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Our advice to avoid burn-out!

  Written by Daisy

The term "burn-out" means "burn it on the outside": the symptoms appear in little touches, we become more and more anxious and irritable, we invest more in overwhelming tasks by becoming less and less productive and while the word "no" could unburden us of all our work, we never pronounce it to deliver us. The process started reaching a point of no return, it burns inside and the discomfort has done its job of undermining... To prevent this type of wear from taking you by surprise, let's take a closer look at the astrological signs, their Achilles heel and how to avoid this burn-out.
Aries: Listening to one's deepest being :
Your hyperactivity can make you insensitive to what your body and your morale can endure in the long term and, keeping this course, you become less effective, control less your overflowing emotions. So you are disengaging from your personal life. Sleep deficiency and nervous imbalance ensue ... Know how to put a foot out of your job responsibilities, make a break, blow in the countryside, you will reboot alternating jogging sessions and return home. There is no getting around!

Gemini: Monitor your thoughts in all directions :
Your mental energy is inexhaustible, your interests multiple, and you run in all directions in search of pleasure, enriching activities. But by multiplying the surges excessively, you can arrive at sterile results, and as they say, at the marriage of carp and rabbit. Do not hesitate to make an assessment of your dysfunctions to become aware of the seriousness of the situation. You will have a global vision of the symptoms to be treated. Methodically you can neutralize them.

Leo: Go back down to earth :
Your desire to take care of everything because of your pride, being at the top level in every area of your life can be problematic. You do not agree to being told to lift your feet and you are more and more disappointed by your surroundings because you do not feel it abound in your direction. Back pain or in the chest follow... Know how to go back down to human height and you say that you will rub the gods again once your solar health is taken care of. Children can also help you find a more playful, clear and spontaneous state of mind.

Virgo: To delegate :
You are a great warrior in the professional sector and, while leader you are, you are weary delegating tasks to your employees. You do everything for yourself because you know that you will never be served as well as by your perfectionist nature. Know how to trust your surroundings and calmly release certain constraints that can be shared. You will only get better!

Scorpio: Find simplicity :
That's what you need to be a barometer: being too busy, missing out on simple things like phoning a friend, having lunch with a loved one or reading a book you like. The more you sink into an inextricable complication, the less you pay attention to yourself and others. Protect yourself from insidious exhaustion by resourcing yourself to human activities, a rewarding hobby or a spiritual journey.

Capricorn: Find a healthy balance :
To avoid burnout, you must be careful to maintain a balance between your personal investment and the recovery of your energy outside the workplace - but not exclusively. In this respect, you will be able to act on the wear factors in easing and improving the recovery of your vitality on the places that you will have scrupulously chosen: meditative center, reading room, creative workshop... You can keep this perspective on your a place of work as long as you can focus on stimulating and motivating tasks.

Aquarius: Learn to disinvest :
In the workplace, you can really count on yourself: your nature is perfectionist while being more attentive to others than to yourself. You are 200%, so you are much appreciated in this regard. But that should not take you away from your own center of gravity that needs foods that are sometimes more authentic and closer to who you are. You have to decompress, learn to leave your workplace and forget about the load.
Taurus: Do not stay frozen :
You are of rather resistant nature, so the burn-out will have no apparent impact on you, from the first symptoms. It will be after one or two years of tension that your body will begin to pay for accumulated tension. It is this chronic stress that you must monitor and it is also the phenomenon of sedentarization that you must avoid. Move, play sports, do not let yourself be seized by toxic inaction. Physical activity can save you.

Cancer: Get out of your emotions :
Your state of dejection is likely to drown you inside of you without you being able to put a little distance between you and your emotions. Your zigzag moods are symptoms that must alert you to your temperament problematic side. Consult a specialist to help you see things more clearly. Your support will be all the better adapted to prevent the worst. Anyway, you must agree to be coached for your own good.

Libra: Take care of yourself :
Your hypersensitivity to others should not make you vulnerable to the point of not knowing how to set certain acceptable limits. If one expects too much from you and in return you run without ever raising any protest, you will bubble inside yourself and exhaust your body. Show kindness to yourself by imposing tidings with others, especially when they try to dominate or overwhelm you.

Sagittarius: Open to oneself and the world :
What should alert you is when you search for more and more meaning in your life and your professional activity and a bitter emptiness sets in. To reconstruct this meaning to what you are, put in suspense any activity that runs empty, take stock with a preventive structure empowered to burnout actions to stop the redoubtable process. And above all take advantage of this crisis to open you to a humanist and vast philosophy.

Pisces: Act for you and others :
You will be better off learning emotion management and assertive techniques so you do not let yourself “be consumed from within.” And when you have thwarted the pitfalls of the dynamics of burnout, the urge could take you to prevent this plague of business and invest in the establishment of psychosocial risks. In this way you will gain distance from yourself and prevent this misadventure on a larger scale.

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