Call up the Sun and dare to laugh!

Written by Alison

Call on the Sun and dare to laugh! On 21 March, it will be spring! It will also be the start of the birthday period for Arieses, whom we wish all the happiness in the world over the next 365 days!
May this spring open our eyes and hearts in a world undergoing great change and above all, may we hold on to our ability to enjoy ourselves and have a good, heartfelt laugh! To celebrate the return of the Sun and our zest for life, we are offering you a tour of the zodiac and the sense of humour relating to each sign: what do people laugh about and in what way?


Arieses like stories that are short and simple. They don't really have the patience to listen to far-fetched accounts. Having said that, the more introverted type of Arieses who tends to be the exception, has a more subtle and sophisticated sense of humour ...
At the theatre or cinema, they respond well to situation comedy and the interplay of the actors.
Arieses willingly use humour, and in some cases, derision, to motivate their troops. They often lack tact and can hurt people with their clumsy remarks, when merely intending to be funny. However, this is a sign that is sincere and spontaneous, so people don't really hold it against them and their sarcastic humour generally makes everyone laugh.


Taurus humour is like the Taurean, down to earth and very physical. Those born under this sign can, depending on the individual, burst into laughter at lewd jokes or take offence in an exaggerated manner, but they are never indifferent. In general, they can see the funny side in the most normal behaviour (eating, sleeping, making love).
At the theatre or cinema, they respond well to the comedy of repetition and in life, they often repeat their jokes to savour their charm (and make sure that everyone has understood)! Being simple-hearted, they prefer good-natured comedy and tomfoolery with subtle plays on words or ambiguous situations.


Gemini is the wittiest of the twelve signs and those born under this sign have a gift for subtle plays on words, far-fetched puns, accents and comic voices. They are excellent imitators and merciless in their observations.
At the theatre or the cinema, they often respond well to the interplay between the actors and the construction of the story. Slapstick and unsubtle humour doesn't amuse them and their cruel heckling can even upset those sitting nearby.
However, making fun of others is a tricky game for those born under this sign, as they don't necessarily realise how much they devastate other people's self-confidence ...


The Cancerian sense of humour is as variable as their moods. Depending on their morale, Cancerians can laugh whole-heartedly at a silly joke or greet the most brilliant and talented comedian with a stony face.
At the cinema or theatre, they love subtle humour and often appreciate the surreal. They are much less amused by buffoonery.
The Cancerian laugh is easily recognisable. They are capable of laughing till they cry and this laugh can sometimes (with stress or embarrassment) descend into hysterical laughter. They prefer telling amusing personal anecdotes or creating a ludicrous situation to telling jokes.


Some Leos are extroverts and others are more reserved, but they all have a fresh, childish sense of humour. They love comic strips and cartoons, and enjoy laughing in good company.
At the theatre or cinema, they don't look down on animations or mainstream comedy, as long as they are well-directed. Their thunderous laughter is often akin to roaring with pleasure.
However, Leos are fundamentally quite touchy and whilst they can poke fun at others, they will take it quite personally if they are the butt of a joke. This can make them really angry.


Virgo reserve or shyness can give you the impression that they lack a sense of humour, but they are actually one of the wittiest signs in the zodiac. Once they feel confident, they will reveal their love of plays on words and they sometimes have a hidden, irresistible talent for mimicry.
At the theatre or cinema, Virgos particularly appreciate a good repartee and a good pace. However, their tastes don't extend to salacious jokes, which can shock them.
Those born under this very sensible sign are very amused by comical situations, but never make fun of people and they disapprove of malicious jeers and gibes.


Librans like balance in everything they do. They will laugh to a certain extent at obvious jokes and appreciate the subtle nature of caricatures and mind games. They themselves have a gift for telling stories, embellishing them with each telling and imitating the gestures and accents of the characters involved.
At the theatre or cinema, it's unusual to find a Libran alone. Those born under this sign need to share their emotions and will laugh as much at the amusement of their companions as the show itself. They appreciate visual effects and incongruous situations.
Those born under this sign are ready to play to the gallery to defuse tension. In this kind of situation, their imagination knows no bounds in their desire to lighten the atmosphere.


Contrary to what you might think, Scorpios have a sharp, caustic sense of humour, which is sometimes implacable but often hilarious in terms of its very cruelty. Their sarcastic tone doesn't go down well with everyone, but you can be surprised to find yourself laughing all the same, as it is so scathing.
At the theatre or cinema, they aren't thrown by humour about death, religion or illness. They like mock horror films, stories about zombies and thrillers.
In their social life, Scorpios won't hesitate to brush up on their caricatures of people or situations so accurately and in such detail, that people laugh whole-heartedly, even when they sometimes recognise the treachery involved.


Sagittarians provide an excellent audience with their mischievous, candid sense of humour. Like children, they often like the circus with its buffoonery, mimicry and slapstick humour. In fact, those born under this sign are often very good at playing the clown themselves.
At the theatre or cinema, Sagittarians like well-paced action and are very amused by farcical situations, even when they are ridiculous.
They are the first to laugh at their own misfortunes or mistakes, taking their loved-ones along with them without any concern for their dignity (which they feel belongs elsewhere). The problem is that they may sometimes laugh at others' misfortunes, which doesn't go down so well, even though they do so totally without malice.


Underneath that straight-laced and reserved exterior, those born under the sign of Capricorn have an immense potential for being very droll. They can be ironic, sarcastic or deadpan, able to keep a totally straight face while enormously enjoying the situation.
At the cinema or theatre, they appreciate situation comedy and good cop-bad cop plot lines, but they also like grotesque characters or surreal situations, because behind their rational exterior, they really enjoy poetic licence.
Those born under this sign are changeable and don't laugh at the same things from one day to the next. If they are in a bad mood, they can be resistant to even the most subtle of humour.


Aquarians drift between sober, laconic humour, and being hilariously funny with a whacky outlook. Their lives are closely intertwined with great fits of laughter and serious moods.
At the theatre or cinema, they enjoy fantasy and science fiction films, peppered with plays on words and amusing dialogue. They are capable of remembering and reciting long extracts in a friendly, highly-charged atmosphere.
If they have particularly enjoyed an amusing show, they won't hesitate to see it again, even several times, so they can fully absorb its comic spirit. Lots of them also find it hard to finish their jokes without being the first to burst out laughing.


These poetical dreamers of the zodiac enjoy a totally off-beat, subtle or surreal sense of humour. They love the messages hidden in ludicrous situations.
At the theatre or the cinema, they like the quiet, lyrical humour of the silent films and are doubled-up with laughter at some of the zany situations, gestures and poses. They also like funny films with an unexpected or unhappy ending.
Pisceans have a refined turn of mind, which can sometimes make them excellent cartoonists. They can quickly go from laughing to crying with overwhelming emotion, as the two are never very far apart. This particular sensitivity gives them an air of the sad clown ...


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