Aquarius, your love horoscope for Winter 2021

Daisy | 18/02/2011 - Last modified: 16/12/2020

Love: The future is in Your Line of Sight!

Projects that fill your head and heart at the beginning of the season. Then take the time to take stock of the past year to find out what needs to be kept, changed, or given up and launch a new cycle of your emotional life with full knowledge of the facts. Venus invests in your sign between February 1st and 25th. Your radiance significantly increases your desire to seduce amigo Aquarius. At the end of the season, you feel like devouring life and fulfilling specific desires.

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): A Deserved but Contested Freedom!

A new cycle begins at the beginning of winter: the dice are thrown, a page is turned, another opens. A burst of enthusiasm accompanies a significant act, a decision that commits to the long-term and opens perspectives. The only downside: these choices are made in an austere context. In January, you put up with tension in your family. Criticism may make you feel guilty. In February, you are slowed down, don't succumb to a feeling of guilt and wait until the end of the month to show your loved ones that they matter to you and that you have no intention of neglecting them.

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Wow!

You are impulsive at the end of December, everything seems possible and allowed. Keep your feet on the ground, and take the time to think. Prioritize your priorities in January. In a downturn, you will channel your emotions so that they guide you constructively. In February, don't try to run everything in your family; they won't appreciate the robust method. On the other hand, your enthusiasm opens doors and hearts. In March, you open a new chapter in your life in the best conditions.

3rd decan (February 11th-18th): In Full Inner Bloom!

A significant internal upheaval punctuated the year and forced you to get rid of your past, pulling you back—a painful transformation but one that was essential to access the most authentic part of your being. Even if the season starts in a tense climate, you continue the work in January and fully express who you are in February. Don't stir up family quarrels. Your radiance can overshadow some people. You work with determination and courage to sort out what suits you or not as a family, and in March, you are free to realize your desires, settle down as you hoped, and move forward in accordance with an ideal.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

This winter is a disaster. You are all emerging from an often constraining episode of maturation, where you have faced your share of shadows and endless delays. Count on winter to close this chapter and open another one. And if you're sometimes shaky, hang on.


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