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Telecommuting is slowly entering the work world but it is already an integral part of being an entrepreneur. There are advantages that reconcile personal and professional life but also inconveniences such as isolation or lack of motivation for some who would be unprepared for this type of work. According to your astrological sign, we give you some information about this new way of working:


Use All Your Resources
If you are looking for a self-employed activity, you will meet all your potential customers even before your structure exists. If you are an employee, teleworking will correspond to your independence; in addition the leader side of you could impose a 60/40 rule to organize your time in a way that maintains interactions face to face with your interlocutors because it is vital to you. Of course this will be very well perceived because true to your reputation you will be seen as a competent and responsible employee.


Get in Shape
Beware of laziness or procrastination; do not sit in the bathtub in the morning, you have a deadline for your work, and not honoring your commitments can trigger sanctions. The thing to do above all is to arrange a space exclusively dedicated to your work, in order to put yourself in a good situation. Make strict schedules and once started, we will not be able to stop you.


Work Wherever
The golden thing for you will be to occupy a job that could allow you to move or move easily because you are fidgety. Also the fact of working in any place you like, such as a brewery, a square or at friend's house, will stimulate you. Moving camp for a while while pursuing your tasks will give you great satisfaction because you idolize movement.


Telecommuting is an advantageous device for you who likes to work without endangering or giving up your family life, so it's downright ideal. Reconciling your job and your family life is a fantasy come true. But know how to establish a border between the private sphere and work so as not to be distracted by the laundry for example; and when the children come back from school, let them know that you still have an hour or two of work in front of you.


Improve Your Quality of Life
Organizing your time allows you to flourish because you quickly understand that your working conditions enhance the quality of your life. Exit unnecessary meetings or transport-related stress that is a waste of time. You feel lighter and the quality of your breaks that you allow yourself is much higher than a cafeteria where your supervisor could come to remind you of your obligations, something you hate above all else.


Aim for Efficiency and Effectiveness
Taking responsibility for all of your work is something that suits you because it puts an end to your unconscious tendency to criticize in the workplace those who do not move at the right pace or who do not hold up. You are so made, work is almost a religion in your home. The ideal would be to opt for a service or therapeutic activity because it is in these areas that you excel.


Do not neglect your sociability
The fact of not being around people does not make you blossom because you need to meet people in the world. Ideally, you will arrange appointments with prospects, colleagues or clients to limit your solitude or find a formula where you telecommute with a partner or a third person. This will suit you much better.


Work Confidentially
This changes you because you no longer interact with others, which allowed you the balance of power necessary to your way of being because a spark, as you think, can sometimes give birth to flames that ignite a vital energy in a project. Fortunately you also know how to immerse yourself in a job as if you were alone in the world because you are not afraid of acting in the shadows.


Find Balance
Boredom can lie in wait for you if you find yourself inactive or sedentary, even behind a nice desk. If so, do not hesitate to arrange outings or breaks that will require you to spend your copious physical energy. Noon, a pool break or a meeting with customers. And once a week, a good walk through a park to enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery.


Thoughtful and Applied are the Keywords
As you like to be your own boss, you will do much more work than anyone else. As a prerequisite you will have the opportunity to be productive and not to cross unaccredited or non-professional limits. Nothing is more important to you than setting goals, aiming for the target and making an example out of your situation.


Get a Taste for Independance
Teleworking conditions are consistent with your love of freedom and your spirit of independence. The better your organize yourself, the more you will feel that you have made the right choice. However you need contact, but you will find that each meeting becomes more qualitative because your isolation will allow for more interest in others and therefore your mind will become more alert in these human exchanges.


As your self-discipline is the test, you need to organize yourself seriously. Because if you want to progress in your tasks, respecting deadlines is an essential necessity. Distraction could trap you, so be sure to be interested in your work and have the heart to deliver on time or you could fall asleep on the job.

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