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Everything there is to know about the Earth element

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Earth element in astrology:

Earth is the second of the elements, negative, feminine and introvert. It characterises the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Earth as an Element

Symbolically, earth follows on from fire. It gives shape to the conquests of fire, making them lasting and manageable in both form and substance. You have a calm and realistic temperament, and in some cases are materialistic, disciplined and hard-working. You build specific things or develop your material security in a practical manner. Your perception of reality is just right and this enables you to make good investments and set profitable goals with a good chance of material success. However, you can often be cold or detached and lacking in flexibility, light-heartedness, imagination or tolerance. Your extremely realistic side makes you a doubting Thomas, who does not believe what he sees.

In Love

The romantic needs of Earth signs are often very straightforward. More than anything else, you seek great sensuality, but also security, stability and peace of mind. You appreciate family life and seek to establish your family home when still relatively young. However, you take your time to make up your mind, as it is important to you to make your relationships long-term with as few risks, surprises and changes as possible. Your heightened need for security could however worry your partner, who may find you possessive or stifling. You are searching for sound value and are not indifferent to physical beauty.

The Planets Ruling the Earth Signs

Taurus is ruled by Venus
Venusians are naturally balanced and patient individuals. They wait and see before making judgements or taking action. They are good at expressing their emotions and passion, and are creative and inventive. They like everything connected with beauty and live by the philosophy of the beautiful and the good. They can see the good in everyone, even their enemies. Venusians are pleasant, sociable and have a well-developed sense of aesthetics.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury
Mercurians are sociable and keen to meet as large a number and variety of people as possible, for the simple pleasure of communicating and learning. Animated and ready to help, though sometimes elusive in their pirouetting and evasive tendencies, it is important to them to be free to initiate relationships and not feel tied to anyone or anything. Mercurians are highly-strung and curious about everything. They are endowed with good critical senses and skill.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn
Saturnines like solitude, discipline and discretion. They are serious, cautious, tough and sometimes stoical and solitary. They do not trust appearances and never speak for the sake of speaking. They do not express their opinions to all and sundry. They hate unrest and instability, because they are essentially calm by nature. When unhappy, Saturnines can become austere, rigid, uncommunicative, pessimistic and hard-hearted.

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