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Introduction: Not an easy character!

Aries ascendant Scorpio: Tenacious, enterprising, intuitive, you know what you want and you give yourself the means to succeed. You have a lot of aggressiveness in you which proves to be very useful if you channel it towards a precise goal, without that, you risk to turn it against yourself, to be prone to self-destruction.

Strengths of the for Aries ascendant Scorpio: Courageous and tenacious
Weaknesses of the for Aries ascendant Scorpio: Vulnerable and possessive

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Personality: Passionate and militant!

You are endowed with a whole personality, combative, stubborn, which never gives up its ideals. Fighting allows you to give the best of yourself and you will experience great changes throughout your life, the most important being those of your childhood. Your education allows you to forge a protective shell against the difficulties of life.

Vitality / Temperament: A taste for challenges!

You function by instinct and seduction and your intuitions help you a lot to succeed in your objectives. You have the soul of a pioneer who feels good when he makes great discoveries, but who risks, by his excesses, to meet also deep enmities... You have a remarkable ability to question yourself and to start from scratch if necessary.

Love and emotional relationships: Complicated relationships!

You are difficult to please and in your love life, you can be frustrated by your demands and a certain egocentricity. Underneath your bully shell that serves your distrust, you are a whole and passionate being. When it comes to expressing your feelings, you become shy and awkward. In love, you are tender, but very demanding and possessive. You must learn to control your jealousy, for it can darken your relationship. You meet power relations in your intimacy, that allows you to refine your weapons.

In the family: Demanding and scathing!

You lack diplomacy in your relations with your close relations, you do not calculate your impact when you have something to say. Your energy must be channeled constantly so that it does not turn against you. You are active and have a lot of intuition and willpower. You often achieve your goals, no matter what obstacle you encounter, you never give up.

Relationship with money / material goods: Fine negotiator!

Your way of thinking is deep, you get to the bottom of things and you are helped by a great intuition. You have an excellent Cartesian mind, the source of your logic. This is a combination that opens the door to excellent financial investments.

Socio-professional life: Nothing stops you!

Voluntary, energetic, courageous, you have a burning and very combative character, you are a conqueror who continues to advance when the others give up. Difficulties stimulate you. Whatever the problem you encounter, whatever the ordeal you have to go through, you always find the resources to get up and bounce back. Your power of action is impressive.

Sphere of friendship: Too prescriptive!

You need to possess those you love, which is why jealousy often prevents you from being lucid. You have a great facility to influence others and to rally them to your cause. On the negative side, this can lead you to authoritarianism. The great turning points of your destiny are radical and totally reorient you to encourage you to channel your fighting spirit.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in a water sign

Fire risks being consumed by Water. Your Water ascendant induces changeable moods, repeated evasions and childish whims, all of which are not very compatible with the exploitation of your abilities.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

This is a minor aspect without much impact. At most, it signals some difficulty in controlling your passions and staying clear-headed. More than anyone else, you may have to rise from the ashes after one or more major trials in your life, and you are likely to have the strength and courage to do so.

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