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5 tips for being comfortable at work!

Written by Olivia

What do you need so you can work well? What kind of environment fulfills you the most? Do you prefer to work in a stylish and elegant environment, a high functioning office, a friendly work place, or a quiet, peaceful place, free from hustle and bustle? What method should you put in place to be a better worker? Should you set reasonable goals, manage your time better, put in continuous effort, take some risks, or work on your creativity?
We will tell you what each sign needs to break into their work sector.


In order to work well, you need:
-An office with a door and walls and everything. Not one of those glass cages where everyone can see everyone else and where you can't be alone. Because, let's be honest, too much noise around you, and there goes your concentration.
-Drawers, closets, storage space, or else your work station can become a disordered mess.
-To do one task at a time, otherwise you'll be scattered and never get anywhere.
-Manage your time. How much time should you devote to this one case? What date is your work due by? Follow a precise schedule and stick to it.
-To take some risks. Your strength is that you go where others won't. If you are prepared and really learn your stuff, you will quickly establish yourself as a leader, adventurer, or even a hero.


In order to work well, you need:
-An office away from others, if at all possible, and if not that, you'll need silence, or at the very least peace and tranquility in order to give your all.
-Everything in its place. Pens go in the cup provided, and files in their respective folders. Everything being in its proper place puts you at ease. This is your sine qua non for your mind not to be in total chaos, as well.
-Not to be stubborn. If something doesn't work one way, try another. If you need to reconsider something, try coming at it from another angle. Two birds one stone: you can work on your creativity and reactivity at the same time.
-To be quick off the mark, or at least not the last to catch on. It would be pretty stupid to miss the boat because you too hours to think about it! If you make a mistake, you'll always have a chance to put things right. It happens even to the best of people...
-Clear instructions. You hate contradicting orders, sudden changes of plan, or having to give up on a job part way. You need concrete goals, common-sense methods, and to feel well and at ease from day to day.


In order to work well, you need:
-Fun little gadgets, a few gizmos to play with that, though totally useless for getting your work done, helps you distress a little bit. The more relaxed you are, the better you'll work, so...
-To set reasonable goals for yourself. No, it's true, you can't finish up a case as thick as a phone book in half an hour, that's just how it goes, so you'd better get used to it. But, you might just be able to do one tiny part followed by another, which, continuing like this, will get the job done.
-To follow the rules. True, they get in the way, they're no fun, and, frankly, they're just unappealing, but, if your coworkers have to follow them, so do you. On the positive side, you will need circumvent the rules and show off your imagination for this job, both things you are great at...
-To take time to do things right. Don't rush through everything in a hurry, just to have to start all over again. Be professional, legit, and a straight shooter from the start. You'll save a whole lot of time.
-Variety in your life. Repetitive tasks just get you down and make you lose attention, but you are a pro at any job that requires flexibility, adaptability, and sound judgment.


In order to work well, you need:
-A friendly environment where everyone is friends with everyone else, the boss is understanding, and your coworkers are nice. As emotional as you are, you need to feel comfortable in order to work well.
-Your own little space that you can personalize as you wish with your trinkets, photos of your children, or a vacation souvenir to make you feel at home in your office. There's no place like home...
-To take initiative. And if it fails? Oh well! Better to try and screw up than freak out and do nothing.
-To assert yourself. You do great work, so why not enjoy the fruits of your labor? Stop hiding out behind other people. You have know-how - it's important that you make it known.
-To say no. No to that favor someone asks of you, no to unpaid overtime, no to that nosy coworker. You earn respect by defending your turf.


In order to work well, you need:
-A beautiful office, decorated by a designer if at all possible, otherwise it better have good quality wood, a comfy chair, pretty pictures on the walls, and inspire you.
-An office not far from your boss', so that you can feel like you're near the seat of power. Let's just say that if you feel forced to be in a sad, somber, filthy spot somewhere, you'll be furious and unable to accomplish anything good.
-Stick to each step. Even if you're in a hurry to get to the end, there are always certain limits that need to be respected, someone's feelings to spare, and information to check. And that goes for you, too...
-To be happy with very little. You always prefer a small success here, now, and right away over a hypothetical big victory.
-Ignore flatterers. Even though it feels nice and strokes your ego, don't fall for it. Remember that what these bootlickers have in mind isn't always in your best interest.


In order to work well, you need:
-A functional work space. A well-organized office with perfectly neat stacks of files in their appropriate drawers makes you feel secure and safe.
-To stay cool. You like to do a job right, and you deserve credit for that, but you have to enjoy it, too. If you take the time to communicate with others, you will be an even better worker and earn more appreciation from those around you.
-To try not to incessantly fiddle with things. Nothing's perfect, so what? Setting the bar too high will only serve to discourage you and put pressure on you that you don't need. What's the point?
-To not fixate on others' faults. True, your coworkers make mistakes or might not be as methodical as you are, but so much the better: picking up their slack is how you can make a name for yourself. Beyond this, however, your demanding nature can be discouraging. Set a good example like you know how to do so well...
-Take time to explain things. You have the soul of a teacher, so use it to be absolutely clear about what you expect from your professional partners. Your advice is common sense, pure and simple, and so can be trusted completely.


In order to work well, you need:
-A beautiful work space with a gorgeous decor and charming furniture. You are sensitive to how things look and can only feel comfortable if you are in stylish and elegant surroundings, even if it means bringing your own knick-knacks or pieces of art from home so that the decorations match your taste.
-A peaceful environment. It's so nice to get to work with polite and delightful people! Working in good company is a guarantee of well-being and efficiency.
-To finish what you've started. Don't allow yourself to move onto something else before finishing up what you're doing right now. For your own good, drop your work once night comes.
-To come to a decision in time and on time. By claiming you're just righting for the right time and pushing the deadline back further and further, you'll only end up wasting everyone's time. But, don't rush through anything either just to feel

like you're getting something done. This isn't constructive, either. -To be punctual. Show up at meetings on time. Meet your deadlines instead of trying to scrounge up some extra time to get the job done. Don't waste time and, whatever you do, don't waste others' time, either.


In order to work well, you need:
-Your own little dimly-lit cubby hole. Darkness inspires you. Not too much room, either, so nobody hangs out too long chatting in your office for hours. You think and work better in secrecy and darkness.
-To take responsibility. Failure isn't always someone else's fault. Blaming them is too easy, and unfair, too. Admit when you're wrong: this will only gain you more respect.
-Work constantly and steadily. Busting your back like a madman then just coasting afterwards is only nerve-wracking and exhausting - for you and for your coworkers. Steady, consistent work is more effective.
-To lead the team. You are a natural leader: charismatic, full of ideas and spontaneity. That is, as long as you don't turn into a total despot. Work together, never forget...
-Resistance to stress. You rarely get flustered. Even when you're under pressure and others are getting hostile, you know how to pick yourself back up and use that ace up your sleeve.


In order to work well, you need:
-Room: a huge office with big windows that look out onto a landscape that will help you clear your head. Your mind wanders but comes up with great ideas. Your work will be clear and available to all, as well. If it's not right in front of you, however, you could completely let it slip your mind.
-Competition. Not to crush other people, you're not the vicious ladder-climbing type. It's just that outdoing yourself and taking on a challenge stimulates you.
-To keep it simple. Find concrete solutions, be pragmatic, or else you could get overwhelmed by your ideas, which look good on paper but are impractical in real life.
-To cultivate a sense of duty. On one hand, there's what you have to do: tasks, meetings, deadlines. On the other, what you can do for others. By opening up to your team, you will form new, solid bonds with your colleagues.
-To channel your optimism. Believing is very, very good and holds promise for the future. That's one thing, but thinking that problems will magically resolve themselves is cute, but totally and utterly false - and dangerous in the long run. Letting things just get worse never turns out well.


To work effectively, you need:
-A closed-off office. And, if at all possible, one that you can lock, so that you can shut yourself away from the rest of the group when you need to be alone. Since you like to be alone a lot, your office will almost be like a second home.
-A big table. With everything you need close at hand. If your things are too far, or hidden, away, you won't be able to get your bearings.
-To do your job. No more, no less, but especially no more. There's no need to overdo it for others to take you seriously. If you finish your assignments quickly and well, you will be available to take on other projects.
-A Plan B. Of course, it's irritating to be refused a project that you worked like mad on, but instead of taking it personally, come up with a better idea to replace it or one that you will help you all to move forward - always move forward.
-To put things in perspective. Failure isn't the end of the world. Bad times pass. Work is but a mean, not an end.


In order to work well, you need:
-A pleasant environment: colorful furniture, comfy chairs, and a stimulating atmosphere with the most up-to-date, high-tech multimedia software that can help you let your imagination run wild. This tool is as much for play as for work.
-To get your priorities in order. Be able to tell what is pressing or urgent apart from what can wait. It's impossible to do everything at once (even for you),and you would do well to come to terms with this.
-To get some distance. Pull your head out of your work and you'll be able to look at the bigger picture. Has your work been criticized? Don't take it personally. You are above the rules already, so rise above this, too.
-To communicate. Talk about your ideas and the way you see the world. Your original ideas will give your colleagues a jumping-off point and give you the chance to grab the ball and run with it until you can all come up with a project that you thought up first.
-To be flexible. Go from one job, one assignment to the next. These frequent changes will keep you curious, reactive, and bold. The wider your range, the more fun you'll have.


In order to work well, you need:
-Open space. No barriers, no closed doors. You need to be around other people. The more there are around you, the safer you feel. And, the comfortable you feel, the harder you'll work.
-Strict guidelines. A clear road-map of where you're headed, definite goals, and precise deadlines will point you in the right direction. Without all this, you tend to procrastinate and then get quickly overwhelmed.
-To put things away properly. Is spending your time looking for a file under layers upon layers of other files and folders really the wisest? Keep your documents neatly filed away and your things in order, so that you don't waste your intelligence and energy needlessly. This way, you will save time and become more efficient.
-To stay flexible. Your ability to adapt is phenomenal, and your poise and intellectual flexibility are impressive. You build on any idea that comes your way. No matter who you're talking to, you're always at ease.
-To set limits. Of course others will ask you for your time, what with how helpful and friendly you are, but while you're helping out others, you work is left untouched. Who's going to end up pulling an all-nighter?

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