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How to Correct Your Faults?

Written by Evie

Nobody is perfect, as the saying goes, and that is what defines a human being, otherwise where would we be, planted somewhere in a poetic Eden? Yet the gods of Olympus accumulated all the faults of the earth, thus the celestial dimension is not necessarily a guarantee of the best for man. But the zodiac can help us to see more clearly according to our astrological sign and, in this regard, give us a little bit of paradise. Let's review each sign of the zodiac to correct the small faults that cause trouble.


Lead the Ball
You tend to get into the heart of the situation without taking kid gloves and you can act clumsy, carried away or excessive. Your sense of level-headedness is not your strong point even if you make an effort. The simplest way to compensate for your natural energy that is somewhat amplified, would be to work independently more often and avoid being accountable. If you want to impose your way of doing things in your business, for example, it's better if the boss's place is yours and you never change.


Start a Diet
Among your faults, there is one that is typical for you, it is the one that brings you without restriction to the pleasures of the table. You can compensate for this character trait through physical activity, which will melt your curves and add dynamism instead of sugar and fat. Sensual pleasures, as well as your hearty appetite are acceptable, but it is important to have periods of limitation, in order to escape the laws of gravity and gain spiritual lightness, too.


Stay Focused on One Project at a Time
The side of you that is a jack-of-all-trades has you spread out on multiple fronts at the same time and you may be dispersed. You are interested in so many things at once that you sometimes skim past or even fall into the crisis of overworking. Learn how to fully invest in a single field during a fixed period while thinking of exploiting it to the maximum, even if you renew it and transform it, in short, milk it for all it's worth so that you will have the feeling of having approached it from every possible angle. This trick will structure you intellectually.


Come Out of Your Shell
Try to focus more on the future than on the past. Open yourself up to the outside world so that you do not fall back into your melancholy ways of brooding over old memories because you stay closed in your imaginary shell, in a sterile way. You have a great energy deep inside you that can help you get in touch with others, through your fine intuition. Your antennas perceive these little things in others and can help you manifest more of a relationship with the world.


Better to Think Others are the Center of the Universe
You are generosity incarnated, you love to receive love and attention from the people around you as much as you are inclined to offer it. But that can put you in an authoritarian position that would decide what everyone should do or give up. In order to make yourself aware of your authority, which is a tad abusive, you could enroll in a comedy class to enter the skin of your character and raise awareness of its limitations and imperfections. It will do a lot of good to play and improve.


Pour Out Your Emotions
Your mental activity is animated and addicted to analysis, categorizing and labeling everything, every event, every type of person. This can give you a cold appearance, a reflection of your hyperactive intellectuality. In order to open yourself completely, make your heart speak by forgetting the rigid order and the storage in these boxes. You are good at being helpful and it is in this way that you could begin to express your feelings and emotions. You would have everything to gain personally by evolving in the sector related to your health.


No More Romantic Drama
You idealize your companion in an excessive, even utopian manner and certain encounters that are haphazard. Your exaggerated quest for fusion with others can lead to disappointments or emotional discomfort. Be more emotionally realistic, knowing that you can give yourself what you are looking for from others. Always see your partner not as a supplement that would replace what you lack but as a supplement that will add a pleasurable bonus to what you already have.


Be Less Anti-Social
You do not easily share the opinion and perspective of others and tend to rebel and question many things. For sure, you have tenacity and obstinacy to resell but also little tolerance to appease latent anxiety, emotionalism or even doubt. To approach things without falling into conflict, you must see change as a natural way of evolving and existing. You must avoid seeing an event as a failure but instead as a renewal that allows you to transform positively.


Taste Freedom, Test Your Limits
Your tendency is one of excess and exaggeration. This is nested in your genes, your ambition and your generous sensibility. Sometimes you master a form of will that is out of sync with reality. That is why it would be useful and even essential to freely practice an activity and to tame, by yourself, your excessive inclination, that is to say in a context where there are not especially strict limits. Because if that happened, your persistence would feel jostled and everything could go down hill. Avoid a frame that is too rigid to be able to express who you are.


You can radicalize yourself in your positions or in your way of acting, which gives you a strong personality not to be taken lightly. Your way is to assert yourself in your responsibilities and if you receive an order or the slightest commandment that seems to you to be inconsistent with your moral conceptions, you will be blocked. First and foremost, you should release your controlling mind about what happens in your life and what is sometimes called destiny. Use your inner power to assert your potential for yourself but never in relation to others.


Conceive of Everyone's Differences
What you want is not to follow the masses nor to be a sheep. You need to stand out, both in terms of your goals, your intellectual conceptions and simply your ego. It is your own way of asserting that you are free. In order not to be afraid of experiencing your difference, you have to express yourself whatever happens; but do this by measuring what the other is, which is by definition, a human being who is also different. From a broader, more humanistic perspective, you could come to bring people together to advocate for a cause and that is what will make your heart beat.


Stylize Your Life
If your will is preoccupied with uncertainties and doubts or you are simply impressionable, it is because of your attraction for another dimension, perhaps a country or even an idea that would make you dream and would take you beyond everything. The ideal for your personality connected to an "elsewhere" is to develop your creativity, in order to channel your imagination in creation or in a spiritual context. This may be the only way to use your deep need to anchor yourself in an aesthetic form, an essence that will satisfy you.

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