissecting your personal case (to better understand yourself) and you won’t think about flirting with love. But rely on Uranus (between mid-May and early November) to lighten the mood and renew your vision of the world. There is an opportunity to explore new desires and position yourself emotionally and according to new parameters? Make sure to follow up!

2nd decan (January 3rd - January 11th): Only Good Vibes!
In 2017, since the end of last November, Jupiter has put you to work and given you a lot of trouble. However, you enjoy his favor without much effort or compensation, which is a little painful to provide. Since the end of the fall of 2017, you have benefited from influxes that carry you and invite you to cheerfully build castles in the sky and to look forward, with confidence, to a promising future! Count, indeed, on good opportunities to precipitate some positive transformations and to strengthen your faith in life, your optimism and your creativity in January (especially around the 16th), in May (around the 25th), in August and in September where all the conditions will be met for you to lay the foundations for a future that inspires you and should not disappoint you. You will also receive support from Venus between the 2nd and 10th of January (a start of the year certainly strong in emotions) that will endow you with an outstanding charm and will encourage great flights. Venus will also be your ally between March 15th and 23rd, where this delicious planet will help you tighten the ranks with your family and expand or improve your living conditions (and surroundings)! You will shine with all your fire between April 8th and 16th, when you are not safe from reigniting with an old flame or a thunderous love at first sight moment and you will unreservedly listen to the other between May 27th and June 5th, where your attention will mark minds and hearts! You will aspire to move the link in the right direction and to achieve your ambitions in love between July 19th and 28th. From the end of September, if Venus boosts your thirst to broaden your horizons and realize your ambitious projects, prepare (from October 5th) to have to wait a little (until December) before you can really get your plans started!

In a Relationship, you have been hovering since the beginning of last December, which has undoubtedly allowed you to embark on a new adventure, to open the hatches and to reinforce your private life (to conceive a baby, to enlarge the family, to move ...)? In 2018, you have a lot of planetary support in order to do what you want, to fully enjoy the present moment and to advance happily carried by the elements. Up to you to formulate and realize your big dreams in 2018! Bet on January, May, August and September to move forward and get back on track after 2017 has probably rocked you a little and away from your loves! It is time to seize all the opportunities to change your life for the better that will come in 2018 and expand your circle of faithful ones in order to address a more complicated end of year that will expose you to some delays, restraints or blockages and to a year, in 2019, where you will have to focus primarily on who you are and what you personally want to become!

Single, if you were a little stuck and found the pill bitter in 2017, rejoice because 2018 promises you wonders,including some great opportunities to break with your loneliness. Enjoy a big blue sky and planetary currents that are part of your emotional life to make unforgettable encounters in January, May, August, and September when Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune could get involved in helping your chances of blossoming in great company. Whether it's making new friends or pulling petals off the daisies, you'll be able to count on Venus's great popularity and care to carry your hopes and desires! Take advantage immediately of these powerful celestial bodies to open the future in the right direction (that of your expectations) because the end of the year is clouding and could darken your horizons a little and thwart your progress.

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): In Full Metamorphoses!
If you had some difficulty managing your family life and clearing some space for the freedom you needed to breathe and grow at your ease, you certainly manage to move the lines in the right direction with your family in 2018. You may have turned a page and learned lessons from the past so you approach 2018 more balanced or at least more aware and anxious to meet your needs within the clan! In 2018, Pluto comes to tickle your thirst for exploring your own depths! Whether it is your instincts that need to be discovered and integrated or a more or less repressed life plan to unearth, the "lord of metamorphoses" should, between early February and mid-July, encourage introspection and positive transformations. Then enjoy a rather harmonious and dynamic climate to discover new facets of yourself that may well allow you to open new avenues and help you achieve some great projects and ... your destiny. From mid-December 2018, Pluto will return to his duties and help you dive into the abyss of the unconscious and definitely encourage your radical evolution! You will be particularly carried by the elements in April when Jupiter and Pluto join forces to accelerate the pace of transformation and hasten the realization of projects that are dear to you! Venus will also contribute to your fulfillment between January 10th and 18th (if you take care not to use your charm too much in order to improperly coerce your loved ones), between February 26th and March 6th when this delicious planet will allow you to smoothly pass your messages. Also count on Venus in March (between the 23rd and 31st) to harmonize your ties at home and in April (between the 16th and the 24th) where your irresistible charm could work wonders and attract and hold the attention of whoever you like! Consider absolutely the desires of the other and do not hesitate to make every effort to fill them between June 5th and 13th and mobilize or evolve your duo, or find that special someone between July 28th and August 6th, where Venus promotes the realization of your emotional ambitions! Jupiter will boost your momentum and relay your tender projects between January 21st and April 25th and between September 19th and November 8th, when you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to concretize between December 29th and January 7th, when Venus clears the way and opens the path!

In a Relationship, Pluto invites you to probe your needs and desires perhaps hitherto buried or hidden. Some will seem excessive and not socially correct, but you will be interested in looking into 2018 and then ... into your own abyss. You will also have the opportunity, in 2018, to make the best of it and to extract from your inner resources the most unconscious means in order to direct your life in the right direction, the one that attracts you. You will indeed have a planetary arsenal rather well disposed to you and able to support you not only in your thirst for introspection but also to extract some important projects. Bet on the spring to begin a project and get started in new adventures and surf on the favors of Venus to relay your initiatives. A year conducive to personal evolution that could well reflect on your couple and open other, exciting perspectives ... in 2018!

Single, you benefit from internal changes that will help generate evolution in 2018 to launch new and big projects, to glimpse and plan your future differently, to make new friends and to find the ideal partner, the one who will understand you and accept to follow you and accompany you in a process of metamorphosis that starts in 2018! The spring will be conducive to the emergence of your new personality free of debris and fears of the past that you will no longer worry about integrating into your personality in a creative way! It's up to you to be bold and to show your desires and wishes that may well be echoed (in April?) and lead you on hitherto unexplored trails and certainly much more in tune with who you really are!

Advice from FREE Horoscope :
A year that should offer you great opportunities to realize yourself in many ways. Count on Jupiter to open up the path in love, where you want to go together, or to find a soul mate but also to associate your friends in your quest for novelty and inspiring achievements. A year to unfold without wasting anything and to share in order to make the party beautiful!

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