Aquarius, your love horoscope for Winter 2023

Written by Daisy

A season that you approach instead mobilized by your quest for fulfillment on a personal, private, emotional, and affective level than by a social and professional life temporarily relegated to the background of your priorities. You aspire to fulfill yourself through, among other things, the most fluid communication possible. You want to change what needs to be changed in love and your family. That way, you can begin a new cycle of expansion that is about to begin on your birthday, with all the chances that it will meet your expectations!

Aquarius First decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(21st January to 31st January)

Love: Improve your living conditions !

You can count on an undeniable radiance in January to hope to favorably influence an entourage effectively under the spell (the 4th, the 9th, the 25th). You will not lack verve or panache and even less ardor to succeed in making the unanimity in the ranks. Rely on your exalted sense of communication at least until February 20 to seduce well beyond your entourage! On this date, Jupiter will stop supporting your cause but will be immediately replaced by Venus (between February 20 and 28). The latter will assure you of a top rating. In March (between March 16 and 25),you will be mobilized to improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones.

In Relationship

This season will be dedicated to your quest for happiness and fulfillment on a personal level. From January onwards, you will not be unable to find the right words to close ranks with your loved ones or the one you love (the 4th, the 9th, the 25th). Eloquent and seductive, you will know how to take care of those you love and offer them a lifestyle likely to win their approval. The same goes for February when your proposals should please (the 18th). In March, you will continue to watch over your troops with love.


A winter that you could spend well with the heat. You will maintain warm relationships with your loved ones. You can count on your power of seduction in January to attract in your nets (the 4th, the 9th, the 25th). You will continue on this pleasant path in February when nothing should alter your charisma or your love and popularity rating (18th). In March, you\'ll be listening to your loved ones, who will appreciate it and give it back to you.

Social Life: Argue Without Delay!

You can count on Jupiter (at least until February 20) to try to seduce your business partners. They should hardly resist proposals that they mostly find brilliant and advantageous. Inspired and charismatic, you will have no difficulty convincing your interlocutors to believe you and follow you throughout the season. Mars (between December 27 and January 30) will also endow you with creativity and determination to impress the gallery that should complete your success. Use these significant assets without delay because from March 7 onwards, Saturn will demand seriousness, even a reduction of margins in managing your budgets and finances!

Well-being: Fill Up On Energy!

Jupiter will ensure that your morale is at its best and that you will be listened to and adored at least until February 20. A dynamic and enthusiastic Mars will boost your batteries (between December 27 and January 30). These are essential cosmic allies to get you through the winter without the slightest risk of a drop in morale. Take advantage of this to stock up on your reserves because from the beginning of March, Saturn could force you to draw on your precious resources to go ahead and go the distance!

Aquarius First decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

A winter that invites you to take care of your relationships and good care of your allies of all kinds. Are you put to the test from the beginning of March onwards? You can meet all the challenges that come your way with your strength and support.

Aquarius Second decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(1st February to 10th February)

Love: Consult With Those Around You!

At the beginning of the season (December 22, January 5, 8, 30),you will think about the best way to act and manage your emotions to move the lines in your family as harmoniously as possible. If your intentions are good, however, take care (January 15) to consult with your loved ones before making any decision concerning the future of your private life! The same goes for February when things could get stuck if you play too personal with yourself. Prefer to put your resources and talents at the service of the clan\'s interests as much as your own (on the 8th)! In March, you will be able to evolve in a warm climate and blossom without reserve (the 2nd, the 6th, the 11th).

In Relationship

You have probably been aspiring for a long time to free yourself from the codes of the past that still govern your family life and end up suffocating you. From the beginning of the winter, you will make some liberating changes (end of December, January). It will allow you to see the future in a more fulfilling light. If you avoid (on January 15?) bringing everything back to yourself and think of associating your loved ones with your reflections, you will avoid possible clashes in February (on the 4th, 5th, and 21st). You will then close the winter on the right frequency (on March 2, 6, and 11).


Constructive reflections carried out while taking the necessary distance to evaluate your desire to break with past and family modes of operation that alienate you. Focus on the end of December and January to deploy the right strategies to achieve this! On the other hand, avoid January 15 and February (on the 4th, 5th, and 21st),adding fuel to the fire! Don\'t impose decisions on your family that will not be unanimously accepted! Take into account the needs of the other person. The best way to end the winter in style and appreciated by all.

Social Life: Adequate Cosmic Support!

This winter, you seem primarily concerned with family and private life to be reorganized according to your personal aspirations. In that case, you can count on Mars (until December 27 and between January 30 and March 3) to develop and express openly and actively your potential and talents openly and actively. From February 20 onwards, Jupiter will also lend you a hand by considerably boosting your ability to communicate, to display an eminently brilliant and convincing verve. You will rally the support of your partners and interlocutors around your ideas and proposals to unfold the season at full throttle and end it in full possession of your means and, without any doubt, with success (March 2?).

Well-being: Don't Rush Into Anything!

Give up making all your decisions alone and risk offending the sensibilities of your loved ones. You will have a better chance of getting through the season without causing too much of a stir that could affect your relationships with them. Take the pulse of those around you before making a decision! This is the best approach to take if you hope to chart your course without hurting anyone\'s feelings or making unnecessary concessions and to put yourself on the right track. The ones will allow you to reach your goals without losing too many feathers or energy.

Aquarius Second decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

A season to be managed, preferably with the tweezers. If you wish to end it on a positive note (beginning of March),avoid adopting an attitude that is too stiff and uncompromising. Listen (at least a little) to the opinions and feedback of those around you.

Aquarius Third decan, your horoscope for for Winter 2023

(11th February to 18th February)

Love: Chart The Course With Awareness!

You will take a step back emotionally and sentimentally. It could allow you to tap into your most profound and subtle resources to develop yourself more in line with an idea. You will develop a sensitive and intuitive approach likely to enrich your inner self at the end of December and in January (1st, 2nd, 13th, 18th) and to help you open a new cycle of personal development on a solid basis. The same is true in February (6th, 10th, 15th, and 19th),when you will draw on your past experiences to consciously build your future. It would be a pity to let your ego run the show in March at the risk of making impulsive and ill-considered decisions (15th, 16th, 17th).

In Relationship

A winter where you will seem to be moved by an inner force that will urge you to define the constructive bases on which to build your future. Saturn, slowing down your initiatives so that you have time to sort out the essentials from the superfluous, will leave you in March. You should rely on winter to ensure that the foundations of what you want to build are likely to hold the distance and the road! Inspiring cosmic supports will show you the wisest path. Follow it and refuse in March to give in to the injunctions of an ego that could mislead you (the 15th, the 16th, the 17th).


Your priority this winter will be to ask yourself what you want to build from now on on on a personal level. It is not (anymore) a question of approaching the subject lightly but of laying the groundwork for what you aspire to build on principles that reflect your new maturity. From March 7 onwards, Saturn turns on its heels and stops pressuring you. Have you understood and integrated the messages from your soul? It\'s time to apply them! Beware then in March (March 15, 16, 17) of inevitable egotistical relapses that could lead you to make the wrong decisions!

Social Life: Follow Your Inspiration Rather Than Your Ego!

This winter, you will have the opportunity to tap into unexplored (or insufficient) resources and potentials. You will benefit from an excellent capacity for introspection to determine what can effectively and favorably serve your cause. Listening to your inner world at the end of December (25th, 28th, 29th),in January (1st, 2nd, 13th, 18th),and in February (6th, 10th, 15th, 19th). You will aspire to follow a path that bears witness to the evolution accomplished over time and the metamorphoses underway. There is no question of you getting lost on hazardous paths. Beware, however, in March (15th, 16th, 17th) not to let yourself be caught up and trapped by a sudden desire to impress the gallery, which would only cause you harm!

Well-being: Bye Bye Saturn!

Are you more inclined this winter to think than to act? Take the time to retreat from the world\'s noise to consciously define the foundations on which you wish to build your future. Saturn will leave your decan from March 7 onwards, relieving you of the heavy burden it has placed on your shoulders. This is an opportunity to breathe more freely, to get back on track. Be careful not to abuse your newfound freedom to do anything and everything in mid-March.

Aquarius Third decan: your advice for for Winter 2023

Winter invites you to draw a definitive line on a past that has long plagued you. A reflective phase ends in March when you may be thirsty to spread your wings again. Why not, if you don\'t take advantage of it as a show-off?


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