Dressing for the occasion!

Written by Alison

Dressing for the Occasion This is a matter that needs serious consideration. Christmas is imminent and so is New Year. For many, especially if they are female, choosing an outfit is on their mind. Do people have a specific tendency according to their birth sign when it comes to dress-style and if so, what criteria do they use? This is what we are going to try to decide, though as always in the light-hearted manner that sits well with this kind of concern and could be useful...


You are a dynamic and determined woman, who can't really be bothered with long and tedious trying-on sessions. You will generally have an instinct for what suits you and come to a fairly rapid decision. It will most often be a case of adorning a classic, even customary outfit with a killer detail: a colourful silk flower or a bold combination of materials or styles, but always with the idea of being able to move freely and generally present a bold image.
An Aries icon: Emma Watson


Taurus females are sensual, far-sighted and enjoy the good things in life. You are so feminine that you would have no fear in adopting a masculine style (a suit, dinner jacket or tie),which would only accentuate your seductive powers. Combinations of red will suit you delightfully well. Don't dress in too tight clothing for the festivities: your charm and well-being will depend on it. Go for flexibility and warm tones.
A Taurus icon: Lily Allen


You are unpredictable, sparkling and always on the go. You will instantly spot the style that suits you, even if that very often means changing your appearance, as you are eclectic in your tastes and very adaptable. You are amused by fashion, as long as it is bright and cheerful. You find novelty very exciting. You will probably decide on your outfit at the last minute and it will show off your figure and natural mobility.
A Gemini icon: Kate Middleton


Female Cancerians are often the very symbol of gentleness and femininity.They are romantic, sweet-natured and sexy, a princess at heart. Flashy colours and crude leather aren't your cup of tea. Better to go for faux fur, coloured, with warm tones to make you feel dynamic and stylish. Go for net, lace or open weave. Or a long coat or cardigan to add even more mystery to your moon-like charm, which is so romantic.
A Cancerian icon: Lady Diana


Female Leos are by definition feline, imperious, distinguished and stylish. You wear suede, fawn-coloured leather, leopard-skin prints and wild animal motifs very well. You like an ultra-elegant classic style and lines that show off your figure at its best. You are wild about designer label accessories and most of you won't disdain bling, as you are very good at bringing out its more appealing qualities.
A Leo icon: Jennifer Lopez


Sensible Virgo or a wild Virgo? Whether you are sensible or on the wild side, you will always hold on to an element of self-discipline. If you are a sensible Virgo, your style will be rather severe but this is part of your charm. Whether you are wearing trousers or a skirt, the cut has to be simple and the material pure and natural. White suits you like a glove. If you are a wild Virgo, you love the well-dressed hippy or Bohemian look. You will try to find your own style: clothes with fringes, feathers, unusual prints...
A Virgo icon: Beyoncé


You combine seductive powers with elegance. As a worthy ambassador of Venus, you love fashion. However, being selective by nature, you will always choose the most feminine clothes. Harmony, subtlety, grace and balance will accentuate your appearance. You will seek to appear distinctive and svelte, to show off your figure and awaken desire. You will be bold enough to wear designer fashions, refined cuts, entrancing see-through lace garments and fur linings.
A Libran icon: Marion Cotillard


This is an opportunity for you to play the femme fatale to the core: bold, provocative, ultra-sexy, but never vulgar! You don't try to be an exhibitionist or put anything unnecessary on show. You are more likely to be ambiguous in being distant and surrounding yourself with mystery in order to be more fascinating and awaken desire. You will instinctively choose what suits you and then decide whether to go for a refined or a provocative look.
Scorpio icon: Julia Roberts


Female Sagittarians are reckless, adventurous, idealistic and exuberant. You have connections with Jupiter, the king of the gods. Fashion needs to be like life: sublime, amazing, scintillating, grandiose and part of an ultra-festive set-up. You are attracted by bright colours, quirky prints and bold cuts. You are daring enough to sport a lavishly ethnic look. Animal or striped prints will exalt the firebrand spirit lying dormant within you.
A Sagittarian icon: Christina Aguilera


Capricorn females often couldn't care less about fashion, but they have a very definite taste of their own, which helps them choose what will suit them best from the abundance of fashion trends. You will always go for the classier styles in caring for your image, where you will be as true to yourself as possible. Discreet colours and high-quality materials will be your preference. In doing so, you will seek to buy an outfit that won't date, in order to be able to wear it on other occasions by changing one simple detail as an accessory.
A Capricorn icon: Vanessa Paradis


Female Aquarians live and breathe freedom, emancipation and creative flair in an unbiased way and without taboos. You have an innate sense of fashion trends and what you can wear or not to be trendy. You will be the first to try out something new if you like it. This independent spirit gives you great charm and you can be surprising. You will be the first to be bold enough to wear unusual materials, bright colours or wacky creations.
An Aquarian icon: Shakira


Piscean females are dreamers, inspired by a host of sensations and impressions. You are captivated by fashion and often filled with wonder. You instinctively know what shows you at your best. However, when faced with different trends, you end up hesitating between emotions and reason. You are bold enough to wear very long skirts, warm tones and wonderful materials such as cashmere, leather and hand-dyed materials.
A Pisces icon: Rihanna


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