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Monday, July the 6th
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2017 horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Your 2017 love horoscope

Be true to yourself first!
In 2016, you constantly bounced between your need to be, and remain, yourself and the demands of family life, which sometimes undercut your desires. An upsetting, if not downright depressing, celestial presence kept you caught in a difficult middle ground. It seemed impossible to you, Ami Sagittarius, to maintain a harmony that suited you well and might help you take the plunge into romance and/or bring your loved ones together. In 2017, the climate looks to be much more favorable for you to thrive. If you still aren't willing to make some concessions about what is truly important and insist on clinging onto your authenticity (hard-won through various trials), you should enjoy conditions that will be more favorable to expressing your fundamental needs. No need, anymore, for making concessions that torture you or reduce your freedom. Instead, welcome in these new conditions that ought to help you throw open the hatches, express your potential, and love however you want.

Off the beaten path!
Now is the time to seize the chance to change your path (or life), to take a more fantastical, less conventional approach to life, relationships, and love. Expect to be surprised, or to surprise, Ami Sagittarius, and for your foundations to be shaken a bit. It's all about breaking the rules, pushing the envelope in your personal life, yet while planning for the future and protecting your assets and identity. You will, without a doubt, be unsure of how to act, how to use the balance of power in your favor to get your partner, and others, to accept this new version of you (end of March, beginning of August). You will be confronted with tough decisions (beginning of March, end of September), but, in the end, should close out this year more sure of yourself and of your path. Rely on Jupiter, who, since the end of summer 2016, has been kicking things up a notch, increasing your chances and possibilities in life. Between now and the end of autumn 2017, you will, then, have some choices to make.

A key year for your love-life!
Venus will guide your steps, Ami Sagittarius, but also restrict your movement during this first half of the year, if only to help you figure out what truly matters to you - or doesn't (anymore). Are you still in love? You will often be ready to take flight, to ignite or rekindle the flame, build a home, expand your family, make a move, or put some zest into your life. You will, however, find it difficult to choose between many options in life, between passion and reason, and will have to carefully put your priorities in order. Thrilling loves will make you tremble and shake, while reassuring the troops and protecting your assets. Do you want to have your cake and eat it, too? Up until the start of June, you will work with great determination to have it all. In July, Venus will order you once again to open up and listen to your partner and to reach out to them. In August, this delightful planet will inflame your passion, boosting your libido and seductive powers. The temperature will rise. Between August 26th and September 9th, you will be bound and determined to move your relationship forward, expand your horizons, or find that special someone if you haven't already.

An end to the year of reflection - and seduction!
Make room for large-scale plans this fall (between mid-October and November 5th). From October 10th on, Jupiter will suggest that you remove yourself from the upheaval of these past two years, to carefully reflect over the consequences of your actions, and to let time... take its time. In 2018 (November), you will bound and determined to go for it, to close one chapter of your life just to open another. You will push forward, strengthened from your past experiences, but will rush nothing. You will close out 2017, a year rich in emotion and new events, at the top of your game, armed with an irresistible charm that should work its magic on everyone in December, allowing you to enter 2018 on a high note and in good company - or about to be.

First decan (November 23 - December 2): Not a problem in sight (or very few)!
You will enjoy relatively clear skies in 2017, allowing you to move forward unimpeded. You've come to understand a lot of things about yourself, and life, and seek to get your life going in the right direction, one that will respect your personal identity, strengthened by the trials and tribulations of the past and your need to evolve, in love as well as in expressing your potential. And so, you this year should be one full of life, energy, and opportunities for tracing your own path in some way or another, but won't come to any decision (in 2018) before carefully weighing the pro's and con's.

If you are in a relationship,you will be preoccupied with assuring the security of your home and family, with bring your relations with loved ones into harmony (between the 3rd and 12th). In February (between the 3rd and 19th), you heart will go boom, and you will kick off a period of soul-searching when you can hope to channel your energy and impulses properly. You will deeply question your attachments with others and will delve further into this topic to at last rekindle the flame, breathe new life back into your relationship, or give it another shot, weakened as it may be. At the end of April, you will be more sure of yourself and your feelings, and, up until mid-May, could hit a high point with your lover, as well as with your children if you have any (or are getting ready to have some). You will get even closer to your partner between July 5th and 14th and will explore together your unbridled sensual intimacy between August 3rd and 9th. Venus will bring you inspiration and the desire to take off, to set sail for love between August 26th and September 3rd, when your main goal will still be to take your relationship to the next level. Thrilling new plans will call you to action in October, but Jupiter, entering your sign on the 10th, will invite you to take your time, to work out your plans, before starting up the next chapter in your life (in 2018). You will end this all abuzz, carried by Venus' magnetic energy, who (between December 1st and 9th) will give your seductive powers a boost and put all eyes on you.

If you are single, you could catch a glance from someone who will leave you anything but cold. If you are still on the search for your soul mate, you will have numerous opportunities in the first half of 2017 to hit your mark (between February 3rd and 19th, April 28th and May 14th). You will have it on your heart to create a bond that respects your need for authenticity and autonomy, and you will, without a doubt, think over the best way to share your life without sacrificing your own identity. Put through the wringer a bit by past events, you will seek to make decisions that make sense and will elate you without holding you back. If you relationship breaks past the limits you've imposed on it, you could then desire to commit even more seriously in July (between the 5th and 14th), when Venus will invite you to get closer to your partner and build a lasting bond (or to go out and meet people if you still haven't found that special someone). You will magnetic, carried along by your boosted libido between July 31st and August 9th, when your enthralling sex appeal will be hard to resist. Between August 26th and September 3rd, you will do everything in your power to find (or hold onto) a partner that is up to your expectations. You can count on your friends to take your mind off things between October 14th and 22nd. They will without a doubt have good advice to give, and you won't hesitate to consult them first before jumping into something with anyone. Starting on October 10th (and up until November 25th), Jupiter will invite you to think twice before jumping the gun. You should close out this dynamic year certain of your irresistible charm, which will enable you to enchant your partner or grab someone's attention between December 1st and 9th.

Second decan (December 3 - 12): Clear skies!
You went through periods of turbulence and upheaval in 2016, having to put up with estrangement and separation in your family life that likely weighed on your heart and made you doubt yourself and fear for the future. In 2017, your desires will once again hit a wall or run into setbacks over which you have no direct control (end of March, beginning of August). Nevertheless, you will get more opportunities (between March 24th and August 20th, but especially at the start of June) to start up a future you like... You will, however, have to wait patiently (up until 2018) before you can see your plans through!

If you are in a relationship,2016 may have darkened your horizons and led you to doubt your relationship, yourself, and everything. You will regain control over things in 2017, when your (long-term?) goals will take shape, even if you will likely have to wait awhile before they truly become a reality. You will start off this year raring to go, to take care of the household, and desiring to put your family at ease and return harmony to your home. You will be vibrant and impassioned on February 19th but also held back or impeded at the start of March. You will, then, have to look back over the past in order to understand what you want, or don't want anymore. You will be more ready and willing to assert your emotional needs and to do everything in your power to satisfy them between May 14th and 26th. In July, you won't hesitate to reach out to your partner and rekindle the flame (between July 14th and 22nd). Pleasure will make its return this summer, especially between August 9th and 17th, when your desires will be...commands. You yearn to take your relationship to the next level and expand your horizons between September 3rd and 11th and will, together, dream up big plans for the future between October 22nd and 30th. Though Jupiter may suggest that you take a step back and look over recent events and think on November 25th, you should still get to close this year out on a high note, determined to use your magnetic charm on your partner between December 9th and 17th!

If you are single, family problems may have gotten you down in 2016. In 2017, you will slowly take back control over your fate, determined to move your romantic life in the right direction. If you have to dedicate the majority of your time to restoring equilibrium to your family life in January, you can count on your love-life being next. From February 19th on, you could start up a new, promising relationship or fall for someone that inspires you. You will have to put up with demands from your loved ones that will tend to take up most of your time. It'll be up to you to figure out where you're at and what you really want (to give your time to,. which you will in May, when your love-life should come to the fore and drive you to make a commitment this summer (between July 14th and 22nd) or take the dive into a new, promising romance. You will seek to reach a turning point, to enrich your relationship, and make your romantic relations a reality starting this autumn (between September 3rd and 11th). Make room for thrilling plans between October 22nd and 30th. From November 25th on, Jupiter will urge you to keep your urges at bay a little. This might be your time to separate the essential from the unnecessary. You will, however, end this year strengthened by your recent success or bound and determined to hit your target if you haven't already by relying on your absolutely irresistible charm between December 9th and 17th.

Third decan (December 13 - 21): Take your time!
Since December 2016, you've been able to count on support from the stars in forging ahead, laying down foundations for a brand new life, and making bold decisions without sacrificing your future. No more making stifling concessions. Instead, rely on your experience from the past to take your love-life where you want to go. You will, at times, be torn between your desire to make your great plans a reality and the desire to remain free to do as you please (beginning of March, end of September). Count on the passing of time to prove your choices right and on 2018 to help you think and then take the dive, to reach a turning point - in 2019!

If you are in a relationship, you've been enjoying cosmic support to help you thrive since December 2016. You yearn to push things forward, but not at any price. So, no more ignoring the wildness within you or your desire to lead discussion (and your love-life) as you see fit. You will have to reconcile your desire for strong emotions, to spice up your daily (and love-)life with your determination to obey your fundamental demands, respecting your own authentic self and personal needs. Though you will step into action at the start of the year to bring harmony to interactions at home (between January 23rd and February 3rd), you will spend a good portion of your time, and energy, figuring out which bases, foundations you would like to move forward on romantically up until the start of June. You will work to bring people closer together without further delay between July 22nd and 31st and will be even more enthusiastic about taking your relationship to the next level between September 9th and 20th. Make room for big plans between October 30th and November 7th. You will dream up big plans together, taking as much time as you need. Under Jupiter's watchful eye, things will slow down a bit in 2018, giving you time to set your conditions and enter, without any hesitation, a new stage of expansion (in 2019).

If you are single, you've glimpsed, since 2016, the possibility of focusing on, and energizing, your romantic life, while making sure to respect your own fundamental needs. No (more) just leaping into any relationship that comes your way without thinking about the possible consequences. You will, in 2017, get to enjoy a sky that will help you expand your horizons, move beyond your limits and your past principles so you can reinvent your life, and your love, as you see fit. You can count on Venus, up until the start of June, to help you explore all facets and possibilities in your relationship with the chance of testing out (or strengthening) a recent romance or finding that special someone. You will be tempted to make a commitment this summer, when Venus will invite you to reach out to others (between July 22nd and 31st). Expect to enjoy strong moments of passion and sensual play between August 17th and 26th. Starting in the autumn, you will year to take a relationship that matches you well to the next level. And, if you are still alone, you won't feel like settling at all and will even raise your expectations. You can count on your friends for having fun between October 30th and November 7th, and, if you have recently gotten involved with someone, will dream up big plans for the future with your lover. You won't, however, rush anything. In January, Jupiter will urge you to meditate on your past experiences so that you can make the right decisions in the future with full knowledge of the facts... in 2019. In the meantime, and in December, you will shine in all your glory between the 17th and 25th. If you are still single, open your eyes - and your heart!

My advice:

This will be a year when you can rely on the maturity you've gained through your trials and tribulations and the lessons you've learned from the past to start laying down the foundations for a life that better suits your expectations. No more loving without also respecting yourself. You will make great strides in 2017 towards reaching your goals and will get ready, blissfully, to enter a new stage of expansion and growth in 2018!

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