Aquarius, your love horoscope for Fall 2022

Written by Daisy

Your social and professional ambitions may take precedence over all other matters this fall, even though you probably aspire to inspire love affairs in parallel! There is no question of settling for anything less but broadening your horizons and developing your social and private relationships. However, be careful not to let your ego get the better. Although your desire to shine seems legitimate, your desire to impress the gallery and obtain more than you are willing to give will not work in your favor.

Aquarius First decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(21st January to 31st January)

Love: Emotional Ambitions!

Until October 28, Jupiter continues to favor your exchanges with those around you. This is an opportunity to make an impression on the mind and hearts of others. You can also count on Venus (between September 29 and October 7) to give meaning to your love affairs and make demanding choices. Count on a magnetic aura (between October 23 and 31) to shine in society and attract attention! Tender plans are in the air between November 16 and 24. Take the time (between December 10 and 18) to refine your plans so that you can implement them in the best possible conditions on your birthday!

In Relationship

Jupiter facilitates communication between you and your loved ones until October 28 and December 20. This is an opportunity for you to talk to your loved ones about your vision of the future and what you want to live. Do you aspire to make your relationships evolve and to open up tender perspectives with those you love? Why not if you do not omit to consult them on the substance and think well at the end of the season on the best way to realize it!


No question of settling for banal and tasteless stories. Count on Venus between September 29 and October 7 to boost your emotional ambitions and make encounters that escape all forms of banality. You will take advantage (between October 23 and 31) of a magnified aura to make yourself noticed in society. Above all, look to project yourself into a future that inspires you (between November 16 and 24)! If you have a project in mind (and in your heart),don\'t neglect to submit them for a detailed review between December 10 and 18.

Social Life: Palpable Support!

Jupiter will be there to support you and help you plead your case with influential people who should not be afraid to support your plans and even help you to realize them. You will be able to present your projects to them (until the 28th). You will not lack ideas or arguments to push back the frontiers of the possible between September 23 and October 3. The Sun will favor your expression and social success between October 23 and November 2. It will assure you of the support of your relatives, friends, clients, colleagues, and bosses between November 22 and December 2. From December 20, Jupiter will again support your exchanges. What more and better could you ask for?

Well-being: Blue Sky!

Jupiter should (until October 28) boost your enthusiasm and zest for life. You feel that everything is possible and that your rating is soaring. Take advantage of this favorable conjuncture to see life in pink and surround yourself with personalities who will encourage your initiatives and support your morale. This is a good time for any form of healing or repair since it keeps you in a constructive frame of mind. And if you were doing well, you\'ll do even better!

Aquarius First decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

A season where everything seems to flow. Use (but do not abuse it, as you believe you are free of any accountability) these positive elements to progress on all grounds!

Aquarius Second decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(1st February to 10th February)

Love: Authenticity And Depth Required!

You will manage your emotional life with the firm intention that it should meet your new criteria (of seriousness, of authenticity) at the end of September (28th). You will indeed aim high around October 12, 14, and 23. Your expectations could then be met! But you should remember that anything that moves away from your desire to live a meaningful love life (for you) will only lead to disappointment and frustration in November (7th, 10th, 11th). Wait until the end of the month (28th, 30th) to put your stories on the right track and make plans that will inspire you. The same goes for October when only worthwhile projects will find favor in your eyes!

In Relationship

With Saturn as your companion, there is no question of taking your relationship lightly. Above all, you are looking for a relationship that can help you evolve and corresponds to your demands for quality and depth. Does your partner ticks all these boxes at the end of September and October? Beware of a possible disappointment in November (1st half of the month). Love seems to be in vain, and your aspirations are disappointed. However, at the end of the month and in December, you will calm things down by renewing your current aspirations to live a story that is probably more solid than wildly romantic.


Saturn is putting some lead in your head and forbids you to give in to the easy way. This autumn, you will have to prioritize love affairs that lift you up from the ground without depriving you of lucidity. At the end of September and October, you will be able to sort out the essentials from the superficial. In November, be careful not to give in to the siren song at the risk of disappointment. In December, reason will prevail (on the 2nd),and you will be in an excellent position to start laying the foundations of a home you like!

Social Life: Don't Sacrifice Anything For The Essentials!

You will undoubtedly combine a concern for rigor with a desire to fully express your creativity at the end of September (28th). In October (12th, 14th, 23rd),you will not hesitate to assert your potential and ambitions. Be careful in November not to try too hard to draw attention to yourself! If you wish to avoid a feeling of frustration or disappointment that could undermine your morale (7th, 10th, 11th),prefer to continue on your initial momentum and avoid unnecessary outbursts. At the end of November (28th, 30th),you will be back on track, and in December, a project should start to take shape (2nd)!

Well-being: Work (On Yourself) To Finish!

Saturn continues to demand that you pay your own way to break with the past and ways of operating that no longer have a place. This is a challenge that is often restrictive and wearing. You should begin feeling relief from December 3 onwards as Saturn moves away from your decan. Try to complete an inner change that is undoubtedly energy-consuming but essential to soon be able to chart your course more authentically!

Aquarius Second decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

Laborious autumn, but one that could prove constructive if you accept the rules. It is a question of not deviating from your quest for meaning and depth and of orienting your existence on these bases, which are a total reflection of yourself.

Aquarius Third decan, your horoscope for for Fall 2022

(11th February to 18th February)

Love: Desires To Contain?

At the end of September and the beginning of October, you are fully evolving on the emotional level (even in your sexuality). You are looking for what could allow you to fully blossom in this field. However, be careful (on the 12th) not to harbor too many fantasies and not to get involved in stories that would cost you more than they would bring you. In November, your radiance and aura seduce (the 10th, 12th, 13th, and 15th). It contributes to your blooming! But avoid abusing it if you want the party to last (on the 19th)! In December, you will tend to ask too much from others who will only follow you in your projects if you keep a sense of moderation (20th).

In Relationship

The autumn starts strong at the end of September (the 26th and 27th) and at the beginning of October (the 7th). Your sensual expectations could well be fulfilled. However, be careful (on the 12th) not to spend too much money to please yourself or decree that your every desire must be complied with. In November, you will distill a subtle charm that should attract the favors of your partner (and not only),but you would be well advised not to abuse it (the 19th). In December, try to channel your impulses and demands so that they don\'t take you too far!


If you start the autumn under the influence of libido in a trance (September 26, 28, October 7),take care not to play too much of your charm to obtain more than one seems ready to grant you (the 12). Your power of seduction will work (the 17th, the 22nd),but if you are unclear in your intentions, beware of misunderstandings and disappointments. Take advantage of the first half of November to attract your crush, but beware of any excess of zeal that could turn against you (the 19th)! Only projects and relationships based on solid ground will be rewarding in December.

Social Life: Keep A Sense Of Proportion!

Count on Mars from September 30 (and until December 27) to boost your creativity and your thirst to impress. You will certainly have some difficulty this autumn channeling the aspirations of your ego in search of recognition. Your ambitions are significant and legitimate! However, remain measured in your expectations and demands (primarily financial) around October 12 and November 19. You tend to believe you are owed everything and may sow anxiety in the ranks. November is favorable for the explosion of your talents, but in December, try to put it a little on the back burner if you want your projects to be adored!

Well-being: Don't Neglect The Essential!

Between Pluto, who urges you to transform yourself in depth, and Saturn, who recommends you to break in one way or another with the past, not sure that your autumn will be restful. Be particularly careful in October not to take on too many challenges preventing you from making the necessary and unavoidable changes. If the flows turn out to be more fluid and buoyant in November, beware of an overflow of enthusiasm that would push you to ignore your limits in December!

Aquarius Third decan: your advice for for Fall 2022

Autumn expressly asks you to move forward consciously. Don\'t give in to the easy way if you wish to unwind and close the season in beauty and shape rather than be disappointed or a little disillusioned!


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