Full moon in Cancer: romance!

Written by Susan

The moon is at home in Cancer, powerful, imaginative. It intensifies our emotions, which can make certain situations all the more dramatic. This is a romantic and creative full moon, but one that could put some people under pressure, torn between their emotions and the usual realism...


You're feeling oversensitive and reactive. You're emotions are in overdrive, and you're having trouble concentrating on your goals. You want to do what you have to feel good again, but, on one hand, you feel totally abandoned, and, on the other, you're accused of trying to control everything. Until this foul ambiance passes, try to gain control of your bad mood and so avoid any squabbles.


Under this full moon, you will be particularly understanding towards others and will need to show your affection to your loved ones more than ever. Your wonderful energy betrays your desire to make your relationship more serious. Today is the day, then, to whisper sweet nothings into your lover's ear and enjoy some quality time together with those who are dearest to you.


Under this full moon, expect your need to love, and to be loved, to be exacerbated. You will be more open and willing to get closer to your partner and to those that are most dear to you. Now is the time to be a confidant to them, to reveal to them your own feelings, too. You will enjoy great liberty and possibility for declaring your love and seducing.


Today is a good day to go out as a couple, or with friends, and to have fun. Emotionally, you will enjoy a great burst of energy that you need to get over your apprehensions, your fears, and share your deepest desire. This peaceful and positive ambiance is great for planning a nice, little date with your lover and enjoying some alone time.


Under this full moon, you won't need to go out of your way to gain the trust and affection of those around you. Your awesome sensitivity and natural kindness will be on display, making you wildly popular with others. This looks to be a good day for melting hearts and interacting positively with others.


Your charm is shot through with imagination. You are ready to offer your lover the moon, just to please them. Your partner will be thrilled with your sensitivity, desire, and kindness. This is also a good day for opening up to others, fitting into a group, meeting new people, and gaining popularity.


Under this full moon, your emotions will be turned upside down, and you'll have trouble expressing them. You feel stuck, held back from taking action or communicating. In every area of life, signals seemed to be getting mixed. This confusing atmosphere will cause you to withdraw into yourself. And so, this isn't the best day for making any important decisions.


This is a good day to follow your intuition, which will turn out to be right. At work, you possess the skill and the perseverance you need to take on your tasks seriously and obtain the desired results. When it comes to love, people find you naturally irresistible. Tenderness and one-on-one dates are on the schedule. You will be available to enjoy some relaxed quality time with your family.


This looks to be a good day for taking care of your finances and making the right decisions to improve the comfort of your home. Your perceptions will be right, leading you towards the right choices. At work, your good qualities and charisma will be just what's needed! Your ideas and creativity will be appreciated and discussion will be constructive.


This full moon won't encourage busting down doors to get ahead. Your extreme sensitivity holds you back, and your work weighsx on you. You will adopt a carefree attitude, opting to withdraw into solitude instead of communicating with others. The mood today is rather upsetting, but don't make it out to be more important than it actually is - it won't last!


This full moon invites you to refocus on your emotional priorities. This is a good day for getting closer to your children, especially if it's exam time, or to your lover, who expects you to be there to spend time together, and for planning a get-away. So, make yourself available to those who are dearest to you!


Today is a good day to trust your intuition. If you're negotiating a contract or a deal, your instincts will enable you to catch onto what's at stake immediately and to take advantage of wonderful opportunities. Expect to reach emotional fulfillment as well. Your good intentions and kindness will bring you victory and show how capable you really are of moving mountains in love.

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