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Friendship and astro signs!

Written by Olivia

In friendship, some commit quickly, while others are too careful and don't get attached until they're sure that the friendship meets their expectations and is truly beneficial and solid. In this era where communication and social networks are all around us, we're going to see, together and sign by sign, if you're the kind to meet a person and immediately become friends or if you take a more moderate approach and take the time to build a real bond first.


Naturally enthusiastic and impulsive, you tend to illicit a lot of sympathy from others and form a bond very easily. Within a few moments, you are capable of going nuts for someone you just met and you believe that they feel the same way and are ready to be with you. You're not really good at separating the wheat from the chaff. You often get involved with people who are solely interested in what you can give them. Needless to say, you lack the discernment and, by acting this way, you are quite often disappointed.


You have your feet planted firmly on the ground, and you are extremely careful when it comes to building new relations. Though you are rather sociable, you don't form friendships easily. You prefer not to waste your time and energy on a relationship that appears fleeting to you or that doesn't offer you what you expected. As demanding and picky in friendship as you are in love, you are wise and moderate when it comes to taking that final step of investing yourself in a new relationship of any sort. But, once you feel comfortable and confident, you will become a faithful and devoted friend.


Curious about everything and very sociable and passionate, you attract much sympathy. You constantly seek to build bonds with people who are stimulating and enriching. You are the type to build a relationship quickly and impulsively, as soon as you meet someone. All it takes is a simple "like" from someone you don't know on Facebook, and you'll be readier than ever to meet up, even if this person lives on the other side of the world. You are very gung-ho and need conversation with multiple people. You commit yourself 100% to people that are completely different from each other. This thrilling attitude can, however, cause some disappointment.


For you, it is inconceivable to form a friendly relationship if it's not based on authentic affinity, common interests, and similar thoughts. You are particularly picky when it comes to choosing your friends, which you can count on one hand. And so, you're not the type to get into a friendship as soon as you meet someone. Quite the opposite, you trust in your intuition and take the time to form a new bond, making sure it is up to your expectations and will be unfailing. Once you've taken this step, you'll be a friend who listens and who people can always count on.


Outgoing, sociable, and cheerful, you are just as communicative as demanding in a friendship. Even if it seems that you form bonds quickly, that doesn't mean you're not picky. For you, friendship is sacred, and as such, it is out of the question for you to share or maintain a relationship with anyone who doesn't meet up to your expectations. In short, you prefer to be alone rather than in bad company. And so, before jumping into a new relationship, you take your time to be sure you'll be able to enjoy an exceptional friendship and share the same nobility in your hearts and in your minds. Once this bond has been formed, you quickly become a faithful friend who will always be there to console your friend and make them laugh.


Naturally discreet, reasonable, and shy, you don't like to waste time on idle chit chat or superficial relationships. You're not one to make friends at the drop of a hat. Picky and demanding, you don't trust someone as soon as you meet them and take your time showing your true self. Quite often, the friends you do have, you've had since you were a child, that's enough for you. You prefer to grow within a small circle of friends rather than accumulate acquaintances of little importance. You want to be sure that the other person shares the same values that you hold so dear before building a new bond.


Naturally social, joyful, and good company, you have no trouble being liked and making friends. Warm and expressive, you form friendships easily as soon as you meet someone. You can't stand being alone and are likely to likely discernment, building bonds with shallow people or with people with whom you have little in common and who will, sooner or later, end up disappointing you. But, over time, you can also become picky and desire to only share yourself with people who share the same ideas, convictions, and interests as you.


Naturally wild and indomitable, you're not the type to offer yourself up or trust someone as soon as you meet them. With you, one thing is certain: a person must prove themselves before gaining your friendship. What's more, you are unable to even consider having a relationship with someone who doesn't share your love of thinking or with whom you don't have much in common. Before giving your trust, you take the time to analyze, find even the slightest fault, foible, or weakness, and to test their emotional hardiness. Once this is done, if you feel that this friendship is worth the trouble, you will become an extremely faithful and loyal friend.


Warm, curious, and someone who enjoys life, you like to be surrounded with friends and appreciate more than anyone meeting new people. For you, any occasion is the right one to form a new bond. Whether at work, at play, or during a night out, you don't hesitate to establish pleasant and stimulating connections. But still, you have a singular view on friendship. You prefer to have shallow relations, rather than feel dependent on someone. Your desire for freedom prevents you from creating long-lasting friendships and can also make you come off as superficial. Regardless, you can always be there for the people that are truly close to you.


You have few friends and don't particularly desire to expand that circle. You take your time forming new bonds. Moreover, you don't seem very social at first glance and retain a little of your inaccessible side, which makes you difficult to approach. Still, you are capable of maintaining numerous contacts with people from varying backgrounds. But, once you've given your trust and have decided to become friends with someone, you are unflinchingly faithful and supportive. You're always there when someone needs you and are a great listener who knows how to boost morale.


You can't imagine a life where you're not surrounded by loads of friends. You will, then, multiply your contacts and conversations with others, and you will create new bonds. For you, any occasion is the right one to form a new bond. New neighbor in the neighborhood? Bam, you've already organized a dinner to get to know them better. You go off on vacation, meet new people, then, when you get back, you see each other again and decide to go off on a trip together next year. You are deeply generous and faithful and don't expect anything in return, except to be given your own freedom.


You are distrustful, introverted, and a worrier. It takes you time to create true bonds of friendship. What with your intuition and premonitions, you tend to waffle about getting involved in a new relationship. You need to feel complete trust, to feel appreciated for who you are, and to be sure that you both share the same sensibilities before revealing your true self. Friendship is very important to you. So, once you've agreed to enter into one, you give 100% of yourself, being generous and incredibly devoted. You are an invaluable friend, always ready to do a favor and are very attentive to others' well-being.


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