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Astro Profile of baby Virgo

Written by Mary

The characteristics of the Virgo Baby:

Living with the Virgo Baby!

Virgo babies are shy, so, in order to help them, enrol them in the crèche or nursery from the very first, so that they can meet others. Do not let them get stuck in a routine, to which they are particularly attached! They need both security and mental stimulation, to be able to find the best way to enter the outside world. Construction games will be their favourite and will develop their innate creativity. Teaching them not to over-dramatise current worries will be essential for them to rise above everyday occurrences.

- Planet: Mercury
- Element: Earth
- Motto: I analyse
- Colour: Green
- Strength: Far-sighted
- Weakness: Obstinate
- Sense: Touch
- Comforter: A furry rabbit
- Favourite pastime: Reading
- Favourite animal: Dog
- Social life: Having friends


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