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With which astrological sign is it easy to live?

Written by Mary

How are you every day? Easy to live or unstable? Unlivable or too good? What is your main quality? And your fault? Fortunately, according to your astrological sign, you can see more clearly and know your defect and quality that lay the foundations of your personality. If you want to face your own truth with a little humor, read on:


Quality: The entrepreneurial spirit. Default: Abruptness.
While you are in the midst of getting ready to welcome people to your home, you decree that your spouse is not going fast enough, and you are in charge of preparing the mayonnaise in its place. With you, the time must not hinder, boom, the thing is done! Quit to upset your partner. On the other hand, we can count on you in terms of initiative and the achievement of objectives. Far from it, you are not a mollusk but rather in the brave and formidable kind.


Quality: Friendliness. Default: The bad mood.
If ever someone close to you is a dirty trick, it is possible that you beat records in terms of sulking for it, it can last for weeks or months. If he comes back to see you, you'll be able to ask him ten times in a row to apologize. Conversely, your love of others, friends or family, can lead you to go out of their way to please them; you will cook the best dishes, prepare the most beautiful tables and open your best bottles for them!


Quality: Sociability. Default: Selfishness.
Your roommate emerges one evening with 3 friends who have not eaten for 24 hours while you consider an evening alone with your meal tray and your book. No problem, you offer them to draw what is left in the fridge and prepare dinner for everyone, why not! Your capacity of reception has limits, nonetheless. However, you will make the conversation and make the exchange stimulating, which is perfect for a good evening.


Quality: Imagination. Default: Anxiety.
Nothing helps, your little bedtime ritual is a must, otherwise you will not sleep quietly. You will inevitably go to the children's room to assess whether they are doing well, if they are not too cold or too hot. However, your fertile and overflowing imagination connects you easily to creativity, and your childish charm easily connects you to others with ease that is lacking in society.


Quality: Generosity. Default: Occupy the center.
You receive many friends at home and one of your guests puts his drink under your nose. Of course, you evaluate if the glass in question is perfectly full because you are not likely to do things by half. Your generosity is a character trait that is very specific to you! This is one of your main qualities. On the other hand, if your friend has the misfortune to put you in the background of his relations, you could well blame him or even turn his back on him. Count among your faults that of not being able to be neglected.


Quality: Hygiene. Default: Hypochondria.
Tonight is theater. Your partner has given you the best seats in the season! Except that the fever took you today... By taking your temperature, you see around 38°, you cancel the evening and contact SOS doctors, you never know. However, you will have taken the time to clean your house, every nook, every place, for better hygiene. Your interior will be like new and everyone will feel good or better thanks to you.


Quality: elegance. Default: intolerance to disgrace.
What you cannot stand is when your spouse leaves Sopalin instead of towels to give to the guests. It's the bad taste personified; you do not feel comfortable in this vision of things where lacks some obvious refinement. And if in addition, he did not notice your new hairstyle for the occasion, you're upset. However, you do not have the same to receive the world, to hold a beautiful conversation and to clothe you with grace and distinction.


Quality: Honesty. Default: Intransigence.
You do not conceive of life without salt, without energy, without bravery. Everything must be lived to 200%! So, your entourage has an interest in wanting to be on the same wavelength as you otherwise it may hurt and at the same time, poorly perceive you. Without necessarily being demonstrative, your vitality is internally powerful, and you are not a client of warm or absent personalities. These will probably not find you very nice because you will make them understand very quickly.


Quality: The coolness. Default: Indifference.
As you enter the bedroom, you come across a heap of clothes on the floor. You do not care, either you take them and throw them in the dirty laundry basket, or you let your partner manage his personal life. To each his life and his organization, after all. However, do not come and explain how you should manage your schedule. Life with two is very good, freedom is even better.


Quality: The organization. Default: The stubborn authority.
You cannot stand when your spouse arrives at home two hours late without notifying you. The rules are not for dogs! When such an error occurs, you put the dots on the i without dragging. On the other hand, with you, everything is royally organized, your half does not even need to get your hands dirty, you feel responsible for your own life and his own. Your seriousness and your efficiency avoid you many bad surprises.


Quality: The fresh look. Default: The fixed idea.
When your spouse asked you to come live with him, you consented while making a condition: redo the decor and proceed to the redevelopment of the furniture of the apartment. Innovation or the idea of novelty is a fixed idea that you carry around with you. If you do not understand that, there may be a little tension on the line. With you, he must move, be surprised, otherwise we die on the spot. Conversely, your vision is very refreshing!


Quality: The opening. Default: repressed aggression.
One morning, you got up on the wrong foot. As if that were not enough, a delivery truck blocks the street where you have to go with your scooter. You decide to turn back rather than give in to a form of aggression but here you are to annoy the other vehicles behind you... So, you stay to annoy no one, and you even propose to help the deliverymen so that life becomes more beautiful for all.

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