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Astro Profile of baby Virgo

Written by Mary

The Virgo baby is born just as the schools go back! Virgo is an Earth sign and the Virgo baby is born under the influence of Mercury. This is probably why he or she is a creature of habit and thrives best in a routine. This is a sign that needs its roots and to be anchored to be able to live peacefully.

Virgo children are hypersensitive, cautious, modest and shy. Given their sense of duty from a very young age, you will be able to trust them. They are not very robust, but are children who will listen and obey without question. They will often remain apart from the rest, preferring quiet, intellectual games to venturing into rougher activities!

This is a child that prefers calm to a “storm”, enjoying reading and any activity that requires reflection. They love learning and can be particularly attentive and patient. From very early days in the crib, they will stare at things above their head. Later they will try to understand how their mobile works, being real scientists in the making, absorbed in all around them! Do not hesitate to take them to the library and assuage their thirst for knowledge and reading.

Their realistic approach and modesty make them children who are constantly on the lookout for signs of affection from those close to them. They are very attentive to others and will willingly help anyone (as befits their capabilities, setting the table, carrying the shopping, tidying their room…). They can be very generous and they are an absolute pleasure to have around! They are also children who will need physical affection, so do not hesitate to give them as much as possible! They are also very cunning and will be able to make you change your mind when they are older and need your approval. They will be good at seizing any opportunity to advance their cause! They will also give you great satisfaction during their time at school, being hard-working, attentive and with a great potential for success. They will simply need to be pushed to use their attributes and become more independent, because they do not recognise their talents and often need input from others! Learn more about the Virgo rising sign.

Living with the Virgo Baby!

Virgo babies are shy, so, in order to help them, enrol them in the crèche or nursery from the very first, so that they can meet others. Do not let them get stuck in a routine, to which they are particularly attached! They need both security and mental stimulation, to be able to find the best way to enter the outside world. Construction games will be their favourite and will develop their innate creativity. Teaching them not to over-dramatise current worries will be essential for them to rise above everyday occurrences.

- Planet: Mercury
- Element: Earth
- Motto: I analyse
- Colour: Green
- Strength: Far-sighted
- Weakness: Obstinate
- Sense: Touch
- Comforter: A furry rabbit
- Favourite pastime: Reading
- Favourite animal: Dog
- Social life: Having friends


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